Art and Fashion

Pavilion Books, 7 jan. 2005 - 176 pagina's
Art and Fashion' takes a long-overdue look at the influences of art on fashion, chronicling the close relationship between the two, which dates back at least to the Renaissance. It covers a variety of artistic movements, including Rococo and Neo-classicism; Romanticism; Impressionism; Art Nouveau and Art Deco; Vienna Secession, Fauvism and Cubism; Surrealism; 20th-Century Threads (with inclusion of Pop Art and Op Art); Fin-de-Siecle and the new millennium. Analysis of the historical background, the definitions of each art movement and its assimilation into fashion is covered in detail. The book is illustrated throughout with fine art, sketches and fashion plates, visually demonstrating the twin developments of art and fashion. It also includes a chronology of art movements plus appendices of fashion designers, fashion houses, and icons of fashion.

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Over de auteur (2005)

Dr. Alice Mackrell is an art and fashion historian specialising in the analysis of dress in art.

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