Equilibrium and Macroeconomics

MIT Press, 1984 - 397 pagina's
This book collects Frank Hahn's less technical essays on economic theory. Marked by his unique blend of style, wit, and principle, they explore the concept of equilibrium and its "usefulness," the problematic role of money in the general equilibrium framework, and the shortcomings of monetarists, rational expectation ists, and neoRicardians.

Frank Hahn is Professor of Economics at Cambridge University. His critique of monetarism, Money and Inflation, is an MIT Press paperback.

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Over de auteur (1984)

Frank Hahn is Professor Ordinario, University of Siena, Professor Emeritus of Cambridge University, and Fellow of Churchill College.

Robert Solow is Institute Professor of Economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He received the Nobel Prize in economics in 1987 for his macroeconomic research linking technology and growth.

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