The History of the Reign of Queen Anne, Digested Into Annals: Year the First[-eleventh. Being the Pacifick Year].

A. Roper ... and F. Coggan, 1708

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Pagina 133 - ... of affairs, that they be continually intent and watchful in what concerns the trade and fleet: and that every one of them may be made to know, it is his particular charge, to take care that the seamen be encouraged, the trade protected, discipline restored, and a new spirit and vigour put into the whole administration of the navy.
Pagina 351 - An Act to make further provision for electing and summoning sixteen peers of Scotland to sit in the house of peers in the parliament of Great Britain, and for trying peers for offences committed in Scotland, and for the further regulating of voters in elections of members to serve in parliament, so far as relates to the trial of peers for offences committed in Scotland.
Pagina 258 - Kefoludons which they had directed him to report to the Houfe, which he read in his Place, and afterwards delivered in at the Table, where the fame were read, and (with an Amendment to one of them) agreed unto by the Houfe, and are as follows.
Pagina 133 - It is a most undoubted maxim that the honour, security and wealth of this kingdom does depend upon the protection and encouragement of trade and the improving and right managing of our naval strength.
Pagina 133 - There cannot be a plainer proof, that fome perfons, employed by the lord -high-admiral, have made the worft ufe imaginable of the truft he honours them with, than in their prefuming to lay fuch an anfwer before the houfe of lords in his name. For, not to take notice of the many things (which in the fecond report have been already laid before your majefty...
Pagina 123 - Anfwer fays, it is noc doubted they were taken up at fo much a Month freight, and the Owners will be paid for the Time they have been employed, according to the Agreement made with them. Mr. Coward depofed, that his Ships were not taken by the Month (as the Anfwer...
Pagina 246 - Your fleet, and your trade, have so near a relation, and such mutual influence upon each other, they cannot well be separated; your trade is the mother and nurse of your seamen; your seamen are the life of your fleet, and your fleet is the security and protection of your trade, and both together are the wealth, strength, security and glory of Britain.
Pagina 73 - WeftIvdies ; as alfo upon their Return into the Ports of Great Britain, to the endangering of many, and lofs of feveral Ships. In order to make out the firft Head of their Complaint, relating to the Infufficiency of Convoys, they gave the following Inftances : Firft...
Pagina 308 - Sloops that went under the Convoy of the Experiment Man of War, hath been fully made out and proved to the Satisfaction of this Houfe.
Pagina 352 - ... any honors, manors, lands, tenements or hereditaments within the east riding of the county of York, or the town and county of the town of Kingstonupon-Hull, after the 29th day of September, 1708; and for the rendering the register in the west riding more complete.

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