Angling and Fishing-continued.

2561 Fischbuchlein. Das Edle Fischbuchlein, das ist ein sehr nutzliches Bericht, von der Fischerey überaus grosser Nutzbarkeit; von der Fische Natur und Eigenschafft, etc.

Illustrated with 6 woodcuts.

Small Svo, original boards, as issued. Nurnberg, circa 1720. £8 8s

2562 Fisher (P.). The Angler's Souvenir, by P. Fisher, Esq., assisted by several eminent Piscatory Characters.

Finely printed, each page having an engraved border of Angling Scenes and Subjects, and further illustrated with 33 beautiful steel plates, brilliant proot impressions on India Paper.

Cr. 8vo, full calf gilt. London, Charles Tilt, 1835.

2563 Fisher's Garland, 1821 to 1844 inclusive.

Woodcuts on titles of Angling Scenes. Newcastle, 1821-44.

Mitchell (W. A.). Fleasure and Utility of Angling.

Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1824.

The Angler's Progress. A Poem.

Cut on title. Newcastle, 1820

The Auld Fisher's Invitation to his Friends.

Cut on title. Newcastle, 1844.

£1 10s

Together in I vol., post 8vo. half green morocco, uncut, t. e. g. £2 2s

[blocks in formation]

With six plates representing Artificial Flies, etc. (mostly in colours).
Svo, original cloth. London, 1851.

10s 6d

Angling and Fishing-continued.

2567 Fur, Feather, and Fin Series. Edited by Aifred E. T. Watson.
The Salmon. By the Hon. A. E. Gathorne-Hardy, with Chapters on The
Law of Salmon-Fishing, by Claud Douglas Pennant, Cookery by Alex-
ander Innes Shand. 1898.

The Trout. By the Marquess of Granby, with Chapters on Breeding by
Colonel F. H. Custance, Cookery by Alexander Innes Shand. 1898
Pike and Perch. By William Senior. With Chapters by "John Bicker-
dyke" and W. H. Pope. Cookery by Alexander Innes Shand. 1900.
Numerous illustrations.

LARGE FAPER COPY. 3 vols., royal 8vo, original half vellum binding, uncut London, 1898-1900.

*** Only 157 Copies of this Edition printed.

2568 The Gentleman Angler.

£3 3s

Containing Short, Plain and Easy Instructions whereby the most ignorant Beginner may, in a little Time, become a perfect Artist in Angling for Salmon, Trout, etc.

With Observations on Angling Angling Rods, and Artificial Flies, etc., with an Appendix containing the Method of Rock and Sea Fishing,



12mo, half calf.

London, A. Bettesworth, 1726.

£1 16s

2569 Grimble (A.). Shooting and Salmon Fishing. Hints and Recollections. Illustrated with 18 full-page plates.

4to, half vellum, uncut. London, 1892.

2570 Halford (Frederic M.).


Dry-Fly Fishing, in Theory and Practice.

Illustrated with frontispiece and 25 plates, some coloured.
Edition de Luxe. Impl. 8vo, original full morocco, uncut, t. e. g.
Lonion, 1889.

£4 10s

Portrait and 67 engravings. FIRST EDITION.

2571 Henderson (William). My Life as an Angler.

Large Paper Copy No. 18, with India Proof Impressions of the Plates.
Royal Svo, half morocco gilt, t. e. g., others uncut.
London, 1879.

£2 10s

2572 Herbert (Henry William). Frank Forester's Fish and Fishing of the United States and British Provinces of North America.

FIRST EDITION. Illustrated, Sve, cloth. London, 1849.

9s 6d

Angling and Fishing-continued.

2573 Hofland (T. C.). The British Angler's Manual; or, The Art of Angling in England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland, with some Account of the Principal Rivers, Lakes, and Trout Streams in the United Kingdom, with Instructions in Fly-Fishing, Trolling, etc., etc.

Large Paper Copy, with India Paper Proofs of the 14 beautiful steel plates of Fishing Scenes, etc. (including 4 plates of flies), and 39 woodcuts after Harvey, Sambourne, etc., etc.

Svo, original cloth gilt, uncut. London, 1839.

£1 18s

2574 [Hughes (William)]. Fish; How to Choose and How to Dress, by Fiscator. F'cap. 8vo, original boards.

Not in Bibliotheca Piscatoria.

London, 1843.

7s 6d

2575 The Jolly Angler; or, Waterside Companion. Containing an account of all the best Places for Angling, as well as the tackle, baits and other requisites to form an expert Angler.

Illustrated with 80 wood engravings. 12mo, cloth.
London N.D.

2576 Kirkbride (John).

The Northern Angler; or, Fly-Fisher's Companion. Frontispiece. FIRST EDITION. F'cap. 3vo, original cloth, uncut. Carlisle, 1837.

2577 Leech (John). Mr. Briggs and His Doings. Fishing.


7s 6d

The Series of 12 coloured plates, enlarged from Mr. Leech's Original Drawings.

Oblong folio, criginal wrappers.

