O Investigador portuguez em Inglaterra: ou, Jornal literário, político, &c, Volume 17

Impresso por T. C. Hansard, 1816

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Pagina 439 - Medical, Geographical, and Agricultural Report of a Committee appointed by the Madras Government to inquire into the Causes of the Epidemic Fever, which prevailed in the Provinces of Coimbatore, Madura, Dindigul, and Tinnivelly, during the years 1809, 1810, and 1811, of which Dr.
Pagina 127 - Não no dá a pátria, não, que está metida / No gosto da cobiça e na rudeza / De uma austera, apagada e vil tristeza.
Pagina 311 - Eu o Príncipe Regente Faço saber aos que este Alvará virem : que tendo a divina providencia abençoado o feliz consorcio da Princeza D.
Pagina 15 - Quid enim tuus ille, Tubero, destrictus in acie Pharsalica gladius agebat ? Cuius latus ille mucro petebat ? Qui sensus erat armorum tuorum ? Quae tua mens ? oculi ? manus ? ardor animi ? Quid cupiebas ? Quid optabas ? Nimis urgeo ; commoveri videtur adulescens ; ad 10 me revertar : isdem in armis fui.
Pagina 440 - A History of the Jesuits ; to which is prefixed, a Reply to Mr Dallas's Defence of the Order.
Pagina 439 - Customs, relative to the Import, Export, and Coasting Trade of Great Britain and her Dependencies...
Pagina 440 - Together with some remarkable Particulars respecting Perfect, Amicable, and other Numbers, which are not to be found in the Writings of any ancient or modern Mathematicians. Likewise a ( Specimen of the Manner in which the Pythagoreans...
Pagina 441 - The whole exhibiting a Picture of the State of Society, during a Residence of Six Years in that Country.
Pagina 440 - AN INTRODUCTION TO ENTOMOLOGY ; or, Elements of the Natural History of Insects.
Pagina 311 - ... pelo Marquez de Aguiar, do Meu Conselho de Estado, Ministro Assistente ao Despacho, encarregado interinamente da Repartição dos Negócios Estrangeiros e da Guerra.

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