Catalogue of the American Library of the Late Samuel Latham Mitchill Barlow

D. Taylor, printer, 1889 - 450 pagina's

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Pagina 346 - The Generall Historie of Virginia, New-England, and the Summer Isles: with the names of the Adventurers, Planters, and Governours from their first beginning Anį: 1584, to this present 1624.
Pagina 394 - mend his native country, lamentably tattered both in the upper-leather and sole, with all the honest stitches he can take ; and as willing never to be paid for his work by old English wonted pay. It is his trade to patch all the year long gratis. Therefore I pray gentlemen keep your purses. By Theodore de la Guard.
Pagina 171 - ... country in America, extending above four thousand miles, between New France and New Mexico. With a description of the Great Lakes, cataracts, rivers, plants, and animals...
Pagina 164 - FEDERALIST : A Collection of Essays written in favor of the New Constitution, as agreed upon by the Fcederal Convention, September 17, 1787.
Pagina 163 - A FULL VINDICATION of the MEASURES of the CONGRESS, from the Calumnies of their Enemies ; in Answer to a Letter, under the signature of AW Farmer.
Pagina 411 - Nauigation in the South Sea, along that Coast. And also of the Ritche Mines of Potosi (woodcut, "The Riche Mines of Potossi").
Pagina 348 - Foot, and now brigadier general in America. Including his transactions with the Indians, relative to the delivery of their prisoners, and the preliminaries of peace. With an introductory account of the preceding campaign, and battle at Bushy-Run. To which are annexed military papers, containing reflections on the war with the savages: a method of forming frontier settlements', some account of the Indian country, with a list of nations, fighting men, towns, distances and different routs.

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