Jenaische allgemeine Literatur-Zeitung. Jahrg. 1-[38. With] Intelligenzblatt. Jahrg. 1-[38. And] Ergänzungsblätter. Jahrg. 1-[29].

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Pagina 327 - An Introduction to Geology, illustrative of the general Structure of the Earth ; comprising the Elements of the Science, and an Outline of the Geology and Mineral Geography of England.
Pagina 167 - Les auteurs compareront l'état des sciences , des lettres et de la philosophie dans celte école, pendant le période de temps indiqué, avec l'état de ces mêmes connaissances dans la Grèce et dans les diverses parties de l'empire fondé par Alexandre. Ils rechercheront aussi les causes des différences qui caractérisent l'Ecole (fA~ lexandrie , et feront voir comment ces causes ont préparé la doctrine des nouveaux Platoniciens.
Pagina 335 - One most valuable effect of these measures is a work just published by Mr. Joshua Marshman, the elder pupil of Mr. Lassar. It is the first volume of " the Works of Confucius, containing the Original Text, with a translation ; to which is prefixed, a Dissertation on the Chinese Language, pp.
Pagina 15 - A Code of Gentoo Laws, or. Ordinations of the Pundits. From a Persian Translation, Made from the Original, Written in the Shanscrit Language...
Pagina 313 - The History of the Kings of England, from the Arrival of the Saxons AD 449. to his own Times, AD 1143. By William of Malmsbury, collated with authentic MSS. and translated from the original Latin, with a Preface, Notes, and Index.
Pagina 305 - A Biographical and Critical Dictionary of Painters and Engravers, from the revival of the art under Cimabue, and the...
Pagina 343 - Maritime Geography and Statistics ; or a Description of the Ocean and its Coasts, Maritime Commerce, Navigation, &c. By James Kingston Tuckey, a Commander in the Royal Navy.
Pagina 279 - A brief sketch of Greek philosophy." [Caroline Frances CORNWALLIS.] In two volumes. London : 1846. Duodecimo.* PERICLES (on) and the arts in Greece, previously to, and during the time he flourished; being a chapter of a manuscript essay on the history of Greece, from the earliest account of that country, down to the end of the Peloponnesian war.
Pagina 303 - The Life of James the Second, King of England, &c., collected out of Memoirs writ of his own hand. Together with the King's Advice to his Son, and his Majesty's Will. Published from the Original Stuart Manuscripts in Carlton House, by the Rev. JS Clarke, LL.B., FRS, Historiographer to the King, Chaplain of the Household, and LiBrarian to the Prince Regent,
Pagina 11 - Jesuits with Historical Proofs in support of it, tending to establish the Danger of the Revival of that Order to the World at large, and to the United Kingdom in particular.

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