A Companion to the Philosophy of Technology

John Wiley & Sons, 1 okt. 2012 - 550 pagina's
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Drawing on essays from leading international and multi-disciplinary scholars, A Companion to the Philosophy of Technology is the first comprehensive and authoritative reference source to cover the key issues of technology’s impact on society and our lives.
  • Presents the first complete, authoritative reference work in the field
  • Organized thematically for use both as a full introduction to the field or an encyclopedic reference
  • Draws on original essays from leading interdisciplinary scholars
  • Features the most up-to-date and cutting edge research in the interdisciplinary fields of philosophy, technology, and their broader intellectual environments

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References and Further Reading
The Built Environment
Technology and Politics
The Idea of Progress
Technology and Power
Technology Management
Technology Strategy
Technology and Globalization

Japanese Technology
Technology and
Technology and Science
Science and Technology Positivism
Instruments in Science and Technology
Engineering Science
Technological Knowledge
The Interplay between Science
Social Construction of Science
Social Construction of Technology
Some Philosophical Questions
Theory Change and Instrumentation
Biology and Technology
Nuclear Technologies
Nuclear Waste
A Design
Chemistry and Technology
Introduction Philosophy
Marxism Critical Theory and Technology
Semiotics of Technology
Critical Theory of Technology
Technology as Applied Science
Technological Artifacts
References and Further Reading
Technical Practice
Hermeneutics and Technologies
Technological Rationality
Phenomenology and Technology
The Critique of the Precautionary
Large Technical Systems
The Evolution of
The Precautionary Principle
Boundarywork Pluralism and
International Agreement Required
A New Technology Is Born in Norway
Technology Transfer
Technology and Capitalism
The Politics of Gender and Technology
European Politics Economy
Asian Politics Economy and Technology
US Politics Economy and Technology
Energy Technology and Geopolitics
Technology and Ethics Overview
Agriculture Ethics
Biomedical Engineering Ethics
References and Further Reading
Development Ethics
Energy Ethics
Engineering Ethics
Environmental Ethics
Food Ethics
Technology and the
Medical Ethics
Religion and Technology
Valuesensitive Design
Technology Prosperity and Risk
Future Technology
How Special Is Technology?
World Risk Society
Energy Forecast Technologies
References and Further Reading
The Future of Humanity

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Over de auteur (2012)

Jan Kyrre Berg Olsen has a Ph.D. in Science Studies and teaches Theory of Science at the Faculty of Public Health, University of Copenhagen. He is the editor of various publications, including a Danish anthology on the concept of “time” in science and Philosophy of Technology: 5 Questions (2007).

Stig Andur Pedersen is Professor of Philosophy of Science at Roskilde University. He has published numerous papers on topics such as mathematical logic, mathematical modeling in biology, foundational studies of mathematics and physics, and philosophy of medicine and engineering. He is also the co-author of Philosophy of Medicine (1990) and has co-edited several volumes.

Vincent F. Hendricks holds two doctoral degrees in philosophy, is Professor of Formal Philosophy at Roskilde University, and the winner of the Danish Elite Research Prize 2008. His work has been influential on modern mathematical and philosophical logic and concentrates primarily on bringing mainstream and formal approaches to epistemology together. He is the author of numerous texts and papers in this field.

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