A catalogue of the books in the library of the Royal academy of arts, London. [By H.R. Tedder]. [With suppl. entitled] A catalogue of books added ... between 1877 and 1900. (Roy. acad. of arts).


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Pagina 51 - CHIPPENDALE (Thomas). The Gentleman and Cabinet-Maker's Director, being a large Collection of the most Elegant and Useful Designs of Household Furniture in the Gothic, Chinese and Modern Taste.
Pagina 62 - THE SPORTSMAN'S CABINET; or, A Correct Delineation of the various Dogs used in the Sports of the Field : including the Canine Race in General. Consisting of A SERIES OF ENGRAVINGS of every distinct breed, from Original Paintings, taken from life; interspersed with beautiful Vignettes, engraved on wood.
Pagina 18 - The history and antiquities of the Tower of London, with biographical anecdotes of royal and distinguished persons, deduced from records, state papers, and manuscripts, and from other original and authentic sources. 2 part«.
Pagina 102 - Cloth, price 24*. BURTON (Mrs. Richard). The Inner Life of Syria, Palestine, and the Holy Land. With Maps, Photographs, and Coloured Plates. 2 vols. Second Edition.
Pagina 145 - Pennell, Joseph. Pen drawing and pen draughtsmen. Their work and their methods. A study of the art to-day with technical suggestions.
Pagina 79 - GAINSBOROUGH, THOMAS. —A Collection of Prints illustrative of English Scenery, from the drawings and sketches of Thof Gainsborough, RA in the various collections of the Right Honourable Baroness Lucas ; Viscount Palmerston ; George Hibbert, Esq.
Pagina 99 - FACSIMILE OF THE SKETCH-BOOK OF WILARS DE HONECORT, an Architect of the Thirteenth Century. With Commentaries and Descriptions by MM. LASSUS and QUICHERAT. Translated and Edited, with many additional Articles and Notes, by the Rev. ROBERT WILLIS, MA, FRS, Jacksonian Professor at Cambridge, &c. With 64 Facsimiles, 10 Illustration Plates, and 43 Woodcuts.
Pagina 156 - Arranged to meet the requirements of the Syllabus of the Science and Art Department of the Committee of Council on Education, South Kensington.
Pagina 85 - The artist's biographer has done justice to his memory, as, with a painter's sympathy with his pursuits, he has combined a Christian brother's Interest In his spiritual welfare and growth in grace. The book is most acceptable and useful.

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