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and Jonas Fay. Concise Refutation of the Claims of New Hampshire and Massachusetts Bay to the Territory of Vermont, &c. 8vo. Hartford,

Conn. Allen, Ira. Statements applicable to the case of the Olive Branch, &c. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1807.

A Concise Summary of the second volume of the Olive Branch, a Book containing an account of Governor Chittenden's giving written instructions to Gen. Ira Allen in 1795, to purchase Military Stores in Europe, for the

Militia of Vermont, &c. &c. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1807. Allen, Ira M. Triennial Baptist Register. 2 vols. Evo. Phil. 1833. 1836. Allen, Israel. Treatise on Scarlatina Anginosa and Dysentery and Febrile

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which are added several Hymns. 12mo. Haverhill, Mass. 1803. Allen, Joseph. History of Northborough, (Mass. See Worcester Magazine.Vol. 2.

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Address to the Freemen of Mass. By a Freeman. 8vo. Wor- . cester. 1832.

Thoughts on The Excitement, in reply to a Letter to Hon. Edward Everett. [From the Ægis & Yeoman.] 8vo.

Worcester, 1833. Allen, Samuel. Address on Intemperance, at Northfield, (Mass.] Fast Day, April

1833. 8vo. Greenfield. 1833. Allen, Samuel C. Oration at Petersham, Mass. July 4, 1806. Svo. Boston.

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tion. Fast Sermon at Brooklyn, (Mass.] Nov. 1, 1727. 2d ed. 16mo. Boston. 1727.

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Svo. Boston. 1819. Allestrey, Richard. Sermon before the King. 4to. London. 1662. Alley, John Jun. and others. Review of the Trial of, on the Charges of Riot,

&c. Svo. 1823. Allin, John, and Thomas Shepherd. Defence of the Answer made unto the nine Questions or Positions sent from New England. 4to. London. 1648.

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Massachusetts Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1805.

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1789. Alphabeticum Arabicum et Syrorum Elementa. 4to. Romae. 1592. Alsop, Richard. Poem, Sacred to the memory of George Washington. Svo.

Hartford. 1800.
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Physica Harmonica. 16mo. Herb. Nass. 1616.
Methodus Theologiae. 16mo. Hanoviae. 1619.
Theologia Casuum. 4to. Hanoviae. 1621.
Theologia Prophetica. 4to. Hanoviae. 1622.
Paratitla Theologica. 4to. Francofurti. 1626.

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Theologia Polemica. 4to. Hanoviae. 1627.

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4 Tom. in 2 fol. Lugduni. 1619.

Praecognita Theologica. 4to.
Metaphysica. 16mo.

Turris Babel Destructa. 16mo. Herb. Nass.
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North. Account of the French settlements in. By a Gentleman. Svo Boston. 1746. American Anecdotes, Original and Select. 2 vols. 12mo. Boston. 1830. America. The Glory of America; or Peace Triumphant over War: Poem. 4to.

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4to. Boston. America, North. Memoir of the Principle Transactions between the English

and French in, from 1744 to the Treaty of Aix la Chapelle. Svo. Boston. 1758.

Beginning, Progress and Conclusion of the late War, with other interesting matters considered. 4to. London. 1770.

America, North. Review of the Military Operations in North America from the

commencement of the French Hostilities on the Frontiers of Virginia, in 1753, to the Surrender of Oswego, Aug. 14, 1756. In a Letter to a Nobleman. 4to. New England. 1758.

The Same. 8vo. New York. 1770.

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Observations on, published by a Resolution of Congress. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1779.

Medical Recorder. See Medical Recorder.
Independence. See British Colonies.

Philosophical Society, Laws of. Svo. Philadelphia.
American Jurisprudence. Historical Sketches of the Principles and Maxims of,

in contrast with the English Laws on the subject of Crimes and punishments.

8vo. Steubenville, Ohio. 1819. American Precedents of Declarations. 8vo. Boston. 1802. American Journal of Improvements in the Arts, and Mirror of the Patent Office

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of the Historical and Literary Committee. Vol. 1. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1819. American Register, or Summary Review. Vols. 1 & 2. 8vo. Phil. 1817. American Register, or General Repository. Vols. 3 & 4. 8vo. Phil. 1808. American Almanac. 12mo. Boston. 1830.

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Boston. 1831. American Chronicles of the Times. First Book of. 12mo. Norwich, Conn.]

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ted to the Discovery, Settlement and Independence of America. 12mo. Balti

more. 1811. American Querist. 12mo. American Traveller: by an old and experienced Trader. 12mo. London. 1770. American Young Man's Best Companion. 12mo. Worcester. 1785.

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1822. 8vo. New York. American Unitarian Association. See Unitarian. American War, Historical Journal of. Mass. Hist. Coll. Vol. 2. American Whig. A Collection of Tracts from the late Newspapers, &c. Con

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American Society for the Encouragement of Domestic Manufactures. Address

of, to the People of the United States. 8vo. New York. 1817. American System. See Tariff. Ames, Fisher. Works. With his Life, [by J. T. Kirkland.] 8vo. Boston. 1809.

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Fresh Suit against Humane Ceremonies in God's Worship, in reply to Dr. Burgesse. 4to. London. 1633.

Medulla S. S. Theologiae. 24mo. London. 1629.
Lectiones C. L. Psalmos Davidis. 4to. Amst. 1635.

