Western Barbary: Its Wild Tribes and Savage Animals

J. Murray, 1846 - 106 pagina's

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Pagina 60 - For they covered the face of the whole earth, so that the land was darkened; and they did eat every herb of the land, and all the fruit of the trees which the hail had left: and there remained not any green thing in the trees, or in the herbs of the field, through all the land of Egypt.
Pagina 63 - PRAISE be to God, the Lord of all creatures, the most merciful, the king of the day of judgment. Thee do we worship, and of thee do we beg assistance. Direct us in the right way, in the way of those to whom thou hast been gracious ; not of those against whom thou art incensed, nor of those who go astray...
Pagina 67 - Be doom'd to blush o'er many a' mouldering bone ! There was * * * * There was a student of the college, too, Who said Much more about the riches of his head Than, if there were an income-tax on brains, His head could venture to acknowledge to.
Pagina 34 - The ruddy morn disclosed at once to view The face of nature in a rich disguise, And brightened every object to my eyes. For every shrub, and every blade of grass, And every pointed thorn, seemed wrought in glass.
Pagina 25 - ... the wood, as on the approach of some large animal. I raised myself with caution, and examined the priming of my gun, ere the animal entered the marsh. He paused and seemed to be listening, when a half growl, half bark, announced him to be a CHAP.
Pagina 27 - ... he rushed headlong against the lioness, who, springing aside, avoided the dread blow. A cloud came over the moon ; I could not see distinctly, but I heard every blow of the paw and every rip of the tusk. There was a dead silence ; again the cloud had passed, and the heavens were clear, and I saw the lioness with her fore paws on the body of the boar. " I seized my gun, and aimed at her head ; that was her last moment. " The morning dawned. I descended from the rock. The claw of the lioness still...
Pagina 9 - ... has satisfied his curiosity by the scanty extracts in magazines or reviews, may now become possessed of the work itself, at the moment of its publication, and at...
Pagina 115 - Who taught you that we are. g2 OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN. disbelievers? Hear my daily prayer, and judge for yourselves.' He then repeated the Lord's Prayer. All stood amazed and silent, till the priest exclaimed, ' May God curse me if ever I...
Pagina 103 - He was from Genoa, and of course a most pious Christian ; how then were they, the faithful followers of the prophet, to manage to employ him ? The clock was fixed in the wall of the tower, and it was, of course, a thing impossible to allow the Kaffir to defile God's house of prayer by his sacrilegious steps.
Pagina 148 - I know not. Suffice it to say that, like the Roman victor, he came, he saw (my mother), and conquered. In due course of time, my respected parent found herself, as the Yankees say, " in a state of domestic solicitude;'' or, as the Homely Scottish tragic author describes it, " in the way that ladies wish to be who love their lords.

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