The Medical and Physical Journal: Containing the Earliest Information on Subjects of Medicine, Surgery, Pharmacy, Chemistry, and Natural History ..., Volume 8

R. Phillips, 1802

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Pagina 153 - Yetminster, in Dorset, inoculated his wife and family with matter taken from the teat of a cow that had the cow-pox. In about a week from the time of inoculation, their arms were very much inflamed : the patients were very ill, and the man was so much alarmed as to call in medical assistance — (Mr Read of Cerne.) The patients soon got well ; and they have since been inoculated for the small-pox by Mr Trowbridge of Cerne, but without effect.
Pagina 19 - ... declaring his full and perfect confidence that it might be continued in perpetuity of inoculation from one human being to another, in the fame way with the fmall-pox, and in time fuperfede that difeafe.
Pagina 379 - What are the effefts of clothing? 14. What the effect of habitation, and the difference of living in a town or in the country ? 15. What are the effects of habits and cuftoms in regard to early rifmg, bathing, regular meals, regular flec-p, and in particular, what are thofe minute circum fiances on which it is fuppofed that health and longevity principally depend?
Pagina 470 - I give half-drop doses of the 3x tincture every two, three or four hours, according to the urgency of the symptoms...
Pagina 352 - But I have had occasion to know, or to be exactly informed, of the fate of nine or ten persons who had taken this medicine for the time prescribed, which is two years. These persons had been liable, for some years...
Pagina 154 - Pox ; and it is, I believe, more than twenty years ago, that, through the Rev. Herman Drew, I acquainted Sir George Baker with the observations and experiments 1 had then made, which I am certain Sir George will readily acknowledge.
Pagina 154 - Pox by Mr. Trowbridge, of Cerne, but without effect.' " ' I cannot inform you at what period Mr. Justins inoculated his family, but I have no doubt it was previous to Dr. Jenner's practice. "'The farmer alluded to in Mr.
Pagina 2 - The points of support for this instrument, were the outer part of the knee, and the great trochanter, a piece of steel passing from one to the other ; and to the middle of this a semicircular piece of iron was fixed, which projected over the femoral artery, having a pad at its end, moved by a screw, by turning which, the artery was readily compressed, and the pulsation in the aneurism stopped, without any interruption to the circulation in the smaller vessels.
Pagina 379 - What is th • effeft of the climate in which you refide, on the health and longevity of the human race ? 2. What form is reckoned moil conducive to health and longevity ? 3.
Pagina 20 - The effluvia in that part of theboufe was fo offenfivc, that all "the fervants were obliged to be removed to another part of 'the houfe. Lord Berkeley further ftated, That there is an old fervant now in his family, feventy-two years of age, who had the cow-pox, from milking cows, when a boy of fifteen, who has never been in the leaft cautious in guarding againft the fmall-pox, but has expofed...

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