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Rescriptio Scholastica et Brevis ad Nic. Grevinchovii Responsum illud prolixum quod opposuit Dissertatione de Redemptione generali et Electione ex fide praevisa. ed. 2da. 24mo. Hardervici. 1645.

Philosophemata. 24mo. Cantab. 1646.
Theologia et Disputatio de Fidei Divinae Veritate. 16mo.

De Conscientia et ejus Jure, vel casibus. 16mo. Amsterdam. 1670.

Technometria logicae verae ac logicae Theses. 16mo. Cantab. 1646.

The Legislative Power is Christ's Peculiar Prerogative. 4to. London. 1656.

Vide Gataker, Thomas ;Amherst College, Mass. Statement of the affairs of Amherst Institution. 8vo. Pittsfield. 18.24.

Outline of the System of Instruction adopted there. 8vo. Amherst. 1827.

Substance of Two Reports of the faculty to the Trustees, with the Doings of the Board. 8vo. Amherst. 1827.

Triennial Catalogue for 1831. 8vo.

Annual Catalogues for 1826. 1829. 8vo. for 1831. Svo.

Catalogue of Books in the Library of. 1827. 8vo. Amherst.

Laws of. 8vo.
See Noah Webster.
Petition to the Legislature for aid, &c. 8vo. 1832.

Report of the Committee of the Legislature on the Petitions of Amherst and Williams Colleges. 8vo. 1827.

Circular Letter to the Public in behalf of Amherst Collegiate Institution. 8vo. March 1, 1823. Ammauskeag Falls. Discourse delivered there in the Fishing Season in 1739.

8vo. Boston. 1743. Amory, Thomas. Life of John Buncle, Esq. 4 vols. 12mo. London. 1770. Amory, Thomas. Daily Devotion Assisted and Recommended, in Four Sermons.

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Snytagma Theseum Theol. in Academia Salmurii Disputarum. 4to. Salmurii. 1664.


Anabaptists. Confession of Faith of the Several Congregations or Churches of

Christ, which are commonly (though unjustly) called Anabaptists. 4to. London. 1652.

Their Rise, Spring and Foundation. From the French of Guy de Brez. 4to. Cambridge. N. E. 1668.

Anatomized and Silenced in a public Dispute. 8vo. London. 1654.

A Caveat against the New Sect of, lately sprung up at Exon. In a Letter to a Friend. 2d. ed. 12mo. Boston. 1724. Anabaptism Disproved and the Validity and Sufficiency of Infant Baptism assert

ed. 12mo. New York. 1818. Anburey, Thomas. Travels through the Interior Parts of America; in a Series

of Letters. 2 vols. 8vo. London. 1791. Ancour, Abbe D'. The Lady's Preceptor. Or A Letter to a Young Lady of Dis

tinction upon Politeness, taken from the French of. By a Gentleman of Cam

bridge. 6th ed. 8vo. Woodbridge, New Jersey. 1762. Anderson, Alexander. Inaugural Dissertation on Chronic Mania, before Colum

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Linnaeus. 8vo. New York. 1813. Anderson, James. Essay on Quick Lime. 12mo. Boston. 1799. Anderson, Æneas. Narrative of the British Embassy to China in 1792-3-4.

12mo. New York. 1795. Anderson, John. Defence of Church Government. 4to. Glasgow. 1714. Anderson, James. The Word made Flesh, or, The Logos Incarnate. Christmas

Sermon. 8vo. London. 1731. Anderson, James. The Bee, or Literary Weekly Intelligencer. 6 vols. 12mo.

Edinburgh. 1791. Anderson, Rufus. Close Communion of the Baptists, in principle and practice,

proved to be unscriptural and of a bad tendency in the Church of God. 8vo.

Salem. 1805. Andover, [Mass.] Laws of the Theological Institution in. 8vo. Andover. 1817.

Catalogue of the Library of the Theological Institution. 8vo. Andover. 1819.

Catalogue of Students, for 1833. 8vo.

Constitution and Associate Statutes of the Theological Seminary in; with a Sketch of its Rise and Progress. 8vo. Boston. 1808.

Review of the above, [from the Monthly Anthology.] Svo Boston. 1808. Andrews, Lancelot. (Bp.] Exposition of the Moral Law, with twenty-six Ser

mons on Prayerfol. London. 1642. Andrews, Elisha. Brief Reply to Bickerstaff's short Epistle to the Baptists. Svo. Sutton. 1810.

Review of the above: by Chris. Duntaxat. 12mo. Sutton. 1811.

Strictures on Rev. Mr. Brooks's Essay on Terms of Communion. 12mo. Worcester. 1823. Andrews, William S. Treatise upon Theological Subjects. 12mo. Cambridge.

1829. Andrews, John. Essay on Republican Principles, and on the Inconveniences of

a Commonwealth in a Large Country and Nation. 8vo. London. 1783. Andrews, John. Sermon at the Funeral of Rev. Thomas Cary, at Newburyport, [Mass.] Nov. 26, 1808. 8vo. Newburyport, 1808.

Thanksgiving Sermon at Newburyport, Feb. 19, 1795. 8vo. Newburyport.

Sermon at Newburyport Oct. 1, 1801, at the Dedication of a New Meeting house. 8vo. Newbury port. 1801.

Discourse before the Merrimack Humane Society, Sept. 1, 1812. 8vo. Newburyport. 1812. Andrews, Edward W. Address before the Washington Benevolent Society. 8vo.

Newburyport. 1816.

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