A Catalogue of the Library has long been a desideratum, not only to the members of the Society, but to all who sought access to their archives. Without such an index, a great portion of our volumes were no better than sealed books to every enquirer who had not time or patience to seek, among the undigested mass, for such dates and facts as he desired to ascertain. The Catalogue now published is almost wholly the work of the late lamented Librarian, Christopher C. Baldwin, whose decease the Society deplores as an irreparable loss. It was prepared by him with great care and labor, and is a monument of his untiring industry. It has been completed and brought up to the present date, by the acting librarian, Maturin L. Fisher, Esq. Its accuracy, as far at least as regards the bound books, has been since subjected to the test of a careful comparison of its titles with the correspondent volumes on the shelves of the library. It is in the alphabetical form, which has been generally adopted by librarians, as more simple in its arrangement and more convenient for reference, than a systematic index. The plan pursued was to give the name of the author when known, and where the work is anonymous, briefly to state the subject. Each letter of the Alphabet has been paged by itself, to facilitate the insertion of future additions under the respective letters, and thus render a new edition of the whole Catalogue unnecessary, at least for several years. Our list of books, it will be observed, contains an unusual proportion of tracts, for which reason it is swollen to a size somewhat disproportionate to the solid contents of the library. But we prize this large collection of pamphlets, as a most important part of those materials for history which it is the great object of the Society to preserve; and if the list was confined to these alone, we should judge it of sufficient consequence to warrant a publication.

A written Catalogue of Manuscripts, very minute in its titles and details, is now in a course of preparation, and will be kept in the library for the inspection of all who may have occasion to consult it.

By order of the Council,







ABBOT ABIEL. Statement of the Proceedings in the first society in Coventry, [Conn.) with Mr. Abbot's Address. 8vo. Boston. 1811.

Proceedings of the General Association of Connecticut relative to. 8vo. Hartford. 1812.

Reply to his Statement of the Proceedings in the first Society in Coventry, (Conn.] By, the Association in Tolland County. 8vo. Hartford. 1812.

Address at Danvers (Mass.] Oct. 17, 1821, before the Essex Agricultural Society. 8vo. Andover. 1822.

Discourse before the Portsmouth (N. H.) Female Asylum, Aug. 9, 1807. 8vo. Portsmouth. 1807.

Self Preservation. Massachusetts Artillery Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1802. Abbot, Abiel. Anniversary Discourse at Plymouth, (Mass.] Dec. 22, 1809. 8vo. Boston. 1810.

Two Sermons on Baptism at Beverly, (Mass.] Feb. & Aug. 1812. 4th edit. 12mo. Salem. 1823.

Discourse before the Missionary Society of Salem and vicinity, &c. Oct. 2, 1816. 8vo. Salem.

Address before the Mass. Temperance Society, June 2, 1815, (with the third Annual Report.] 12mo. Cambridge.

The Same 8vo. Cambridge. 1815. Abbott, Charles. Treatise of the Law relative to Merchant Ships and Seamen,

8vo. Philadelphia. 1802. Abbot, Hull. Artillery Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1735.

Sermon on Occasion of the Rebellion in Scotland, Raised in Favor of a Popish Pretender, Jan. 12, 1745-6. 8vo. Boston. 1746. Abbott, Jacob. Lecture on Moral Education, before the American Institute of

Instruction, at Boston, Aug. 26, 1831. 8vo. Boston. 1831. Abbot, John Emery. Sketch of his Life and character (from the Christian Disciple.] 8vo.

Sermons: with his Life by H. Ware, jun. 12mo. Boston. 1829. Abbot, Joel. Essay on the central Influence of Magnetism. 8vo. Phil. 1814. Abbot, John. Address before the Mass. Grand Lodge, Dec. 1826. 8vo. Cam

bridge. 1926.
Abeel, John N. Discourse, April 6, 1801, at New York, before the New York

Missionary Society. 8vo. New York. 1801.
Abbott, John S.C. The Mother at Home; or the Principles of Maternal Duty
Familiarly Illustrated. 12mo. Boston & New York. 1833.

