Nelson's American Lancet, Volume 8

The Lancet, 1854

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Pagina 73 - THE MODE IN WHICH THERAPEUTIC AGENTS INTRODUCED INTO THE STOMACH PRODUCE THEIR PECULIAR EFFECTS ON THE ANIMAL ECONOMY. Being the Prize Essay to which the Medical Society of London awarded the Fothergillian • • Gold Medal for 1852.
Pagina 89 - The urine from which phosphate of lime is deposited is usually pale, but occasionally it is high-coloured ; the quantity passed is large, and the calls to void it frequent, more or less uneasiness and smarting being occasioned by its passage, at the neck of the bladder, and along the course of the urethra ; its specific gravity varies greatly.
Pagina 73 - Thus, for the proper perfection of medicine as a rational science, two things are in the main needed : the first is a right understanding of the causes and symptoms of disease ; the second, a correct knowledge of the action of medicines. Should our acquaintance with these two subjects be complete, we should then be able to do all that man could by any possibility effect in the alleviation of human suffering.
Pagina 57 - ... of the spinal system, satisfactorily answers in the following manner : The brain when primarily affected, may give rise indirectly to convulsions, but when these take place under such circumstances, it is either because of irritation or counter-pressure on the medulla oblongata. You have seen in the Clinique, and you will often see in practice, convulsive spasms in hydrocephalus, etc. These are the result of pressure on the medulla oblongata. In connection with this subject, I might recall to...
Pagina 73 - Gordian knot, and have declared boldly on subjects of which they are ignorant, yet it must be confessed, that in the understanding of the action of medicines, and of their agency in the cure of diseases, we do not so much excel our ancestors. While other sciences are moving, and other inquiries progressing fast, this subject, so momentous in its applications, has, in spite of the earnest labours of a few talented investigators, made after all but small progress.
Pagina 15 - You are not its mother, are you ?" " No, sir, its mother is sick in bed, and I have brought the babe here, sir. to see if you can do any thing for it." " That child, madam, is too young to be brought here ; you should have known better than to expose it in this way. Was it a healthy infant when born ?" " Yes, sir." " When did it first take the fits, as you term them.
Pagina 16 - ... appeals to common sense, to eradicate this prejudice — prove to those to whom you are endeared by ties of affection that human life is too sacred, its tenure too frail, to be entrusted to the uneducated midwife, whose ideas are scarcely adequate to, and rarely beyond the management of the poultryyard ! I feel that I have a right to speak on this subject — I am a southern man not only by birth, but in pride and in heart. The interests of the South are mine — and I am identified in truth...

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