Historical Account of the Most Celebrated Voyages, Travels, and Discoveries: From the Time of Columbus to the Present Period ...


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Pagina 141 - ... danger of being choked. This is a mark of grandeur. The greater the man would seem to be, the larger piece he takes in his mouth ; and the more noise he makes in chewing it, . the more polite he is thought to be. They have, indeed, a proverb that says, " Beggars and thieves only eat small pieces, or without making a noise.
Pagina 142 - All this time the unfortunate victim at the door is bleeding indeed, but bleeding little. As long as they can cut off the flesh from his bones, they do not meddle with the thighs, or the parts where the great arteries are. At last they fall upon the thighs likewise ; and soon...
Pagina 122 - ... of the heavens. Other countries are not like this, though this was never so bad as it is now. These wretches here are enemies to strangers; if they saw you alone in your own parlour, their first thought would be how to murder you ; though they knew they were to get nothing by it, they would murder you for mere mischief.
Pagina 120 - A large broad fillet was bound upon their forehead, and tied behind their head. In the middle of this was a horn, or a conical piece of silver, gilt, about four inches long, much in the shape of our common candle extinguishers. This is called kirn, or horn, and is only worn in reviews or parades after victory.
Pagina 149 - English quart of water in a silver cup or chalice ; when they were about fifty yards from Welleta Michael, that general stood up, and the priest took as much water as he could hold in his hands and sprinkled it upon his head, holding the cup at the same time to Welleta Michael's mouth to taste ; after which the priest received it back again, saying, at the same time, ' Gzier y'barak,' which is simply,
Pagina 139 - ... sexes, courtiers in the palace, or citizens in the town, meet together to dine, between twelve and one o'clock.
Pagina 184 - ... to meet a man like you here in the fields ; but you will quickly be back ; we shall meet on better terms at Gondar ; the head of the Nile is near at hand ; a horseman, express, will arrive there in a day. I have given you a good man, well known in this country to be my servant ; he will go to Geesh with you, and return you to a friend of Ayto Aylo's and mine, Shalaka Welled Amlac ; he has the dangerous part of the country wholly in his hands, and will carry you safe to Gondar ; my wife is at...
Pagina 287 - ... did actually more than once reach us. Again they would retreat so as to be almost out of sight, their tops reaching to the very clouds. There the tops often separated from the bodies ; and these, once disjoined, dispersed in the air, and did not appear more.
Pagina 287 - E. leaving an impreffion upon my mind to which I can give no name, though ' furely one ingredient in it was fear, with a confiderable degree of wonder and aftonimment.
Pagina 141 - The company are so ranged that one man sits between two women ; the man with his long knife cuts a thin piece, which would be thought a good beef-steak in England, while you see the motion of the fibres yet perfectly distinct, and alive in the flesh.

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