N. B. The metre marks, affixed to the preceding psalms and hymns, have reference to a divizion
of the metres, founded on the nature of the verse, into four classes, marked-I., II., III., IV.
Class I. includes common, long, and short metres, marked-li M., L. M., 8. M.
Class II. includes the other lambio metres, eight in number, marked-II. 1, II. 2, II, 3, II. 4, &o,

which may be named; Two, one; Two, two; Two, three, &c.
Class III. includes the Trochaic metres, being five in number, marked—III. 1, III. 2, III. 3, &c.,

which may be named; Three, one; Three, two, &c. Class IV. includes the metres consisting chiefly of triplets, being five in number, marked-IV. 1, IV.2, IV. 3, &c., and may be named, Four, one; Four, two, &c.


II. 4.

C. M.

And SPIRIT, ever bless'd,

Eternal Three in One,
The God whom we adore,

All worship be address'd;

As heretofore Be glory, as it was, is now,

It was, is now, And shall be evermore.

And shall be so

For evermore.
L. M.
TO FATHER, SON, and Holy Ghost,

II. 5.
The God whom earth and heaven adore,
Bé glory, as it was of old,

TO GOD the FATHER, and to GOD the Is now, and shall be evermore.


To God the HOLY SPIRIT, Three in One, S. M.

Be praise from all on earth and all in heaven,

As was, and is, and ever shall be given. TO God the FATHER, SON,

And SPIRIT, glory be,
As 't was, and is, and shall be so

II. 6.
To all eternity.

ETERNAL praise be given,

And songs of highest worth,

By all the hosts of heaven,

And all the saints on earth,
To God, supreme confessed,

To Christ, his only Son,
IL. 1.

And to the Spirit blessed,
TO FATHER, Son, and HOLY GHOST, Eternal Three in One.
The God whom heaven's triumpbant host
And saints on earth adore;

11. 7.
Be glory, as in ages past,
As now it is, and 90 shall Jast
When time shall be no more.

TO FATHER, Son, and SPIRIT bless'd,

Supreme o'er earth and heaven,
II. 2

Eternal Three in One confess'd,

Be highest glory given,
TO FATHER, SON, and HOLY GHOST, As was through ages heretofore,
The God whom heaven's triumphant host Is now, and shall be everiore,

And sutt'ring saints on earth adore; By all in earth and heaven.
Be glory, as in ages past,
As now it is, and so shall last

II. 8.
When time itself shall be no more.
JI. 3.

BY all on earth and all in heaven,

Be everlasting glory given TO God the FATHER, God the Son, To God the FATHER, GOD the Son And God the SPIRIT, Three in One, And God the SPIRIT; equal Three Be glory in the highest given,

In undivided Unity, By ali on earth, and all in heaven;

Ere time had yet its course begun: As was through ages heretofore,

As was, and is, be highest praise, Is aw, and shall be everwore,

As still shall be through endless days


IV. 2
III, 1.

ALL praise to the FATHER, the Son,

And SPIRIT, thrice holy and bless'd, HOLY FATHER, HOLY SON,

Th' eternal, supreme Three in One,
Holy SPIRIT, Three in One!

Was, is, and shall still be address'd.
Glory, as of old, to thee,
Now, and evermore shall be!

IV. S.
III. 2

ALL praise to the FATHER, all praise to

the Son, PRAISE the name of God most high, All praise to the Spirit, thrice bless'd, Praise him all below the sky,

The holy, eternal, supreme Three in One, Praise him all ye heavenly host,

Was, is, and shall still be address' d.
As through countless ages past,

IV. 4.
Evermore his praise shall last.

O FATHER Almighty, to thee be addressed, III. 3.

With CHRIST and the SPIRIT one GOD

ever bless'd, PRAISE the FATHER, earth and heaven, All glory and worship from earth and from Praise the Son, Che SPIRIT praise,

heaven, As it was, and is, be given

As was, and is now, and shall ever be given. Glory through eternal days

IV. 5.
III. 4.

ALL glory and praise to the FATHER be TO the FATHER, throned in heaven,

given, To the SAVIOUR, CHRIST, his Son, The Son, and the SPIRIT, from earth and To the SPIRIT, praise be given,

from heaven; Everlasting Three in One:

As was, and is now, be supreme adoration, As of old, the Trinity

As ever shall be, to the God of salvation. Still is worshipp'd, still shall be. Ill. 5.

