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to all at once. Let no man despise a little light, but let him use that till he can obtain more; that his path may be as the shining light which shineth more and more unto the perfect day.--The gospel, thanks be to God, is spreading swiftly abroad; like the leaven, it is fermenting, until the little leaven shall leaven the whole lump; till all shall bow to the name of Jesus, and the glory of the Lord fhall fill all lands. In the mean time let all who love our Lord Jesus pray earnestly that his kingdom may come, and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

13. God seems to be preparing the way for the brightness of his appearing, not only in these islands, in which his falvation has gone forth like a lamp which burneth, for fifty or fixty years past, but, as we are credibly informed, he is bringing mighty things to pass in America, and in the West-India-Islands; even amongst the poor negroes, great nnmbers of whom are brought to rejoice in a fin-pardoning God.

14. The noble efforts which have been made in behalf of the poor Africans, wear a most auJpicious aspect, and should their liberty be accomplished, and that most infernal commerce, The Slave Trade, be abolished, I should not be sur


prized to hear that God should call some of the converted negroes from their banishment, and send them to preach the Saviour of all men to their benighted countrymen, so that the wilderness and the solitéry may be glad, and the desert rejoice aud blossom as the rose.

Ride on thou matchless conqueror, till the whole world shall bow to thy sway! Let thy dominion be from Sea to Sea, yea from pole to pole ! Let tyranny and oppression cease, and let pure benevolence and love overflow all the earth, and fill every human heart! So prays, fo longs, candid reader, your humble servant in the gospel,

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