The Child at Home. 12mo. Boston, 1834. " A. B. C.” Disclosures relating to the “A. B. C.” Affair. From the Essex Re

gister. Mass.] 8vo. Abel. Death of. Attempted from the German of Mr. Gessner. 12th ed. 12mo. Coventry. 1788.

Same. · With the death of Cain. Attempted from the German of Mr. Gessner. By Mary Collyer. 12mo. Philadelphia. 1791.

Abercrombie, John. The Gardener's Pocket Dictionary. 2 vols. 12mo. London. 1786.

See Mawe, Thomas. Abercrombie, Robert. An account of the Proceedings of the Presbytery, whereof

the Reverend Mr. John Moorhead, &c. are members, against the Rev. Robert Abercrombie. In a Letter to a Friend. 12mo. Boston. 1754.

A fair narrative of the Proceedings of the Presbytery of Boston against the Rev. Mr. Robert Abercrombie, with some remarks on a Pamphlet of his, in Form of a Letter to a Friend. By John Moorhead, Jonathan Parsons, David Macgregorie. 12mo. Boston. 1756.

Rejoinder to the Rev. Rob. Abercrombie's late Remarks on a fair narrative of the Proceedings of the Presbytery of Boston against him. By J. Parsons, and D. Macgregorie. 12mo. Boston. 1758. Abercrombie, James. Sermon on the Liturgy of the Protestant Episcopal church, at Philadelphia, June 15, 1808. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1808.

Sermon at Philadelphia, July 22, 1804, occasioned by the Death of Alexander Hamilton, who was killed by Aaron Burr, in a duel, July 11, 1804.

Fast Sermon at Philadelphia, May 9, 1798. 8vo. Phil. Abernethy, John. Defence of the Seasonable Advice in answer to C. Mastertown's

Apology for the Northern Presbyterians in Ireland. 12mo. Belfast. 1724. Abingdon, Earle of. Thoughts on the Letter of Edmund Burke, Esq. to the Sheriffs of Bristol, on the affairs of America. 4th ed. 8vo. Oxford.

The Same. Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 1778. Abolition Society. See Slave Trade. Aborigines of America. Researches relative to. Svo. Baltimore. 1816. Abraham. The Trial of. In Four cantos. Tr. from the German 12mo. 1764. Abraham, Richard. Catalogue of Italian, Flemish, Spanish, Dutch, French, and

English Pictures, collected by. 8vo. New York. (1830). Abrahamus, Bernardus. Theses Theologicæ. 4to. Salmusii. 1650. Abstract of the Remarkable Passages in the Life of a Private Gentleman. 4th

ed. 16mo. Boston. 1744. Academicarum Disputationum Formulæ. 24mo. London. 1638. Académie. Impériale des Sciences, literature et beaux arts de Turin. Memoires

Pour les Années 1809-10. 4to. Turin. 1811.
Academician. See Picket, A. & J. W.
Academy of Compliments. 12mo. Worcester. 1795.
Academy. See American.
Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Report, 1824.
Acta Eruditorum. 9 vol. 4to. Lipsiae. 168:2–90.
Adair, John. Biographical Sketch of. 8vo. Washington. 1830.
Adam. Men before. 16mo. London. 1656.

Theological systeme upon the Presupposition that men were before
Adam. 16mo. London. 1655.
Adam, Alexander. Rudiments of Latin and English Grammar. 12mo. Bost. 1799.
Adam, Thomas. Paraphrase of 11 first chapters of St. Paul's epistle to the Ro-

8vo. London. 1781. Adams, Thomas. The Barren Tree: A Sermon. 4to. London. 1623.

Three Sermons. 4to. London. 1625. Adams, Eliphalet. Sermon at Boston, Oct. 20, 1706. 16mo. Boston. 1706.

