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Sheidon & Company's Text-Books.

The Science of Government in Connection with American Institutions. By JOSEPH ALDEN, D.D., LL.D., Pres. of State Normal School, Albany. 1 vol. 12mo.

Adapted to the wants of High Schools and Colleges.

Alden's Citizen's Manual: a Text-Book on Government, in Connection with American Institutions, adapted to the wants of Common Schools. It is in the form of questions and answers. By JOSEPH ALDEN, D.D., LL.D. 1 vol. 16mo.

Hereafter no American can be said to be educated who does not thoroughly understand the formation of our Government. A prominent divine has said, that "every young person should carefully and conscientiously be taught those distinctive ideas which constitute the substance of our Constitution, and which determine the policy of our politics; and to this end there ought forthwith to be introduced into our schools a simple, comprehensive manual, whereby the needed tuition should be implanted at that early period.

Long's Classical Atlas. Constructed by WILLIAM HUGHES, and edited by GEORGE LONG, formerly Professor of Ancient Languages in the University of Virginia. With a Sketch of Ancient Geography, and other additions, by the American Editor. Containing Fifty-two Colored Maps and Plans on Twenty-two large imperial quarto Plates, beautifully engraved on steel. With an index of Places.

Haven's Mental Philosophy, including the Intellect, the Sensibilities, and the Will, by JOSEPH HAVEN, late Professor in Amherst College and Chicago University. One vol. large 12mo, bound in half leather. New edition. Probably no other "Mental Philosophy" ever published in this country has had a sale one quarter as large as Dr. Haven's. We have ready a New Edition, electrotyped in the most attractive style.

Fairchilds' Moral Philosophy; or, The Science of Obligation. BY J. H. FAIRCHILDS, President of Oberlin College. 1 vol. 12mo.

The aim of this volume is to set forth, more fully than has hitherto been done, the doctrine that virtue, in its elementary form, consists in benevolence, and that all forms of virtuous action are modifications of this principle. After presenting this view of obligation, the author takes up the questions of Practical Ethics, Government and Personal Rights and Duties, and treats them in their relation to Benevolence, aiming at a solution of the problems of right and wrong upon this simple principle.






Ist. They contain about one third more reading matter, than any other series.

2d. They are bound in the strongest and most durable manner. The first three in full cloth binding; the sheets being held together by metallic plates (process patented). It is impossible, therefore, to have loose sheets. The Fourth and Fifth have cloth sides and leather backs.

3d. Great pains has been taken to give the greatest possible variety of reading matter.

4th. The books embody the methods used by the most successful teachers of reading.

5th. The Phonic Elements of which familiar words are composed, are presented one element at a time.

6th. The script letters are introduced one by one.

7th. New words are printed in black-faced type at the head of each lesson, in the First and Second Readers.

8th. 'Memory Gems" are introduced into the Second and succeeding books; Elliptical Exercises in the Fourth.

9th. A vocabulary of all difficult words used is placed at the end of the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Readers.

10th. They are free from extremes of all kinds, and present the best methods of instruction and choicest selections.

11th. In elegance of manufacture they cannot be surpassed. The illustrations are more elegant than those in any other series. 12th. Their price is very low, considering their size, and the elegant and durable style in which they are made.





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