Modern Traffic Engineering in the System Approach to the Development of Traffic Networks: 16th Scientific and Technical Conference "Transport Systems. Theory and Practice 2019" Selected Papers

Elżbieta Macioszek, Grzegorz Sierpiński
Springer Nature, 31 okt. 2019 - 308 pagina's

This book presents a number of guidelines that are particularly useful in the context of decisions related to system-approach-based modern traffic engineering for the development of transport networks. Including practical examples and describing decision-making support systems it provides valuable insights for those seeking solutions to contemporary transport system problems on a daily basis, such as professional working for local authorities involved in planning urban and regional traffic development strategies as well as representatives of business and industry directly involved in implementing traffic engineering solutions. The guidelines provided enable readers to address problems in a timely manner and simplify the choice of appropriate strategies (including those connected with the relation between pedestrians and vehicle traffic flows, IT development in freight transport, safety issues related to accidents in road tunnels, but also open areas, like roundabouts and crossings). Furthermore, since the book also examines new theoretical-model approaches (including the model of arrival time distribution forming in a dense vehicle flow, the methodological basis of modelling and optimization of transport processes in the interaction of railways and maritime transport, traffic flow surveys and measurements, transport behaviour patterns, human factors in traffic engineering, and road condition modelling), it also appeals to researches and scientists studying these problems.

This book features selected papers submitted to and presented at the 16th Scientific and Technical Conference Transport Systems Theory and Practice organized by the Department of Transport Systems and Traffic Engineering at the Faculty of Transport of the Silesian University of Technology. The conference was held on 16–18 September 2019 in Katowice (Poland), more details at


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Applying Random Parameters Model to Evaluate the Impact of Traffic Geometric and Pavement Condition Characteristics on Accident Frequencies ...
The Effect of Delimitation of the Area on the Assessment of the Density of the Road Network Structure
Resistance Probabilistic Analysis of RCC Pavement
Time Zone Operations in Polish Airports as an Element of Transport System
Actions for Reduction of the Environmental Impact of Public Transport in the GórnośląskoZagłębiowska Metropolis
Modelling as Support in the Management of Traffic in Transport Networks
The Model of Arrival Time Distribution Forming in the Dense Vehicle Flow
Methodological Bases of Modeling and Optimization of Transport Processes in the Interaction of Railways and Maritime Transport
NonTechnical Aspects of Safety in ScooterSharing System in Wroclaw
Assessing the Overtaking Lateral Distance Between Motor Vehicles and Bicycles Influence on Energy Consumption and Road Safety
Analysis of the Relationship Between Traffic Accidents with Human and Physical Factors in Iraq
A Case Study of High Power Fire and Evacuation Process in an Urban Road Tunnel
Analysis of Driver Behaviour at Roundabouts in Tokyo and the Tokyo Surroundings
Structure and Traffic Organization in Transport Systems
Impact of Sunday Trade Ban on Traffic Volumes
Analysis of Critical Gap Times and FollowUp Times at Selected Median Uncontrolled TIntersections Differentiated by the Nature of the Surrounding

Web Planning Tool for Deliveries by Cargo Bicycles in Kraków Old Town
Charging Station Distribution Model The Concept of Using the Locations of Petrol Stations in the City
Study of Characteristics of Road Traffic Streams in Pedestrian Crossing Affected Areas
Improving Chosen Elements of Energy Efficiency in Public Transport Through the Use of Supercapacitors
Safety Issues in Transport Human Factor Applicable Procedures Modern Technology
Safety Aspects of Female Motorcycling in Slovenia
LongDistance Railway Passenger Transport in Prague DresdenCheb Relations
The Concept of Rules and Recommendations for Riding Shared and Private EScooters in the Road Network in the Light of Global Problems
VideoBased Distance Estimation for a Stream of Vehicles
Safe IT System to Assist in Control of Safe Locker Transport Loads
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