Contributions to the History of American Geology

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1906 - 545 pagina's

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Pagina 249 - For yet seven days, and I will cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth.
Pagina 647 - Now, who shall arbitrate? Ten men love what I hate, Shun what I follow, slight what I receive; Ten, who in ears and eyes Match me: we all surmise, They this thing, and I that: whom shall my soul believe? Not on the vulgar mass Called "work...
Pagina 554 - The river preserved its level, but mountains were lifted up; as the saw revolves on a fixed pivot, while the log through which it cuts is moved along. The river was the saw which cut the mountains in two.
Pagina 521 - Notes on the Geology of the Survey for the Extension of the Union Pacific Railway, ED , from the Smoky Hill River, Kansas, to the Rio Grande; Phila., 1868, pp.
Pagina 437 - ... being overthrown by violence. They probably fell in successive generations from natural decay ; and making every allowance for other materials, we may safely assert that every foot of thickness of pure bituminous coal implies the quiet growth and fall of at least fifty generations of Sigillarice, and therefore an undisturbed condition of forest growth enduring through many centuries.
Pagina 514 - Now, I have no hesitation in asserting, from my own observations as well as from those of others, that for the southwest striation the direction was from the ocean toward the interior, against the slope of the St Lawrence valley.
Pagina 629 - This in turn became again broken, leaving in some places uninjured portions of the general form. The main difference between this foraminiferal reef and more recent coral reefs...
Pagina 265 - I think we cannot account for these appearances, unless we call in the aid of ice along with water, and that they have been worn by being suspended and carried in ice, over rocks and earth, under water.
Pagina 318 - In the same year he was elected professor of geology and mineralogy in the University of Pennsylvania, holding this chair until 1872, when he was forced to resign, owing to his rapidly increasing duties in connection with the Geological Survey.
Pagina 285 - He is represented as a man of slight build, active and energetic, and with great powers of endurance; one who loved his work for the work's sake, and was always averse to receiving pay for his services excepting when circumstances rendered it absolutely necessary. According to his biographer, he had the reputation of being visionary and full of untenable theories.

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