Anatomical Names: Especially the Basle Nomina Anatomica ("BNA")


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Pagina 325 - A Contribution to the Embryography of Osseous Fishes, with special Reference to the Development of the Cod (Gadus morrhua).
Pagina 179 - Personal Observations made during the Progress of the British Embassy through China, and on its Voyage to and from that Country, in the Years 1816-17, 1818, 4to. This work, valuable as it is, would have been much fuller had not many of the doctor's papers been lost in the "Alceste
Pagina 281 - Hufthiere" out of date in its facts, thoroughly modern in its approach to ancient nature. This work is a model union of the detailed study of form and function with theory and the working hypothesis. It regards the fossil not as a petrified skeleton, but as moving and feeding; every joint and facet has a meaning, each cusp a certain significance. Rising to the philosophy of the matter, it brings the mechanical perfection and adaptiveness of different types into relation with environment, the change...
Pagina 278 - FRS After reviewing the accounts given by various authors of the structure of the ovaries, corpora lutea, and ova in different tribes of animals, the author proceeds to the anatomical description of the ovaries in the human species, which...
Pagina 199 - Die Metamorphose des Eies der Batrachier vor der Erscheinung des Embryo und Folgerungen aus ihr für die Theorie der Erzeugung.
Pagina 333 - Department of the University of the City of New York, from which he graduated in 1861.
Pagina 198 - He worked out, almost as fully as was possible at this time, the genesis D FIG. 67. — Sketches from Von Baer's Embryological Treatise (1828). of all the principal organs from the germ-layers, instinctively getting at the truth as only a great genius could have done.
Pagina 280 - Anatomical Studies of the Bones and Muscles, for the Use of Artists...
Pagina 292 - Tractatus de Corde, item de Motu et Colore Sanguinis, et Chyli in eum transitu.
Pagina 211 - Quatrains anatomiques des os et des muscles du corps humain, ensemble un discours sur la circulation du sang ; Lyon, 1664, in-8° ( en prose rimée ) (1).

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