Sermon at New London, (Conn.) Sept. 1724, on the Death of the Hon. Gurdon Saltonstall. 12mo. New London. 1724.

Sermon, Lebanon, [Conn.) May 27, 1725, at the ordination of William Gager. 16mo. New London. 1725.

Connecticut Election Sermon. 12mo. New London. 1733. Adams, John. Elements of useful Knowledge. 12mo. London. 1793. Adams, John. Poems on Several Occasions, Original and Translated. 12mo.

Boston. 1745. Adams J. The Relation of Christianity to civil Government in the United States. Convention Sermon at Charleston, (S.C.) Feb. 13, 1833. Svo. Charleston. 1833.

Laws of Success and Failure in Life: Address before the Euphradian Society, Dec. 30, 1833, at Charleston, [S. C.] 8vo. Charleston. 1833.



Adams, Amos. Massachusetts Artillery Election Sermon, June 4, 1759. 8vo. Boston. 1759.

Sermon at Gloucester (Mass.] Feb. 5, 1766, at the ordination of John Wyeth. 8vo. Boston. 1766.

Sermon at Roxbury (Mass.] Feb. 22, 1767. 12mo. Boston. 1767.

Sermon at Reading (Mass.] at the ordination of Caleb Prentice, Oct. 25, 1769. 8vo. Boston.

Religious Liberty an invaluable Blessing. Two Thanksgiving Discourses at Roxbury, Dec. 3, 1767. 8vo. Boston. 1768.

Thanksgiving Sermon at Roxbury, Oct. 25, 1759, on the Reduction of Quebec. 8vo. Boston. 1759.

Two Fast Discourses at Roxbury, April 6, 1769. 8vo. Bos1769. Adams Joseph. Duty of Professors. Especially under the Gospel. 8vo. Portsmouth, N. H. 1768.

The necessity and importance of Rulers, Civil and Ecclesiastical. Sermon at Newington, N. H. March 13, 1769. 4to. Portsmouth. 1769. Adams, Zabdiel. Sermon at Lancaster at a Singing Lecture. April 4, 1771.

12mo. Boston. Adams, Zabdiel. Massachusetts Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1782.

Sermon at Taunton (Mass.] May 16, 1792, at the Installation of Rey. John Foster. 8vo. Boston. 1792.

Answer to a Pamphlet lately published, entitled a “Treatise on Church Government.” 12mo. Boston. 1773.

Sermon at Lexington (Mass.) April 19, 1783, being the anniversary of the Commencement of the War. 8vo. Boston. 1783.

Masonic Sermon at Lancaster (Mass.] June 24, 1778. 4to. Worcester. 1778.

Two Sermons at Sterling (Mass.] Jan. 16, 1791. 8vo. Boston. Adams, Samuel. See Adams, John. Adams, William. God's Eye on the Contrite. Massachusetts Election Sermon. 4to. Boston. 1685.

The necessity of the Pouring out of the Spirit from on High upon a Sinning Apostatizing People, set under Judgment, in order to their merciful deliverance and Salvation. Fast Sermon. 4to. Boston. 1679.

Discourse at New London, (Conn.] Oct. 23, 1760, on the Thanksgiving for the Reduction of Montreal. 12mo. _New London. 1761. Adams, Hannah. Summary History of New England. 8vo. Dedham, Mass. 1799.

Abridgement of the same. 12mo. Boston. 1805.

History of the Jews from the Destruction of Jerusalem to the 19th Century. 2 vols. 12mo. Boston. 81:

View of Religions. 3d ed. 8vo. Boston. 1801.

Narrative of the Controversy between Rev. Jedediah Morse and Author. 8vo. Boston. 1814.

See Harvard College. See Morse, Jedediah. Adams, Moses. Sermon at Medway, (Mass.] June 13, 1798, at the ordination of

Luther Wright. 8vo. Dedham. 1798. Adams, Moses. Trial of, for the murder of his wife. Reported by J. Bulfinch.

