A Critical Examination of Irish History: Being a Replacement of the False by the True, from the Elizabethan Conquest to the Legislative Union of 1800, Volume 1

Longmans, Green, and Company, 1904

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Pagina 25 - THESAURUS OF ENGLISH WORDS AND PHRASES. Classified and Arranged so as to Facilitate the Expression of Ideas and assist in Literary Composition.
Pagina 9 - THE GLACIERS OF THE ALPS : being a Narrative of Excursions and Ascents. An Account of the Origin and Phenomena of Glaciers, and an Exposition of the Physical Principles to which they are related.
Pagina 27 - Alerte': the Narrative of a Search for Treasure on the Desert Island of Trinidad. With 2 Maps and 23 Illustrations.
Pagina 10 - A TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF THE SHEEP; being a Manual of Ovine Pathology for the use of Veterinary Practitioners and Students. With Coloured Plate and 99 Woodcuts. 8vo., 12s.
Pagina 13 - Folkard.— THE WILD-FOWLER : A Treatise on Fowling, Ancient and Modern, descriptive also of Decoys and Flight-ponds, Wild-fowl Shooting, Gunning-punts, Shooting-yachts, etc. Also Fowling in the Fens and in Foreign Countries, Rock-fowling, etc., etc., by HC FOLKARD. With 13 Engravings on Steel, and several Woodcuts. 8vo., I21. 6d. Ford. — THE THEORY AND PRACTICE OF ARCHERY. By HORACE FORD. New Edition, thoroughly Revised and Re-written by W. BUTT, MA With a Preface by C. J.
Pagina 32 - Balfour. — THE FOUNDATIONS OF BELIEF; being Notes Introductory to the Study of Theology.
Pagina 10 - A TREATISE ON THE DISEASES OF THE DOG ; being. a Manual of Canine Pathology. Especially adapted for the use of Veterinary Practitioners and Students. With 88 Illustrations.
Pagina 5 - Edinburgh' Edition. 4 vols. 8vo., 6s. each. Library Edition. 5 vols. 8vo., ^4. CRITICAL AND HISTORICAL ESSAYS, WITH LAYS OF ANCIENT ROME, etc., in i volume.
Pagina 5 - Union of 1800. By T. DUNBAR INGRAM, LL.D. 2 vols. 8vo., 24s. Joyce. — A SHORT HISTORY OF IRELAND, from the Earliest Times to 1603. By PW JOYCE, LL.D. Crown 8vo., IDs. 6d. Kaye and Malleson. — HISTORY OF THE INDIAN MUTINY, 1857-1858.
Pagina 6 - HISTORY OF THE ROMANS UNDER THE EMPIRE. 8 vols. Crown 8vo., 3s. 6d. each. THE FALL OF THE ROMAN REPUBLIC: a Short History of the Last Century of the Commonwealth.

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