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BABYLON THE GREAT. 2 vols. 12mo. Philadelphia. 1825.
Bache, Arthur. The Voice of the Lord in the Temple : or a most Strange and

Wonderful Relation of God's Great Power, &c. in sending very strange sounds, fires, and a Fiery Ball into the Church in Cornwall to the scorching and aston

ishing of 14 several persons who were smitten. 4o. London. 1640. Bache, A. D. Attempt to fix the date of Dr. Franklin's Observations on North

East Storms. 8vo." Philadelphia. 1833. Bache, Franklin. Letter on the Penitentiary System. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1829. Bacheler, Origen. Trial for a Libel on George B. Beals, at Boston, March, 1829,

reported by John W. Whitman. 12mo. Boston. 1829. Bacheller, Rev. Samuel Account of Difficulties between him and the Church at Haverhill, Mass. (1758-9.] 8vo.

Answer to “ Colonel Choate's Reasons of Dissent, from the Judgment of a Council, in a Controversy, respecting some doctrines, advanced by the Rev. Mr. Bacheller of Haverhill.” By Willard Hall. 8vo. Boston. 1761.

Remarks on the late printed Answer to Col. Choate's Reasons, &c. By the Author of those Reasons. 8vo. Boston. 1761.

Vindication of An Association from the Charge of Countenancing Heresy in Doctrine, and of Partiality in Conduct. By One of their Number. 4to. Portsmouth, N. H. 1758. Bacheler, Samuel. The Campe Royal: Sermon to the Army. 16mo. Amster

dam. 1629. Backus, Charles. Sermon at Somers, Con. Nov. 1793, on the Death of Moses Chapin. 8vo. Springfield. 1794.

Sermon at Wilmington, Mass. Oct. 29, 1795, at the Ordination of Freegrace Raynolds. 8vo. Boston. 1795.

Sermon at Wilbraham, Mass. May 2, 1796, occasioned by six young persons being drowned, with two Discourses on the same subject by the Rev. Mr. Witter. 8vo. Springfield.

Sermon at the Ordination of Rev. Joseph Russell at Princeton. Mass. March 16, 1796. 8vo. Boston. 1796.

Sermon at Pelham, N. H. Oct. 31, 1798, at the Ordination of John Hubbard Church. Svo. Amherst. 1799. Backus, Azel. Sermon at the Funeral of Gov. Oliver Wolcott, Dec. 1797. 8vo. Litchfield, Con.

Connecticut Election Sermon. 8vo. Hartford. 1798. Backus, Isaac. Short-Description of the Differences between the Bond Woman and the Free. Sermon at Middleborough, Mass. 8vo. Boston. 1756.

An Appeal to the Public for Religious Liberty, Against the Oppressions of the Present Day. 8vo. Boston. 1773. [List of his Works.]

History of New England, with particular reference to the Baptists. 3 vols. 8vo. Boston. 1777-96.

Policy, as well as Honesty, forbids the Use of Secular Force in Religious Affairs. 8vo. Boston. 1779.


Backus, Isaac. Truth is Great and Will Prevail. 8vo. Boston. [1781.]

The Testimony of the Two Witnesses Explained and Improved. 8vo. Providence. 1786.

Godliness excludes Slavery. 8vo. Boston. 1785.

Seasonable Plea for Liberty of Conscience, against some late Oppressive Proceedings; particularly in the County of York. 8vo. Boston.

1770. Bacon, E., Abstract of a Journal of, Assistant Agent of the United States to Af

rica. 2d ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1822. Bacon, Francis, (Lord.] Opera Omnia. Fol. London. 1620. Bacon, Francis, Lord.] Two Bookes of the Proficience and Advancement of Learning, Divine and Humane. 4to. London. 1605.

Life of King Henry VII. (Kennet. Hist. England. Vol. 1.]

Historia Regni Henrici Septimi. 24mo. Lug. Bat. 1642.

Essays, or Counsels, Civil and Moral. 12mo. Glasgow. 1752. Bacon, Roger. De Secretis Operibus Artis et Natura, et de Nullitate Magiae,

etc. 12mo. Hamb. 1618. Bacon, John. Sermon at Boston Sept. 29, 1771. 8vo. Boston. 1772. Bacon, John. Conjectures on Prophecies. Svo. Boston. 1805. Badger, Mrs. Statement of Facts, relative to the Last Will of the late Mrs. Badger, of Natick, Mass. [By the Principal Legatees.] 8vo. Dedham. 1824.

