The Way of the Pipa: Structure and Imagery in Chinese Lute Music

Kent State University Press, 1992 - 155 pagina's
"Over the centuries a repertoire of solo pipa pieces has developed and this study focuses on those found in the Hua collection, which encompasses the pieces in the repertoire of the Hua family, and was printed, using the wooden block technique, in 1819. Among the works are many ancient melodies which were handed down through oral tradition. Myers discusses the history and development of the musical aesthetics, and the relationship between imagery in the titles and corresponding melodic devices. He relates these recurring themes to elements in East Asian culture and philosophy. Included are transcriptions of pipa music into Western music notation. It is a welcome addition to the library of anyone interested in Chinese music and culture"--Elaine Bradtke, Come-All-Ye

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Levels of Structure
Select Discography of Solo Pipa

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