Bourdieu and the Journalistic Field

Rodney Benson, Erik Neveu
Polity, 14 jan. 2005 - 267 pagina's
Bourdieu and the Journalistic Field is an exciting new text which builds on and extends Pierre Bourdieu's impassioned critique of our media-saturated culture. Presenting for the first time in English the work of influential scholars who worked with or were influenced by Bourdieu, this volume is the one and only book for Anglophone scholars seeking a more detailed elaboration of field theory in relation to the mass media.

In his short book 'On Television', Bourdieu provided a powerful critique of the 'journalistic field', but what exactly does he mean by this? How does the journalistic field relate to external economic and political pressures? And what kind of autonomy can, or should, journalists expect to maintain? Such questions are taken up in case studies of such diverse phenomena as media coverage of the AIDS-contaminated blood scandal in France, U.S. youth media activism, and political interview shows on both sides of the Atlantic. Chapters by both American and French scholars also demonstrate methods for measuring field autonomy and spatially mapping journalistic fields, or discuss the similarities and differences between field theory, new institutionalism, hegemony, and differentiation theory. Rejecting all forms of dogmatism, the authors in this volume demonstrate why field theory remains a "work in progress," and indeed, a research paradigm whose promise has only begun to be tapped. The book includes an important and hitherto unpublished text by Pierre Bourdieu, 'Fields of Journalism, Social Science and Politics', and contributions from Rodney Benson, Patrick Champagne, Eric Darras, Julien Duval, Daniel Hallin, Eric Klinenberg, Dominique Marchetti, Erik Neveu, and Michael Schudson.

This will be an invaluable text for all students and scholars of media and cultural studies, communication studies, sociology, or journalism.


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Field Theory as a Work in Progress
The Political Field the Social Science Field and the Journalistic Field
The Journalistic Field Between Politics and Markets
Subfields of Specialized Journalism
Journalism in France and the United States
Reframing Medical News
Economic Journalism In France
Media Consecration of the Political Order
Youth Activism and the Media Justice Movement
Bourdieu the Frankfurt School and Cultural Studies
Autonomy from What?
Field Theory Differentiation Theory and Comparative Media Research
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Rodney Benson teaches at New York University.

Erik Neveu is affiliated with the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Rennes.

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