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Harper, 1855 - 518 pagina's

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Pagina 122 - ... solos sapientes esse, si distortissimi sint, formosos ; si mendicissimi, divites ; si servitutem serviant, reges : nos autem, qui sapientes non sumus, fugitivos, exsules, hostes, insanos denique esse dicunt : omnia peccata esse paria : omne delictum scelus esse nefarium, nee minus delinquere eum, qui gallum gallinaceum, cum opus non fuerit, quam eum, qui patrem suffocaverit : sapientem nihil opinari, nullius rei paenitere, nulla in re falli, sententiam mutare numquam.
Pagina xxix - Dr. B. The attendants, as soon as the soldiers appeared, prepared themselves for action, being resolved to defend their master's life at the hazard of their own ; but Cicero commanded them to set down the litter in which they were conveying him, and to make no resistance...
Pagina 54 - ... haec studia adolescentiam alunt, senectutem oblectant, secundas res ornant, adversis perfugium ac solatium praebent, 'delectant domi, non impediunt foris, pernoctant nobiscum, peregrinantur, rusticantur.
Pagina 163 - A silver eagle, with expanded wings, on the top of a spear, sometimes holding a thunderbolt in its claws, with the figure of a small chapel above it, Dio. xl. 18., was the common standard of the legion, at least after the time of Marius, for before that the figures of other animals were used, Plin.
Pagina 519 - Dictionary. A Latin-English and English-Latin Dictionary, for the use of Schools. Chiefly from the Lexicons of Freund, Georges, and Kaltschmidt. Small 4to, Sheep, $2 00.

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