See Noyes, Thomas. Badger, Stephen. Historical and Characteristic Traits of the American Indians

in General, and those of Natick in particular. [1 Mass. Hist. Coll. vol. 5.] Badger, George E. Address before the Philanthropic and Dialectic Society at

Chapel Hill, N. C. June 26, 1833. 8vo. Richmond, Va. 1833. Bagshawe, Edward. Short and Private Discourse between Mr. Bolton and one M. S. concerning Usury. 4to. London. 1637.

The Great Question concerning things Indifferent in Religious Worship briefly stated. 3d ed. 4to. London. 1660.

Second Part of the same. 4to. London. 1661.
Third and Last Part of the same. 4to. London. 1661.
Signs of the Times. 4to. London.. 1662.

Speech in Parliament concerning Episcopacy. 4to. Lon-
don. 1641.
Bahama Islands. Letters from, in 1823–4. 12mo. Philadelphia. 1827.
Bailey, Isaac. American Naval Biography. 12mo. Providence. 1815.
Bailey, N. Dictionarium Britannicum: or Complete Universal Etymological
Dictionary. 2d ed. Fol. London. 1736.

Same. 8vo. 1737. Bailey, John. Man's Chief End to Glorify God. 16mo. London. 1689. Bailey, B. F. Oration at Burlington, Vt. July 4, 1828. 8vo. Burlington. 1828. Bailey, Rufus William. Thanksgiving Sermon at Pittsfield, Mass. Dec. 3, 1824. Svo. Pittsfield. 1825.

Address before the Berkshire Medical Institution Dec. 23, 1824. Svo. Pittsfield. 1825. Bailey, Winthrop. Sermon at Greenfield, Mass. Sept. 24, 1826, on the Death of

Capt. Isaac Newton. 8vo. Greenfield.
Bailey, Kiah. Sermon at North Yarmouth, Me. June 23, 1813, before the Maine

Missionary Society. 8vo. Hallowell. 1813.
Baillie, Robert. Opus Historicum et Chronologicum. Fol. Amst. 1663.

Sermon before the House of Peers, on the Monthly Fast, July 30, 1645. 4to. London.

Experimentorum Novorum Physico-Mechanicorum Continuatio Secunda. 12mo. London. 1680.

Sermon before the House of Commons Feb. 28, 1643. 4to. London. Baillie, Matthew. Morbid Anatomy. 8vo. Albany. 1795. Baily, Lewis. Practice of Piety. 12mo. Boston. 1716.

Same, tr. into French by Jean Vernuilk. 24mo. Rouen. 1640.

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Baily, Lewis. Same, tr. into the Indian Language of Massachusetts. 16mo.

Cambridge. 1665. Baily, Ebenezer. Letter on the Great Doctrine of Atonement. 12mo. Walpole,

N. H. 1801. Baker, Sir Richard. Chronicle of the Kings of England, from the time of the

Romans Government unto the Death of King James. Whereunto is added the Reign of King Charles the First and the first thirteen years of Charles the

Second. 6th ed. Fol. London. 1674. Baker, Louisa. Affecting Narrative of. 12mo. Boston. 1815. Baker, Rachel. Devotional Somnium, or a Collection of Prayers and Exhorta

tions uttered by her. [See Mais C.] 12mo. New York. 1815. Baker, Samuel. Letter to his Brethren at Thomaston, Me. after he became an

Universalist. 12mo. Boston. 1813.
Bakewell, Thomas. A Faithful Messenger sent after the Antinomians. 4to.

London. 1644.
Balbi, Adrien. Atlas Ethnographique du Globe. Fol. Paris. 1826.

Introduction à l'Atlas Ethnographique du Globe. 8vo. Paris.
Balch, William. False Confidences exposed, or Men warned of Self-Righteous-
Sermon at Bradford, Mass. Jan. 23, 1742–3. 12mo. Boston. 1743.

Sermon at Haverhill, Mass. Nov. 28, 1744, at the Ordination of Benjamin Parker. 8vo. Boston. 1744.

Vindication of some Points of Doctrine. Being an Answer to the Remarks of Rev. Messrs. Wigglesworth and Chipman. 4to. Boston. 1746.

See Gloucester. Balch, Thomas. Sermon at Edgarton, Mass. July 29, 1740, at the Ordination of John Newman. 4to. Boston. 1747.

Christ always present with his faithful Ministers and Churches. Sermon at Dedham, Mass. Oct. 9, 1748. Svo. Boston. 1748.

Massachusetts Election Sermon. 12mo. Boston. 1749.

