Literary Memoirs of Living Authors of Great Britain: Arranged According to an Alphabetical Catalogue ... and Including a List of Their Works, with Occasional Opinions Upon Their Literary Character. In Two Volumes. ...

R. Faulder. Sold also, 1798 - 404 pagina's

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Pagina 8 - AN ELECTION BALL, in Poetical Letters from Mr. Inkle, at Bath, to his Wife at Gloucester: with a Poetical Address to John Miller, Esq.
Pagina 280 - At his house, the principal part of the papers, together with a great variety of books, containing his MS. notes, and three MS. plays, with part of another, were discovered."1 Here follows the enquiry, "Who the gentleman is from whom these papers have been obtained?
Pagina 309 - Reports of Cases adjudged in the Court of King's Bench during the reigns of Charles II., James II., and William III.
Pagina 235 - Peemt, confiding of the following Pieces ; viz. I. Ode written upon the Death of Mr. Gray. II. For the Monument of a favourite Spaniel.
Pagina 271 - Anecdotes of Olave the Black, King of Man, and The Hebridian Princes of the Somerled Family, to which are added XVIII.
Pagina 315 - Siiakspeare illustrated,1' in two volumes l'2mo ; to which she soon afterwards added a third. This work consists of the novels and histories on which the plays of Shakspeare are founded, collected and translated from the original authors ; to which are added critical notes, intended to prove that Shakspeare...
Pagina 193 - the principles upon which the Reformation of the " Church of England was established.
Pagina 150 - It was on this occasion that Burns composed his beautiful little Address to the shade of the bard of Ednam. In the following year the Earl pursued the subject in an *' Essay on the Lives and Writings of Fletcher of Saltoun, and the Poet Thomson, biographical, critical, and political ; with some Pieces of Thomson's never before published,
Pagina 236 - GEN. SIR WILLIAM HOWE, in A Committee of the House of Commons, on the 29th of April, 1779, relative to HIS CONDUCT, During His Late Command Of The King's Troops in NORTH AMERICA.
Pagina 277 - Mifcellaneous Papers and legal Inftruments, under the Hand and Seal of William Shakfpeare : including the Tragedy of King Lear, and a fmall Fragment of Hamlet, from the original MSS in the Pofiefiion of Samuel Ireland," in imperial folio ; and, fome time afterward ( when the forgery was proved )

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