£4 4s

2578 A Letter from a Gentleman in Town to a Friend in the Country; concerning the present state of the Fishing-Copartnery in North-Britain. FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, half morocco, t. e. g. Edinburgh, 1723.

£2 2s

2579 Limerick Fishery. The Dispute between the Corporation of Limerick concerning the Fisheries.

BRIEF of Documentary Evidence on behalf of Plaintiff.
4to, cloin. 1845.

£2 2s

2580 Lockman (J.). Shetland Herring and Peruvian Cold-Mine. A Fable in Verse.

Small folio, boards. London, 1751.

Presentation Copy from the Author, with inscription on title page :

£1 1s

"To Mr. Mahoon :


his humble Srvt.

the Author."

Angling and Fishing--continued.

2581 The London Angler's Book; or, Waltonian Chronicle, containing much Original Information to Anglers generally, combined with numerous Amusing Songs and Anecdotes of Fish and Fishing, never before published, etc. Frontispiece.

F'cap. Evo, half leather binding, m. e. London, 1834.

2582 Markham (Gervase). creations.

£1 58

The Pleasures of Princes; or, Good Men's Re

Contayning a Discourse of the generall art of Fishing, with the Angle or otherwise and of all the hidden secrets belonging thereunto. Together with the Choyce, Ordring, Breeding, and Dyeting of the fighting Cock. Being a worke never in that nature handled by any former Author.

Small 4to, full niger morocco, antique style, gilt edges, by Sangorski and Sutcliffc.

London, Printed by John Norton, for William Sheares, etc., 1635.

* A fine tall copy; very rare.

2583 Maxims and Hints for An Angler and Miseries of Fishing.

£15 15s

With illustrations by Seymour. To which are added Maxims and Hints for a chess player.

Post Evo, cloth. London, 1833.

£1 1s

2584 Mr. Barnacles and his Boat. A Series of 24 etched plates of a Fishing Excursion in Wales.

Oblong 12mo, criginal boards. London, circa 1850.

10s 6d 2585 Mitchell (William Andrew). On the Pleasure and Utility of Angling. A Paper read to the Waltonian Club of Newcastle-on-Tyne, July 27th, 1824. Vignette on title-page.

32 pp., 8vo, original wrappers.

Newcastle-on-Tyne, 1824. 15s

2586 Neil's Complete Angler. Containing every Necessary Instruction for that Pleasant and Fashionable Amusement.


12mo, sewed. London (1804).

7s 6d

2587 Nobbes (R.) The Compleat Troller; or, the Art of Trolling, with a Description of all the Utensils, Instruments, Tackling, and Materials requisite thereto, with Rules and Directions how to use them, also a brief account of most of the Principal Rivers in England.

London, 1682.

12mo, half morocco.

£4 10s

Angling and Fishing-continued.

2588 Olsen (O. T.). The Piscatorial Atlas of the North Sea, English and St. George's Channels. Illustrating the Fishing Ports, Boats, Gear, Species of Fish (How, Where, and When Caught).

50 large double-page coloured maps, with vignettes on each relative

to Fish, Gear, etc.

Folio, original cloth. Grimsby and London, 1883.

£1 10s

2589 Oliver (Stephen). Scenes and Recollections of Fly-Fishing, in Northumberland, Cumberland, and Westmorland.


London, 1834.

12mo, half roxburghe, t. e. g.


2590 Penn (Richard). Maxims and Hints for An Angler; and Miseries of Fishing. To which are added Maxims and Hints for a Chess Player.

A New Edition, enlarged. With illustrations.
Post 8vo, cloth. London, 1839.

*** Presentation Copy from the Author, with signed inscription on fly leaf.

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2591 Pennell (H. Cholmondeley). Fishing Gossip; or, Stray Leaves from the Note-Books of Several Anglers. Frontispiece.

FIRST EDITION. Post 8vo, original cloth, uncut.
London, 1866.

7s 6d

2592 Pesson-Maisonneuve et Moriceau Nouveau Manuel Complex de Pécheur, Ou Traité Genéral de Toutes les Pêches d'Eau Douce et de Mer, contenant l'Histoire et la Pêche, des Animaux Fluviatiles et Marins, Les Diverses Pêches a la Ligne et aux Filets en eau douce et en mer. La Fabrication des instruments de Pêche et de filets, etc.

Nouvelle édition par M. G. Paulin.

3 folding plates of Angling scenes, etc.
Thick 12mo, wrappers, uncut. Paris, 1364.

8s 6d

2593 Petit (G. Albert). La Truite de Rivière Pèche a la Mouche Artificielle.

With numerous illustrations by G. Frapont, Guydo, Juillerat, etc.
Royal 8vo, original pictorial wrappers, uncut. Paris, 1897. is 6d

2594 Phillips (Henry). The True Enjoyment of Angling.

Finely Extra Illustrated Copy, by the insertion of 80 additional illustrations, many coloured.

Roy. 8vo, full morocco gilt, uncut, t. e. g., by Tout.
London, 1843.

1 of 100 Copies only.

£9 9s

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