Massachusetts Artillery Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1763. Balduinus, Fridericus. De Casibus Conscientiae. 4to. Wittenbergae. 1628.

Catechesis Apostolica. 4to. Wittenbergae. 1611. Baldwin, Ebenezer. Funeral Oration on the Death of Jonathan Lyman. See

Lyman, J. Baldwin, Samuel, Anniversary Sermon at Plymouth, Mass. Dec. 22, 1775. 8vo.

Boston. 1776. Baldwin, Simeon. Oration at New Haven, Conn. July 4, 1788. 8vo. New Ha

1788. Baldwin, Ebenezer. Annals of Yale College, from its foundation to the year

1831. 8vo. New Haven. 1831. Baldwin, Loammi. Thoughts on the Study of Political Economy, as connected

with the Population, Industry and Paper Currency of the United States. 8vo. Cambridge, Mass. 1809.

Report on the subject of introducing Pure Water into the City of Boston. 8vo. Boston. 1834. Baldwin, Moses. The Ungodly condemned in Judgment. Sermon at Springfield,

Dec. 13, 1770, at the execution of William Shaw. 3d ed. 8vo. Boston. 1771. Baldwin, Thomas. Brief Vindication of the Particular Communion of the Baptist

Churches; being a Reply to the Remarks of the Rev. Noah Worcester in his “ Friendly Letter” to the author. 12mo. Boston. 1794.

Open Communion Examined; or, a brief Defence of the practice of Close Communionists. 8vo. Windsor, Vt. 1789.

Sermon at Boston, Feb. 21, 1819, Lord's day after the execution of the Pirates. Svo. Boston.

The Supreme Deity of Christ Illustrated. Discourse at Boston, April 19, 1812. 8vo. Boston. 1812.

The Knowledge of the Lord filling the Earth. Sermon before the Massachusetts Bible Society, June 4, 1812. 8vo. Boston. 1812.

Missionary Exertions Encouraged. Sermon at Philadelphia, May 17, 1817, before the "General Missionary Convention of the Baptist Denomination, in the United States, for Foreign Missions.” 8vo. Boston.


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Baldwin, Thomas. Sermon at the opening of a new Meeting House, at Cambridge, Mass. Dec. 25, 1817. Svo. Boston. 1818.

Thanksgiving Sermon, at Boston, Feb. 19, 1795. 8vo. Boston. 1795.

Sermon at Boston, Dec. 29, 1799, on the Death of George Washington. 8vo. Boston.

Sermon at Boston, July 11, 1799, at the Ordination of William Collier. Svo Boston. 1799.

Sermon at Boston, April 2, 1799, at a Quarterly Meeting of several Churches for Special Prayer. 8vo. Boston. 1799.

The same. 3. ed. 8vo. New-York. 1802.
Massachusetts Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1802.

The Eternal Purpose of God, the foundation of effectual calling. Sermon at Boston, Feb. 19, 1804. 8vo. Boston. 1804.

Massachusetts Artillery Election Sermon. Svo. Boston. 1807.

Sermon at the Ordination of Elisha Williams, at Beverly, Mass. June 15, 1803. 8vo. Boston. 1803.

Sermon before the Massachusetts Legislature, Feb. 15, 1802, on the Death of Hon. Samuel Phillips, Lieut. Gov. 8vo. Boston. 1802.

Sermon at Boston, May 30, 1804, before the Massachusetts Baptist Missionary Society. 8vo. Boston. 1804.

Discourse at the opening of the new Meeting House, belonging to the 2d Baptist Society in Boston, Jan. 1, 1811. 8vo. Boston. Baldwin, Thomas. Narrative of the Massacre by the Savages of the wife and

children of. 8vo. New York. 1835. Baldwin, Christopher Columbus. See Magazine. See Goodwin, I. Bale, Johan. The Vocacyon of, to the Bishoprick of Ossorie in Irelande, his

persecutions in ye same and finall delyveraunce. 16mo. Rome. 1553. Ball, John. Treatise of Faith. 4to. London. 1632.

Treatise on the Covenant of Grace. 4to. London. 1645. Ball, Heman. Sermon at Rutland, Vt. Jan. 1, 1800, on the Death of George

Washington. 8vo. Rutland. 1800. Ballantine, John. Sermon at Westfield, Mass. June 2, 1756, just before Capt. J.

Mosely and Company began their March towards Crown Point. 8vo. Boston.

