Ballads: Scottish and English. With illustr. by J. Lawson

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Pagina xiii - Our gude ship sails the morn." "Now ever alake, my master dear, I fear a deadly storm! I saw the new moon, late yestreen, Wi' the auld moon in her arm; And if we gang to sea, master, I fear we'll come to harm.
Pagina xii - Our king has written a braid letter, And sealed it with his hand, And sent it to Sir Patrick Spens, Was walking on the strand. "To Noroway, to Noroway, To Noroway o'er the faem; The king's daughter of Noroway, 'Tis thou maun bring her hame.
Pagina 145 - COME listen to me, you gallants so free, All you that love mirth for to hear, And I will tell you of a bold outlaw That lived in Nottinghamshire. As Robin Hood in the forest stood, All under the green-wood tree, There he was aware of a brave young man, As fine as fine might be.
Pagina 95 - They lighted down to tak a drink Of the spring that ran sae clear; And down the stream ran his gude heart's blood, And sair she gan to fear. 'Hold up, hold up, Lord William,' she says, 'For I fear that you are slain!
Pagina 41 - With that, there came an arrow keen Out of an English bow, Which struck Earl Douglas to the heart, A deep and deadly blow ; Who never spake more words than these, " Fight on, my merry men all ; For why, my life is at an end, Lord Percy sees my fall.
Pagina 264 - Tramp! tramp! along the land they rode, Splash! splash! along the sea; The scourge is wight, the spur is bright, The flashing pebbles flee.
Pagina 382 - Wi' cauk and keel' I'll win your bread, And spindles and whorles for them wha need, Whilk is a gentle trade indeed, To carry the gaberlunzie on. I'll bow my leg, and crook my knee. And draw a black clout o'er my ee ; A cripple or blind they will ca' me, While we shall be merry and sing.
Pagina 90 - Though the blood-hound be mute, and the rush beneath my foot, And the warder his bugle should not blow, Yet there sleepeth a priest in the chamber to the east, And my footstep he would know.
Pagina 150 - Now Robin Hood is to Nottingham gone, With a link a down, and a day, And there he met with a silly old palmer, Was walking along the highway. 'What news? what news? thou silly old man, What news, I do thee pray?' Said he, 'Three squires in Nottingham town Are condemn'd to die this day.' 'Come change thy apparel with me, old man, Come change thy apparel for mine ; Here is ten shillings in good silver, Go drink it in beer or wine.
Pagina 194 - And he has plunged in wi' a' his band, And safely swam them through the stream. He turned him on the other side, And at Lord Scroope his glove flung he — "If ye like na my visit in merry England, In fair Scotland come visit me...

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