Pittsburgh and Allegheny in the Centennial Year

A.A. Anderson & Son, 1870 - 271 pagina's

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Pagina 15 - I am monarch of all the forges, I have solved the riddle of fire ; The amen of nature to need of man Echoes at my desire. I search with the subtle soul of flame The heart of the rocky earth, And hot from my anvils the prophecies Of the miracle years blaze forth.
Pagina 85 - The day will come when some more powerful man will get fame and riches from my invention, but nobody will believe that poor John Fitch can do anything worthy of attention.
Pagina 41 - States are washed by three seas : the Atlantic Ocean on the east, the Gulf of Mexico on the south, and the Pacific Ocean on the west. The...
Pagina 83 - Catalonians ; and among others, several sea captains witnessed the operation, some in the vessel, and others on the shore. The emperor and prince, and others with them, applauded the engine, and especially the expertness with which the ship could be tacked. The treasurer Ravago, an enemy to the project, said it would move two leagues in three hours.
Pagina 87 - Two Boats for the present will start from Cincinnati for Pittsburgh, and return to Cincinnati in the following manner, viz: " First boat will leave Cincinnati this morning at eight o'clock, and return to Cincinnati, so as to be ready to sail again in four weeks from this date. " Second boat will leave Cincinnati on Saturday the 30th inst. and return to Cincinnati in four weeks as above. " And so regularly, each boat performing the voyage to and from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh once in every four weeks.
Pagina 84 - draught' prefixed is a plate of a stout boat, with a chimney (as at present) smoking, a pair of wheels rigged out over each side of the stern, moved by means of ropes passing round their outer rims; and to the axis of these wheels are fixed six paddles to propel the boat. From the stern of the boat, a tow-line passes to the foremast of a two-decker, which the boat thus tows through the water.
Pagina 87 - No danger need be apprehended from the enemy, as every person on board will be under cover made proof against rifle or musket balls, and convenient port holes for firing out of.
Pagina 88 - Pittsburgh, may be seen on board each boat, and at the printing office in Cincinnati. Passengers will be supplied with provisions and liquors of all kinds, of the first quality, at the most reasonable rates possible.
Pagina 85 - I know of nothing so perplexing and vexatious to a man of feelings as a turbulent Wife and Steamboat building. I experienced the former, and quit in season, and had I been in my right senses, I should undoubtedly treated the latter in the same manner...
Pagina 10 - The town consists at present of about an hundred dwelling houses, with buildings appurtenant. More are daily added, and for some time past it has improved with an equal but continual pace. The inhabitants, children, men and women, are about fifteen hundred; this number doubling almost every year from the accession of people from abroad, and from those born in the town.

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