The Undocumented Internals of the Bitcoin Ethereum and Blockchains from IPO to ICO: Learn the building block of an application involving the exchange of values

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The Future of Value exchange


In the year 2017,† Bitcoin touched a market capitalization of over 100 billion dollars. In the year 2014, one Bitcoin could buy about 500 dollars, just three years later one Bitcoin buys 16,000 dollars. The Initial Coin Offering or an ICO is becoming the preferred method of raising money. Many countries like Dubai have announced their own crypto-currency called emCash.†

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Blockchain are the most difficult technologies to understand. That's why most people including technology folks cannot understand the future direction of these technologies. The only way to understand anything complex is by going back to the basics. This is what we do in this book. We explain every byte of the Bitcoin blockchain that is downloaded on your computer. Only by going back to your roots can you understand anything complex.

Most of the code in this book is written in Python as today it is the easiest language to use. The Bitcoin Source is written only in C++. Most of the important Bit coin data structures are only documented in code, a bare knowledge of reading and not writing C++ will help.† Finally, the official client for Ethereum is written in the programming language Go.†

This book is written for a programmer. We use code and not words to describe a Blockchain is. We believe that all kinds of people including non-technology folks will need some programming to grasp the basic concepts of the Blockchain. There is no other way to understand this technology.†

Finally, we end with the biggest use of Smart Contracts which is raising money using a ICO. Our primary focus is on Bitcoin’ s and Blockchains and not on Ethereum and Smart Contracts which comprises only 4 chapters.†


Book gives a close look at the Blockchains and Bitcoin to understand their inner workings.

Book follows a unique style and the actual code decoding the Blockchain is huge contribution to the Virtual Technology world.

It demystifies the nuts and bolts of the Blockchain and explains every bit of the block.

Programming language such as Python and Go, is used to set out on an adventure to decipher each element in the blockchain with a view to use these elements when building blockchain applications.

It explains difficult concepts like Encryption, Segregated witnesses, Merkle Hashes by using a mix of programmes and wity commentary


Basics of the Bitcoin Block Header, Transactions - Basics†

Computing the Merkle Hash, Bitcoin Addresses†

Vanity Bitcoin Addresses, Storing Bitcoin Transactions using SQL†

Transactions - Inputs and Outputs†

Hiding Data in the blockchain, Signing Transactions†


The book would be most suitable for business leaders, architects and trainers to understand the capabilities and utilization of these frameworks and help them to choose the right one for respective business need.

Table of Contents

1. Basics of the Bitcoin Block Header†

2. Transactions - Basics†

3. Computing the Merkle Hash†

4. Bitcoin Addresses†

5. Vanity Bitcoin Addresses†

6. Difficulty and Nonce†

7. Storing Bitcoin Transactions using SQL†

8. Transactions - Inputs and Outputs†

9. Hiding Data in the blockchain†

10. Signing Transactions†

11. Roll your own transaction†

12. Client and Server†

13. Notaries and OP_RETURN†

14. Pay to Script Hash or Multi-Sig Bitcoin addresses†

15. Basic Networking†

16. More Networking†

17. Hashes SHA0 and SHA1†

18. Hashes - Sha-256 and RipeMD-160†

19. ECC with Sage - Part 1†

20. ECC with Sage - Part 2†

21. Sending our own transaction†

22. Sending one transaction without using library functions†

23. Index folder†

24. UTXO Dataset††

25. Wallets†

26. Rev/Undo files†

27. peers.dat and banlist.dat†

28. Miners, blocks and more†

29. fee_estimates.dat††

30. Building the Bitcoin Source code††

31. Testing Bitcoin for bugs†

32. Ethereum Solidity†

33. Ethereum Leveldb keys and GOLANG†

34. Ethereal Unravelling the State Machine† .

35. Bitcoin Cash vs Bitcoin Core vs Segwit2x†

36. Transactions and Blocks- Error Checks†

37. ICO and Smart Contract Security†

38. What is a Bitcoin and a Blockchain†

39.† AI and Blockchain- Never The Twain Shall Meet


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Over de auteur (2018)

Vijay Mukhi will be 61 before the year 2018 leaves us which makes him an elder statesman. He has basically done two things in his life. Teaching in his own computer training institute aptly called Vijay Mukhi’s Computer Institute or VMCI. At the same time wrote lots of books, over 80 of them ranging from traditional programming languages like C++ , Autodesk Animator ….

His books have been translated into language like Japanese and Portuguese. All the books Vijay writes are inspired by the way he teaches. In his classes, he gets people who do understand the subject matter he teaches. He thus starts from scratch and explains every program line by line. Every line of code is worth a thousand words. Vijay Mukhi is not a software developer but a teacher at heart.†

His hobby is working with law enforcement and the industry in catching the cyber-criminal.

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