Monthly Review; Or New Literary Journal

R. Griffiths., 1795
Editors: May 1749-Sept. 1803, Ralph Griffiths; Oct. 1803-Apr. 1825, G. E. Griffiths.

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Pagina 266 - When I look upon the tombs of the great, every emotion of envy dies in me ; when I read the epitaphs of the beautiful, every inordinate desire goes out; when I meet with the grief of parents upon a tombstone, my heart melts with compassion ; when I see the tomb of the parents themselves, I consider the vanity of grieving for those whom we must quickly follow.
Pagina 473 - WE are accounted righteous before God, only for the merit of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ by faith, and not for our own works or deservings...
Pagina 402 - Correspondence of the Bath and West of England Society for the Encouragement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.
Pagina 200 - fhut up in a rocky dungeon. Every work of " his is a proof that he wanted the power of " imitation, of concluding from what he faw to " what he did not fee. Copious without...
Pagina 388 - I trust, that men of discernment will think differently, and see that by such works and preparations we have not only delayed the operations of the campaign, till it is too late to effect any capital incursion into the country, but have drawn the enemy's forces to one point, and obliged them to decline their plan, so as to enable us to form our defence on some certainty.
Pagina 414 - Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of demons : ye cannot partake of the table of the Lord, and of the table of demons.
Pagina 411 - Therefore, as by the offence of one, judgment came upon all men to condemnation ; even fo by the righteoufnefs of one, the free gift came upon all men unto juftification of life.
Pagina 406 - The dairy-was (this is not women's work in Italy) frequently felt the curd. When the fmall, and, as it were, granulated, parts felt rather firm, which was in about an hour and a half, the copper was taken from the fire, and the curd left to fall to the bottom. Part of the whey was taken out, and the curd brought up in a coarfe cloth, hanging together in a tough ftate.
Pagina 417 - Sure if our fates hang on some hidden Power, And take their colour from the natal hour, Then, Ireland ! the same planet on us rose, Such the strong sympathies our lives disclose ! Thou...
Pagina 249 - The Natural History of Aleppo, containing a Description of the City and the principal Natural Productions in its Neighbourhood. Together with an Account of the Climate, Inhabitants, and Diseases, particularly of the Plague.

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