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Publind as the Act direrts by WZocke Sept! 1.1792.


There is no Edition of Lavater's Essays on Physiognomy, sold for less than Five Guineas; none on so elegant and large a scale as that which accompanies this Work, under upwards of Twenty! And yet, in the course of Two Years, our Subscribers may expect the Whole, in a manner, nearly Gratis.

The Sixth House in Astrology, from which we have exemplified in the present Number, was not chosen in preference to the others, only we found it necefiary, in order to illuftiate the horary regency of the Plants: but as we intend to give a regular treatise of ASTRO)LOGY, we shall begin in the next Number, and go on, in a scientific manner, upon the Doctrine of Nativitie, according to the practice of the most approved Masters of the Art. Also, we ihall fucceffively give the Art of Palmistry and Chiromancy, with which it is connected, illustrated with the necessary fgures. Agreeable to the request of several Ladies, the Fditor will open, next month, a new and curious Paper, entitled, The Engllo Fortune-Teller.

It is hoped no Gentleman will be fo uncandid as to advance any old question which has teen answered before--hould any such, by chance, come in, we will thank the discoverers; for we do not, like the Roman pontiff, affeet infallibility. All quei'ions sent to us, are required to have their folutions; but trivial Arithmetical Questions cannot find a place in our Querist.

That this Collection should be as original as possible, every care will be taken to exclude whatever is trite and common; but a, the Sciences are not the work of an age, but the improvement of all, fome articles must neceffarily appear to the learned in a newly revived view ; but such mutt be sensible, that use ul and intructive discoveries may yet be made.

Mr. Di's Tale of the Lady and Astrologer, in our next.

The Paper figned Titus is too prolix; the niethods he recommends are too difficult to be put in practice.

The Translator of Guyot's Recreations Mathemratique, shall be attended to in our next Number.--And so shall Pyrotechnicus.

We think it necessary to observe, that, though we have not been able to give, in our first Number, a Specimen of all the Heads enumerated in our Proposals, they will, nevertheless, le comprehended in the course of the first Volume. Our principal aim is to comply with the wishes of the Public, generally expressed, to have a pleas. variety.

For a list of some of the appropriate Rewards, gi: en as a stimulative to the learned and ingeniou, see our Head QUERIES. We need scarcely say, with what glee, innocence, and satisfaction, families, purchasers of this Magazine, will be enabled to pass the ensuing Winter evenings.

The Article “Ominous Irr pulses,” is unavoidably delayed till our next -As is the account of Great Walkers, from ancient to the present time.








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observation, that, without deviating froni probability and truth, and agreeable to the rules of art, we may assert Venus to be the regent of such a fruit ; and hence, whenever it is directed as a medicine, the best time of gathering it, for application, with full efficacy, is, when she

is lady of the hour, and more particuAPPROVED larly when she is well located in either

of her houses or exaltations, and not in any bad aspect with either of the ma

lignant planets. IN order to discover what planet rules To illustrate this matter farther by, any particular plant, herb, fruit, or example, it will be neceffary to exhibit flower,' we must learn, from fome Her- a Decumbiture, wherein the planetary bal, the exact description of its nature influence and the utility of this knowand properties; what soil it delights in, ledge is made obvious even to the most and what variation it is subject to from simple capacity. cultivation; and then, in some treatise of A gentleman was taken ill, Monday astrology, or according to the rules of the

at noon, June 9th, 1777, of which the art, find which of the planets belt agrees following figure represents the Schema. with the complexion of its nature. coeli ad lemporuin, or appearance of the

As for example ; if you wish to know heavens at that time, erected according what planet rules the cherry

you find

to the rules of the science of astrology, that this fruit is, by nature, of a moist, and agreeable to the practice of the first cooling, and juicy complexion, neither proficients. too hot nor too cold, and a very thriving Let Mercury represent the person fruit for this country; and, although taken ill; now's in a with o, lord they differ somewhat in their taste from of the eighth house, signifies that the one another, as they do in appearance, patient hath a severe illness: the 88 in yet their general nature is the same; and the 4 house corroborates the same, and whatever variation there may be in seeins to tell us, that fatal consequences their qualities, their general properties must attend the period of this malady: are alike.

Yet & applying to a ó of the 8 and Now Venus, upon examination, most 4, (and he being the lord of the 7th, of all the seven planets, answers the who represents the physician:) and 2 properties incident to this enquiry, and in *, with the cusp ascending, all figwe Thall find, according to the former nify, most certainly, that the afusted per


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fon shall recover; but h a malignant doctor, and gives friendly aspects, we planet R in the 2 house, signifies that a may conclude, that those medical herbs, material expence Shall attend this illness; under the dominion of 4, which are and although the party gets the better prescribable for the disease, if properly of his disease, his property will suffer administered, will, under God's blessing, materially.

greatly and principally effect towards Now the D being in sextile with f, restoring the sick person to health ; but bids fair for a recovery; and, consider- must, to have their full extent of mediing all these circumstances together, ac- cal efficacy, be gathered in the planetary cording to the situations of the heavens hour which 4 rules, and which may in this decumbiture, we may reason- be found at sight, by the following tao ably expect that the patient will soon bles, calculated for that purpose. recover; and as 2 in this figure is the


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Always let the planet that governs When any person is taken ill, im- the herb be angular, and the itronger mediately ere&t a figure of the heavens the better, if they can; in herbs of at that instant of time; and exactly Saturn, let Saturn be in the ascendant

, observe the particular fituations of the and in the herbs of Mars, let Mars be moon, and the lord of the ascendant, in the mid-heaven, for in those houses as representatives of the diseased person; they delight ; let the moon apply to the lord of the VIth house to signify the them by good aspect, and let her not be disease, and the nature thereof; the lord in the houses of her enemies ; if

you of the VIIth house for the physician, cannot well stay till the apply to them, and fuch herbs as are governed by this let her apply to a planet of the fame planet, are the herbs that must be ad- triplicity; and if you cannot wait that ministered in the planetary hour, for in time neither, let her be with a fixed these circumstances they have a two-fald

star of their nature. efficacy.


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