Canada Year Book

Statistics Canada., 1910
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Pagina xxiii - The United States may authorize and permit the diversion within the State of New York of the waters of said river above the Falls of Niagara for power purposes, not exceeding in the aggregate a daily diversion at the rate of twenty thousand cubic feet of water per second?
Pagina xvi - Every one is guilty of an offence and liable, upon conviction on indictment, to two years' imprisonment, or to a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred dollars, or to both, and, upon summary conviction, to imprisonment for six months, with or without hard labour, or to a fine not exceeding...
Pagina xxix - For delivery within the eighth zone and between the Philippine Islands and any portion of the United States, including the District of Columbia and the several Territories and possessions...
Pagina xx - It shall be the duty of the Commission to take into consideration all questions which may be brought to its notice relating to the conservation and better utilization of the natural resources of Canada, to make such inventories, collect and disseminate such information, conduct such investigations inside and outside of Canada, and frame such recommendations as seem conducive to the accomplishment of that end.
Pagina xxxi - Ontario, to be a judge of the supreme court of judicature for Ontario, a justice of the high court of justice for Ontario and a member of the exchequer division of the said high court of justice.
Pagina xxiii - Parties agree to establish and maintain an International Joint Commission of the United States and Canada composed of six commissioners, three on the part of the United States appointed by the President thereof, and three on the part of the United Kingdom appointed by His Majesty on the recommendation of the Governor in Council of the Dominion of Canada.
Pagina xxxii - ... a Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of British Columbia, in the room and stead of the Honourable Archer Martin, promoted to the Court of Appeal.
Pagina xix - The House will cordially approve of any necessary expenditure designed to promote the speedy organization of a Canadian naval service in cooperation with and in close relation to the Imperial navy...
Pagina xix - Canadian naval service in co-operation with and in close relation to the imperial navy, along the lines suggested by the admiralty at the last Imperial Conference, and in full sympathy with the view that the naval supremacy of Britain is essential to the security of commerce, the safely of the empire and the peace of the world.
Pagina xxix - Upon a Wreath of the Colours a Bear passant Sable, and the Supporters on the dexter side A Moose, and on the sinister side A Canadian Deer Both Proper." Motto — "Ut Incepit Fidelis Sic Permanet.

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