The Multilingual Internet: Language, Culture, and Communication Online

Brenda Danet, Susan C. Herring
Oxford University Press, 4 jun. 2007 - 464 pagina's
Two thirds of global internet users are non-English speakers. Despite this, most scholarly literature on the internet and computer-mediated-communication (CMC) focuses exclusively on English. This is the first book devoted to analyzing internet related CMC in languages other than English. The volume collects 18 new articles on facets of language and internet use, all of which revolve around several central topics: writing systems, the structure and features of local languages and how they affect internet use, code switching between multiple languages, gender issues, public policy issues, and so on.

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Welcome to the Multilingual Internet
Representing Gulf Arabic
Unconventional Spelling in French SMS Text
Its All Greeklishto Me Linguistic and Sociocultural
Trends and Discourses of Glocalness
Linguistic Innovations and Interactional Features in Japanese
Linguistic Features of Email and ICQ Instant Messaging in Hong
Gender and Turn Allocation in a Thai Chat Room
Kaomoji and Expressivity in a Japanese Housewives Chat Room
Globalization and Identity in Egypt
Language Choice on a Swiss Mailing List
Anyone Speak Swedish? Tolerance for Language Shifting
Democratic Participation
How Much Multilingualism? Language Diversity on the Internet

Enhancing the Status of Catalan versus Spanish in Online

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