Government of India, to receive two coins, so selected as to make up, between them, the inscription as perfect as possible.

6. There will remain for sale by the mint 4 specimens, including the melted lump. Their intrinsic value is about Rs. 5; their numismatic, about Rs. 8.

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The two rings may be given to the Indian Museum in Calcutta. Read the following Circular from the Société de Physique et d'Histoire Naturelle de Genève, offering for competition a prize of 500 francs, for the best monograph of a genus or a family of plants, to be written either in Latin, French, German, English or Italian :


Fondé par Augustin-Pyramus de CANDOLLE pour la meilleure monographie d'un genre ou d'une famille de plantes.

Un concours est ouvert par la Société de physique et d'histoire naturelle de Genève pour la meilleure monographie inédite d'un genre ou d'une famille de plantes.

Les manuscrits peuvent étre rédigés en latin, français, allemand (écrit en lettres latines), anglais ou italien. Ils doivent étre adressés, franco, avant le le octobre 1889, à M. le président de la Société de physique et d'histoire naturelle de Genève, á l'Athénée, Genève (Suisse). Les membres de la Société ne sont pas admis à concourir.

Le prix est de 500 francs.

Il peut étre réduit ou n'être pas adjugé dans le cas de travaux insuffisants ou qui ne répondraient pas aux conditions du présent avis.

La Société espére pouvoir accorder une place au travail couronné, dans la collection de ses Mémoires in-4°, si ce mode de publication est agréable à l'auteur.

Genève, juillet, 1885.

The following papers were read:

1. The Hive-Bees indigenous to India and the introduction of the Italian Bee.-By J. C. DOUGLAS, ESQ.


In this paper, Mr. Douglas gives an interesting account of a series of laborious experiments made by him for a number of years to hive the indigenous bee (Apis indica). The paper contains a description of the several species which he used for his experiments, and the results which he arrived at, which latter were not uniformly successful. He also gives an account of the attempts which he made for the introduction and acclimatisation of the Italian bee.

The paper will be published in full in Journal, Part II of 1886.

2. On a Uredine affecting the Himalayan Spruce-fir, Abies smithiana.-By DR. A. BARCLAY.


In this paper Dr. Barclay gives an account of a conspicuous parasite by which many fir trees in the Western Himalayas are attacked. It occurs in great abundance throughout the forests of the Sutlej valley at elevations of from 7000 to 10,000 feet. The author has no data by which to limit the season during which the parasite is outwardly recognisable. He met with it throughout May, and he believes that it disappears entirely during the rains in July. He met with the parasite in two forms, which for convenience, he describes as the acidial and uredinal, but whether they do really stand in this relationship to each other, he has no experi mental evidence to determine, though from other circumstances such a relationship appears probable. Detailed particulars of those two forms of affection are given in this paper which will be published in full in Journal Part II for 1886.


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[ocr errors]

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