History of the conquest of England by the Normans, tr. by W. Hazlitt, Volume 1


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Pagina 4 - That part of the island we had landed on was a narrow ridge, not above a musket-shot across, bounded on one side by the sea, and on the other by a creek, extending upwards of a mile inland, and nearly communicating with the sea at its head.
Pagina 27 - For if the temples are well built, they ought to be converted from the worship of demons to the service of the true God...
Pagina 170 - Coming within shot, the archers began to discharge their arrows, and the cross-bowmen their bolts; but most of the shots were rendered useless by the high parapets of the Saxon redoubts. The infantry armed with lances, and the cavalry, advanced to the gates of the redoubts, and endeavoured to force them.
Pagina 435 - Les quatre oscist, les treis fuirent; Naffrez, sanglant, cil s'en partirent. En plusurs lius ceo avint. En contre vu trŤs bien se tint, De vu homes avoit vertu, Onques plus hardi ne fut veu.
Pagina 394 - Taillefer, ki mult bien cantout, Sor un cheval ki tost alout, Devant li dus alout cantant De Karlemaine Ť de Rollant, E d'Oliver Ť des vassals Ki morurent en Renchevals.
Pagina 167 - ... our king; and he himself is bound to deliver up to them our goods, our wives, and our daughters: all is promised to them beforehand. They come, not only to ruin us, but to ruin our descendants also, and to take from us the country of our ancestors. And what shall we do — whither shall we go, when we have no longer a country?
Pagina 171 - ... hand to hand. William had his horse killed under him ; Harold and his two brothers fell dead at the foot of their standard, which was torn up and replaced by the banner sent from Rome. The...
Pagina 55 - From my youth I have shed blood and desired an end like this. The goddesses sent by Odin to meet me call to me and invite me. I go, seated among the foremost, to drink beer with the gods. The hours of my life are passing away. I shall die laughing.
Pagina 235 - The encounters with the conquerors were always sanguinary, and when they appeared in any inhabited place it was a pretext for the foreigner to redouble his oppressions therein ; he punished the unarmed men for the mischief done to him by those in arms ; and these again, in their turn, sometimes made terrible visits to those whom the vulgar opinion marked out as friends of the Normans. Thus perpetual terror reigned throughout the country ; for to the danger...
Pagina 378 - The Scottish clans ; The men of the fleet In numbers fell ; 'Midst the din of the field The warrior swate. Since the sun was up In morning-tide, Gigantic light ! Glad over grounds, God's candle bright, Eternal Lord ! — Till the noble creature...

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