The Citizen of the World, Or, Letters from a Chinese Philosopher Residing in London, to His Friends in the East, Volume 2

Wm. Otridge and Son, John Walker, James Scatchard, Vernor & Hood, D. Ogilvy and Son, and Darton & Harvey, 1800
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Pagina 223 - Our crew was carried into a French prison, and many of them died because they were not used to live in a jail ; but for my part it was nothing to me, for I was seasoned. One night...
Pagina 34 - Here, cried he in raptures to himself, here it is ; under this stone there is room for a very large pan of diamonds indeed. I must e'en go home to my wife, and tell her the whole affair, and get her to assist me in turning it up.
Pagina 91 - A man of letters at present, whose works are valuable, is perfectly sensible of their value. Every polite member of the community, by buying what he writes, contributes to reward him. The ridicule, therefore, of living in a garret, might have been wit in the last age, but continues such no longer, because no longer true. A writer of real merit now may easily be rich, if his heart be set only on fortune ; and for those who have no merit, it is but fit that such should remain in merited obscurity.
Pagina 46 - ... numberless calamities of decaying nature, and the consciousness of surviving every pleasure, would at once induce him, with his own hand, to terminate the scene of misery : but happily the contempt of death forsakes him at a time when it could...
Pagina 214 - Why, why was I born a man and yet see the sufferings of wretches I cannot relieve! Poor houseless creatures! the world will give you reproaches but will not give you relief.
Pagina 221 - I was able to handle a mallet ; and here I lived an easy kind of a life for five years, I only wrought ten hours in the day, and had my meat and drink provided for my labour.
Pagina 47 - Among the number who came to thank their deliverer on this occasion there appeared a majestic old man, who, falling at the emperor's feet, addressed him as follows : " Great father of China, behold a wretch, now eighty-five years old, who was shut up in a dungeon at the age of twenty-two.
Pagina 221 - I began immediately to give a full account of all that I knew of my breed, seed, and generation; but though I gave a very long account, the Justice said I could give no account of myself; so I was indicted, and found guilty of being poor, and sent to Newgate in order to be transported to the plantations.
Pagina 224 - French at any time : so we went down to the door, where both the sentries were posted, and rushing upon them, seized their arms in a moment, and knocked them down. From thence, nine of us ran together to the quay, and, seizing the first boat we met, got out of the harbour, and put to sea ; we had not been here three days before we were taken up by an English privateer, who was glad of so many good hands ; and we consented to run our chance.
Pagina 46 - ... pulled up, with which I had been long acquainted." A mind long habituated to a certain set of objects, insensibly...

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