An Historical View of the Negotiations Between the Courts of England, France, and Brussels, from the Year 1592 to 1617: Extracted Chiefly from the Ms. State-papers of Sir Thomas Edmondes ... and of Anthony Bacon ... : to which is Added, A Relation of the State of France, with the Characters of Henry IV. and the Principal Persons of that Court, Drawn Up by Sir George Carew, Upon His Return from His Embassy There in 1609, and Addressed to King James I. : Never Before Printed

A. Millar, 1749 - 528 pagina's

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Pagina 209 - ... beholders. Then the good man told her plainly what she was, and what she was to come to ; and though she had been long a great Queen here upon earth, yet shortly she was to yield an account of her stewardship to the King of kings.
Pagina i - To which is added, A relation of the state of France, with the characters of Henry iv. and the principal persons of that court...
Pagina 207 - Then, upon my knowledge, she shed many tears and sighs manifesting her innocence that she never gave consent to the death of that Queen. ' I used the best words I could to persuade her from this melancholy humour ; but I found by her it was too deep-rooted in her heart, and hardly to be removed.
Pagina 212 - I knocked at the gate. I was quickly let in, and carried up to the King's chamber. I kneeled by him, and saluted him by his title of England, Scotland, France and Ireland.
Pagina 206 - I am not well ;' and then discoursed with me of her indisposition ; and that her heart had been sad and heavy for ten or twelve days ; and in her discourse she fetched not so few as forty or fifty great sighs. I...
Pagina 211 - ... to that end. From thence they all went to the secretary's chamber, and as they went they gave a special command to the porters that none should go out of -the gates, but such servants as they should send to prepare their coaches and horses for London.
Pagina 207 - The admiral forbid her to carry it, or return any answer to the message; but insisted upon her keeping the ring. " The Countess of Nottingham, having made this discovery, begged the Queen's forgiveness ; but her Majesty answered, ' God may forgive you, but I never can,' and left the room with great emotion.
Pagina 207 - Scroope, a sister of the Countess of Nottingham, and a friend of his lordship, who attended upon the Queen ; and to beg of her that she would present it to her Majesty. The boy, by mistake, carried it to Lady Nottingham, who...
Pagina 209 - Wednesday, the 23rd of March, she grew speechless. That afternoon, by signs, she called for her council, and by putting her hand to her head, when the King of Scots was named to succeed her, they all knew he was the man she desired should reign after her.
Pagina 212 - Very early on Saturday I took horse for Edinburgh, and came to Norham about twelve at noon, so that I might well have been with the King at supper time : but I got a great fall by the way, and my horse with one of his heels gave me a great blow on the head that made me shed much blood. It made me so weak that I was forced to ride a soft pace after, so that the King was newly gone to bed by the time that I knocked at the gate.

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