For Hymns 145 and 185. GREAT JEHOVAH! we adore thee,

TO the FATHER, to the Son, God the FATHER, God the Son,

And SPIRIT ever bless'd, God the SPIRIT, join'd in glory

Everlasting. 'Three in One On tho sanie eternal throue:

All worship be address'd: Endless praises

Praise from all above, below,
TO JEHOVAH, Three in One.

As throughout the ages past,
Now is given, and shall be so

While endless ages last.

When used to Hymn 185, in line 6, read,
IV. 1.

As was throughout the ages past. BY angels in heaven

Of every degree, And saints upon earth,

COME, let us adore him; come, bow at his All praise be address'd

feet; To God in three persons,

O give him the glory, the praise that is meet; One God ever bless'd;

Let joyful hosannas unceasing arise, As it has been, now is,

And join the full chorus that gladdens the And ever shall

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Whenever the Hymns are used at the celebration of divine service, a certain portion or portions of

the Psalms of David in metre shall also be sung.




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ACCORDING to ths promised grace .
Adored for eve: be the LORD
Approach, ye children of the LORD
As pants the hart for cooling sircams
As pants the wearied hart for cooling springs
Attend, my people; Israel, hear
Be gracinus to thy servant, LORD
Bless'd is the man whom thou, O LORD
Bless God, my soul; thou, LORD, alune
Bless God, ye servants, that attend
But who thine anger's dread effects.
Consider my afiction, LORD.
Consider that the righteous man...
Deceitful thoughts and practices
Defend me, LORD, from shame..
For ever, and for ever, LORD..
For thee, O GOD, our constant praise
From lowest deplhs of wo
Give ear, thou Judge of all the earth
God is our refuge in distress
God, my King, thy might confessing
God of my life, O CORD most high
God shall arise, and Sion view .
God shali charge his angel legions :
GOD's perfect law converts the soul
God's temple crowns the holy mount
Had not the LORD, may Israel say
Happy the man whose tender care
Have mercy, LORD, on me .....
Hear, O my people, to my law
He's blest whose sins have pardun gain'd
He that has God his guardian inade.
How bless'd are they who always keep
How blest is he who ne'er consents
How good and pleasant must it be.
How long wilt thou forget me, LORD.
How manifold thy works, O LORD.
How shall the young preserve their ways
How various, LORD, thy works are found
How vast must their advantage be ...
I'll praise my Maker with my breath
In mercy, not in wrath
In my distress to God I cried
Instruct me in thy statutes, LORD
In thee I put my steadfast trust ..
I waited meekly for the LORD....
JEHOVAH reigns, let all lhe earth
JEHOVAH reigns, let therefore all


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cxlv. Ixxxviii.

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li. lxxviii.

xxxii. •. xci, . cxix.

i. xcii. . xiii.

civ, cxix.

. civ, cxxxiii.


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vi. XXX. cxix.

Ixxi. ..... xl.

