Renan S Life of Jesus, 1897

Kessinger Publishing, 1 aug. 2003 - 324 pagina's
The following translation of Renan's Vie de Jesus is made from the 13th edition of the complete work, which embodies the author's more mature views of his subject. The original work was begun, carried on, and, in its first form, completed during Renan's stay in Palestine, in the midst of the scenes in which the tragic story it relates had taken place. Partial Contents: Place of Jesus in the history of the world; Childhood; Education; First sayings; John the Baptist; Jesus at Capernaum; Disciples; Preaching; First attempts on Jerusalem; Miracles; Institutions of Jesus; Opposition to Jesus; Last Journey; Last Week of Jesus; Arrest, Trial and Death; Essential nature of the work of Jesus.

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Ernest Renan (1823-1892) was a French philosopher and writer.

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