An Historical, Political, and Statistical Account of Ceylon and Its Dependencies, Volume 2

T. and W. Boone, 1849 - 4 pagina's

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Pagina 3 - ... in specula. A capital Soldier, a pithy and graphic narrator, and a fellow of infinite jest. Captain Kincaid has given us, in this modest volume, the impress of his qualities, the...
Pagina 818 - Commissions to be issued from time to time by the Governor for that purpose. Provided always as to such Charges of Murder wherein any British subject may be defendant, who might be tried for the same by the Laws of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland in force for the Trial of offences committed by British Subjects in Foreign Parts...
Pagina 820 - Kandyan nation, the Government had diminished the number of troops ; and the insurgent leaders, unconscious or forgetful of the extensive resources of the British empire, thought, in setting up the standard of rebellion, as easily to effect their purpose of expelling the English from the country, as the people had been deluded to prostrate before the phantom whose pretensions they espoused merely to cover their own ambitious views of subjecting the nation to their arbitrary will.
Pagina 818 - ... the said provinces, is to be exercised according to established forms, and by the ordinary authorities; saving always the inherent right of Government to redress grievances and reform abuses in all instances whatever, particular or general, where such interposition shall become necessary.
Pagina 818 - Kandyan provinces, and excluded and prohibited from entering those provinces, on any pretence whatever, without a written permission for that purpose, by the authority of the British government, under the pains and penalties of martial law, which is hereby declared to be in force for that purpose...
Pagina 823 - Service, and also for the Service to Government of certain persons of the Temple Villages, and in part for those which cut Cinnamon ; and also that the duty of clearing and making Roads and putting up and repairing Bridges, be considered a general gratuitous service falling on the Districts through which the Roads pass or wherein the Bridges lie, and that the Attendance on the Great Feast which certain Persons were bound to give be continued to be given punctually and gratuitously. The Washermen...
Pagina 772 - Wihares, or any other purpose, they sought for broad and handsome slips of talapat leaves, upon which they engraved the characters very elegantly and accurately, with the addition of various figures delineated upon them by way of ornament. All the slips had then two holes made in them, and were strung upon an elegantly twisted silken cord, and covered with two thin wooden boards. By means of the cord the leaves are held even together, and by being drawn out when required for use they are separated...
Pagina 2 - I ha?e never known an instance of a general officer who has shewn to a higher degree than he has done all the requisite qualifications to enable him to conduct great operations. He has manifested the utmost discretion and prudence in the formation of his plans, the utmost activity in perfecting his preparations to ensure success ; and finally the utmost zeal, gallantry, and science, in currying those plans and preparations into execution.
Pagina 773 - It is made of cut stones from three to six feet in length, and a foot and a half in breadth. The other three sides consist of ranges of steps and pyramidal structures, rising from thirty to one hundred and forty feet in height on the slope. The whole line of survey is two thousand eight hundred and sixty-six feet.
Pagina 715 - ... this operation he endeavours to undo with his trunk some of the knots which have been made, and often attempts to give a destructive blow to the diminutive creatures so actively engaged in confirming his captivity. But the two tame animals, who are vigilantly observant of all his motions, never fail to prevent him from doing any mischief by gently lowering his proboscis with their own...

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