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JEHOVAH speaks: swift from the skies
Judge me, O LORD, for I the paths.
Let all the just to GOD, with joy.
Let all the lands, with shouts of joy
Let me with light and truth be bless'd
Like water is my life pour'd out
Lo, hills and mountains shall bring forth
LORD, for ever at thy side
LORD, from thy unexhausted store .
LORD, hear my prayer, and to my cry
LORD, in thy sighi, o let my prayer
LORD, let me know my term of days
LORD, not to us, we claim no share
LORD, though at times surprised by fear
LORD, lo my brethren I'll declare,...
LORD, whai's in man that thou should'st love
LORD, who's the happy man that may
Magnify Jehovah's name
May Jacob's GoD defend
Mine eyes, alas, begin to fail
My God, my God, why leav'st thou me
My grateful soul shall bless the LORD .
My off rings to God's house I'll bring
My soul, for help on God rely.
My soul, howe'er distress'd and poor
My soul, inspired with sacred love
My soul, oppress'd with deadly care
My soul, with grateful thoughts of love
My soul with long expectance faints ..
No change of time shall ever shock . .
O all ye people, clap your hands
O bless the LORD, my soul
O come, loud anthems let us sing
O God, iny gracious God, to thee
O God, my heart is fix'd, lis bent
O God, my heart is fully bent .
O God of hosts, the mighty LORD
O God our Saviour, all our hearts .
O LURD, my God, my portion thou .
O LORD, the Saviour and defence.
O Lord, thy mercy, my sure hope
O praise the LORD, and thou, my soul
O praise the LORD, for he is good.
O praise the LORD in that blest place
O praise the LORD with hymns of joy
O praise the LORD with one consent ..
O praise ye the LORD ...,
O render thanks, and bless the LORD
O render thanks to God ahove.
O thou, whom heavenly hosts ubey
O Thou, to whom all creatures bow
O't was a joyful sound to hear.
O with due rey'rence let us all



Jxvi. Ixii. lxix.

ciii. cxix.

cxvi. • cxix.

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cxlvii. CXXXV. cxlix. . cv

cvi. Ixxx.

viii. • cxxii. cxxxii.

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Praise the LORD; our God to praise
Regard my words, O gracious GoD..
Save me, O God, from waves that roll
Say ye, the LORD shall not regard .
Sing to the LORD a new-made song
Sing to the LORD a new-made song



54 73 75

xcvi. xcviii.

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Psalm. Part Page. 91

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20 97 18 84 31

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20 97 21 35 87 2 28 97 14 34 52

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That man is bless'd who stands in awe
Thee I will bless, my God and King
The good man's way is God's delight
The heavens declare thy glory, LORD
The LORD a holy temple hath
The LORD does them support that fall.
The LORD hath spoke, the mighty GOD
The LORD himself, the mighty LORD
The LORD look'd down from heaven's high tower
The LORD, the only God, is great.
The LURD unto my Lord thus spake
The love that to thy laws I bear
The man is tlest that fears the LORD
The Name of our God ....
The servants of JEHOVAH's will
The spacious earth is all the LORD'S
The strong foundations of the earth
The wicked I in power have seen :
The wonders whích thy laws contain
Thine is the cheerful day, O LORD
Thou art the righteous Judge, in whom .
Though wicked men grow rich or great
Thou, gracious God, art my defence .
Thou, Lord, by strictest search hast known
Thou snit'st, OʻLORD, thy righteous ways .
Through all the changing scenes of life
Thus God declares his sovereign will
Thy chast'ning wrath, O LORD, restrain ..
Thy constant blessing, LORD, beslow
Thy mercies, LORD, hall be my song
Thy presence, LORD, hath me supplied
Thy sacred word, iny joyful breast.
Thy wondrous power, Almighty LORD, .
Thy word is to my feet a lamp
To bless thy chosen race.
To celebrate thy praise, O LORD
To God, in whom I trust.
To God, our never failing strength
To God, the mighty LORD
To me, who am the workmanship
To my complaint, O LORD my Gop.
To my request and earnest cry
To Sion's hill I lift my eyes
We build with fruitless cost, unless
Whate'er the mighty LORD decrees
When I pour out my soul in prayer .
When we, our weary limbs to rest .
While I the King's loud praise rehearse
Whom should I fear, since God to me
Who place on Sion's GOD their trust
With cheerful notes let all the earth
With glory clad, with strength array'd
With me, thy servant, thou hast dealt
With my whole heart, my God and King
With my whole heart tu God I call'd
With one consent let all the earth
Ye boundless realms of joy
Ye saints and servants of ihe LORD
Ye that in might and power



XXV. Ixxxi. cxxxvi.

cxix. Ixxxvi.

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xlv. xxvii. . cxxy. cxvii. xciii.

схіх. cxxxviii. cxix.


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122 92 24

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