The Ice Age in North America: And Its Bearings Upon the Antiquity of Man

Bibliotheca sacra Company, 1911 - 763 pagina's

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Pagina 713 - Reconnaissances in the Cape Nome and Norton Bay regions, Alaska, in 1900," Washington, Government Printing Office, 1901, pp.
Pagina 111 - ... of latitude, or 450 miles, of a harbour, where three species of Oliva, a Voluta, and a Terebra, are the commonest shells, within less than 9į...
Pagina 356 - The Surface Geology of the Basin of the Great Lakes and the Valley of the Mississippi...
Pagina 340 - ... and more above the general surface of the ground. It is most common, however, to find mounds and ridges confusedly intermingled, crossing and recrossing each other at all angles, so as to inclose deep hollows and pits between. Seen from some dominant point, such an assemblage of kames, as they are called, looks like a tumbled sea — the ground now swelling into long undulations, now rising suddenly into beautiful peaks and cones, and anon curving up in sharp ridges that often wheel suddenly...
Pagina 735 - Evidences of the Derivation of the Kames, Eskers and Moraines of the North American Ice-Sheet chiefly from its Englacial Drift,
Pagina 38 - The ice in general had a semi-stratified appearance, as if it still retained the horizontal plane in which it originally congealed. The surface was always soiled by dirty water from the earth above. This dirt was, however, merely superficial.
Pagina 95 - From one of these rugged islets, the nearest to the glacier which could be approached with anything like safety, I could see another island, larger and closer in shore, already half covered by the encroaching face of the glacier, and great masses of ice still detaching themselves and splintering as they fell upon that portion which protruded. Repose was not the characteristic of this seemingly solid mass ; every feature indicated activity, energy, movement.
Pagina 661 - Klysian moraine, crossing southern Le Sueur county. Minnesota, marks the next halting-place of the ice. At the time of formation of the fifth moraine, the south end of the ice-lobe had been melted back a hundred and eighty miles from its farthest extent, and its southwest side, which at first rested on the crest of the Coteau des Prairies, had retired thirty to fifty miles to the east side of Big Stone Lake and the east part of Yellow Medicine county.
Pagina 127 - Parrsborough, and that the icy blocks, heaped on each other, and frozen together or ' packed,' at the foot of Cape Blomidon, were often fifteen feet thick, and were pushed along when the tide rose, over the sandstone ledges. He also stated that fragments of the
Pagina 93 - Imagine now the centre of such a continent, occupied through nearly its whole extent by a deep unbroken sea of ice, that gathers perennial increase from the water-shed of vast snow-covered mountains, and all the precipitations of the atmosphere upon its own surface. Imagine this moving onward like a great glacial river, seeking outlets at every fiord and valley, rolling icy cataracts into the Atlantic and Greenland seas ; and, having at last reached the northern limit of the land that has borne it...

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