8vo. Boston. 1815. Adams, John, [Pres.] Twenty-six Letters upon interesting subjects respecting the Revolution of America, 12mo.

Defence of the Constitutions of Government of the United States, against the attack of M. Turgot in his Letter to Dr. Price. 3d. ed. Vol. 3. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1797.

Thoughts on Government: Applicable to the Present state of the American Colonies. 8vo. Boston. 1776.

Abridgement of the same. 12mo. Boston. 1788.

Geschiedenis van het Geschil tusschen G. Britannie en Amerika. 8vo. Amherst. 1782.

Correspondence originally published in the Boston Patriot. 8vo. Boston. 1809.

Adams, John. [Pres.] Letter to an Ex President of the United States. 8vo. Leominster. Mass. 1812.

See Hamilton, Alexander. Pickering, Timothy.

Novanglus, and Massachusettensis; or Political Essays published in the years 1774–5, on the principal points of Controversy between Great Britain and her colonies. The Former by John Adams, the Latter by Jonathan Sewall. [it should be Daniel Leonard). To which are added a number of Letters lately written by President Adams to the Hon. William Tudor. 8vo. Boston. 1819.

Four Letters. Being an Interesting Correspondence between those eminently distinguished characters, John Adams, late President of the United States, and Samuel Adams, Lieut. Gov. of Massachusetts. 8vo. Boston. 1802.

Letters to Dr. Calkoen relating to the United States. Svo. (1780.]

Collection of State Papers, Relative to the First Acknowledgement of the Sovereignty of the United States of America, and the reception of their Minister Plenipotentiary by their High Mightinesses the States Ge

neral of the United Netherlands. 8vo. London. 1782. Adams, John Quincy. [Pres.] Oration at Plymouth, (Mass.] Dec. 22, 1802. 8vo. Boston. 1802.

Inaugural Oration as Professor of Rhetoric and Oratory in Harvard University. June 12, 1806. 8vo. Boston. 1806.

Oration at Plymouth Dec. 22, 1802. 8vo. Plymouth. 1820.

Address before the Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society. 8vo. Boston. 1802.

Oration at Boston, July 4, 1793. 8vo. Boston. 1793.
The Saine. 2d. ed. 8vo. Boston. 1793.

American Principles. Review of the Works of Fisher Ames. From the Boston Patriot. 8vo. Boston. 1809.

Remarks on the Hon. John Q. Adams's Review of Mr. Ames's Works. 8vo. Boston. 1809.

Lectures on Rhetoric and Oratory in Harvard University. 2 vols. 8vo. Cambridge. 1810.

Letter to Harrison Gray Otis on our National Affairs. With Remarks on Mr. Pickering's Letter to the Governor of Massachusetts. 8vo. Salem. 1808.

Same. 2d ed. 8vo. Boston. 1808.

Remarks and Criticisms on the foregoing Letter. 8vo. Boston. 1808.

Address at Washington, D. C. July 4, 1821. 8vo. Cambridge.

Vindication of the above. 8vo. Concord, N. H. 1821.

Remarks on the same Address. 8vo. Baltimore. 1821.

Report as Secretary of State upon Weights and Measures. 8vo. Washington. 1821.

Duplicate Letters. The Fisheries and the Mississippi. 8vo. Washington. 1822.

The Treaty of Ghent and the Fisheries, or the Diplomatic Talents of J. Q. Adams, candidly examined. 8vo. Boston. 1824.

Correspondence between him and several citizens of Massachusetts, concerning the charge of a design to dissolve the Union, alleged to have existed in that State. 8vo. Boston. 1829.

Same. 2d ed. 8vo. Boston. 1829.

Verdict of Condemnation. By an Old citizen of New York. On the Appeal of H. G. Otis & Co. to the People of the United States, in grand Inquest; for the decision of their controversy with J. Q. Adams. 8vo. New York. 1829.

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