A Study of Spinoza

Macmillan and Company, 1882 - 371 pagina's

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Pagina 26 - HISTORICAL OUTLINES OF ENGLISH ACCIDENCE, comprising Chapters on the History and Development of the Language, and on Word-formation, Sixth Edition.
Pagina 25 - HALES— LONGER ENGLISH POEMS, with Notes, Philological and Explanatory, and an Introduction on the Teaching of English. Chiefly for Use in Schools. Edited by JW HALES, MA, Professor of English Literature at King's College, London.
Pagina 27 - ON THE STUDY OF WORDS. Lectures Addressed (originally) to the Pupils at the Diocesan Training School, Winchester.
Pagina 7 - European History, Narrated in a Series of Historical Selections from the best Authorities. Edited and arranged by EM SEWELL and CM YONGE. First Series, crown 8vo. 6s. ; Second Series, 1088-1228, crown 8vo. 6s. Third Edition. " We know of scarcely anything," says the GUARDIAN, of this volume, "which is so likely to raise to a higher level the average standard of English education
Pagina 28 - THE FAIRY BOOK ; the Best Popular Fairy Stories. Selected, and rendered anew by the Author of "JOHN HALIFAX, GENTLEMAN.
Pagina 19 - THE ENGLISH POETS. Selections, with Critical Introductions by various Writers and a General Introduction by MATTHEW ARNOLD. Edited by TH WARD, MA 4 Vols.
Pagina 20 - White.— THE NATURAL HISTORY AND ANTIQUITIES OF SELBORNE. By GILBERT WHITE. Edited, with Memoir and Notes, by FRANK BUCKLAND, A Chapter on Antiquities by LORD SELBORNE, Map, &c., and numerous Illustrations by PH DELAMOTTE.
Pagina 14 - Mitford (AB)— TALES OF OLD JAPAN. By AB MITFORD, Second Secretary to the British Legation in Japan. With upwards of 30 Illustrations, drawn and cut on Wood by Japanese Artists. New and Cheaper Edition. Crown 8vo. 6s. " These very original volumes will always be interesting as memorials of a most exceptional society, while regarded simply as tales, they 'are sparkling, sensational, and dramatic, and the originality of their idea and the quaintness of their language give them a most captivating piquancy.
Pagina 27 - TAYLOR— WORDS AND PLACES; or, Etymological Illustrations of History, Ethnology, and Geography. By the Rev. ISAAC TAYLOR, MA Third and cheaper Edition, revised and compressed. With Maps. Globe 8vo. 6s.
Pagina 27 - Whitney and Edgren. — A COMPENDIOUS GERMAN AND ENGLISH DICTIONARY, with Notation of Correspondences and Brief Etymologies. By Professor WD WHITNEY, assisted by AH EDGREN.

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