Speech and Language Therapy: The decision-making process when working with children

Myra Kersner, Jannet A. Wright
Routledge, 1 mrt. 2013 - 256 pagina's

Now in its second edition, Speech and Language Therapy: the decision-making process when working with children reveals how recent research and changes in health and education services have affected the decision-making process in the assessment and management of children with speech and language problems.

With individual chapters written by experts in their field, this book:

  • Illustrates how the decisions made by practitioners may vary within different work settings
  • Shows how these decisions may need to be adapted when working with specific client groups
  • Explores how such decisions are part of effective evidence-based practice
  • Offers an overview of the skills required by the developing professional
  • Provides insight into working as a newly qualified therapist in the current job market.

Rigorously underpinned with current research and revised legislation, this is an important textbook for speech and language therapy students, potential students and specialist teachers in training. Speech and Language Therapy: the decision-making process when working with children will also be relevant to newly qualified therapists, therapists returning to the profession, specialist teachers and Special Educational Needs Coordinators.


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Terminology and abbreviations
Learning how to be a professional
Management in different settings
Working with others
Assessing and managing children with communication problems

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Over de auteur (2013)

Myra Kersner lectures at University College London, UK.

Jannet A. Wright is Professor of Speech and Language Therapy and Head of the Speech and Language Therapy Division at De Montfort University, UK.

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