1756. Ballard, William. Sketch of the History of Framingham, Mass. 8vo. Boston. Ballou, Silas. New Hymns on various subjects, with a number of the Psalms of

David turned into verse. 12mo., Worcester. 1785. Ballou, Hosea. Masonic Oration at Windsor, Vt. Dec. 27, 1808. 8vo. Windsor. 1809.

Dedication Sermon at Shirley, Mass. Jan. 9, 1817. Svo. Salem.

Orthodoxy Unmasked: Sermon at Boston, June 21, 1821. 8vo. Boston. 1827.

Discourse at Philadelphia, June 2, 1828, at the Ordination of T. Fiske. Svo. Philadelphia.

Oration at Portsmouth, N. H. June 24, 1810. 4to. Portsmouth.

Brief Reply to T. Merritt's Strictures on his Sermon at Boston, Jan. 1818. 8vo. Boston.

Strictures on a Sermon entitled “Religion a Social Principle.” By W. E. Channing. 8vo. Boston. 1820.

Strictures on Dr. Channing's Sermon at Boston, Dec. 20, 1820. 8vo. Boston.

Series of Lecture Sermons at the Second Universalist Church in
Boston. 8vo. Boston. 1818.
Ballykelly. Letter to the Protestant Dissenters in the Parish of. 8vo. Salem,

Mass. 1771.
Balmford, Samuel. See Ministry, Divine Right of.
Balsamo, Joseph, (Count Cagliostro.] Life of. 12mo. Dublin. 1792.
Bampfield, Thomas. See Wallis, John.
Bampfield, Francis. Mr. Ben's Answer to his paper. 16mo.
Balthasar, Johannes. Vide Helvicus.


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Baltimore. Directory for 1796. By Thompson and Walker. 12mo. Baltimore.

Mobs of. See Maryland.

Memorial of the Underwriters and Merchants of the city of, to Congress. 12mo. (1823.]

Musical Miscellany. Vol. l. 12mo. Baltimore. 1804.
Ordinances of the City of. 8vo. Baltimore. 1808.

Interesting Papers relative to the recent Riots at. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1812. Bancroft, Edward. Remarks on the Review of the Controversy between Great

Britain and her Colonies. 8vo. New London, Conn. 1771. Bancroft, Aaron. Sermon at Windsor, Vt. June 23, 1790, at the Ordination of Samuel Shuttlesworth. Svo. Worcester.

Eulogy on George Washington, at Worcester, Feb. 22, 1800, 8vo. Worcester.

Sermon occasioned by the Execution of Samuel Frost, at Worcester, Oct. 31, 1793, 8vo. Worcester.

Sermon at Brimfield, Mass. June 20, 1798, at the Installation of Rev. Clark Brown. 8vo. Worcester. 1798.

Massachusetts Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1801.

Oration before the Trustees of Leicester Academy, July 4, 1806. 8vo. Worcester.

Essay on the Life of George Washington. Svo. Worcester. 1807.

Same. 2d ed. 2 vols. 12mo. Boston. 1826.

Sermon at Worcester, Jan. 6, 1811, with notes. 8vo. Worcester.

Duty of Parents to Children. Sermon. 12mo.

Vindication of the Result of the late Ecclesiastical Council at Princeton, Mass. 8vo. Worcester. 1817.

Sermon on the Nature and Worth of Christian Liberty, at Worcester, June 23, 1816. 8vo. Worcester.

Sermon at Worcester, Jan. 1817, on the duties of the 4th Commandment. 2d ed. 8vo. Worcester.

Letter to him, with Remarks on the foregoing Sermon. By Enoch Pond. 8vo. Worcester. 1817.

Review of Dr. Bancroft's Appendix to the 2d edition of his Discourse on the 4th Commandment. 8vo. Worcester. 1817.

Discourse on Conversion. 8vo. Worcester. 1818.

Sermon at Worcester, Nov. 22, 1818, on the Death of Mrs. Mary Thomas. 8vo. Worcester.

Review of his Discourse against Conferences. (From the Panoplist.] 8vo. Boston. 1817.

Masonic Sermon at Worcester, June 11, 1793. 8vo. Worcester.

Sermons on the Doctrines of the Gospel, and on those Constituent Principles of the Church, which Christian Professors have made the subject of controversy. 8vo. Worcester. 1822.

Christmas Sermon at Worcester. 8vo. Worcester. 1819.

Sermon at the Installation of Rev. Luther Wilson, at Petersham, Mass. June 23, 1819. 8vo. Worcester.

Sermon at Keene, N. H. Aug. 15, 1819. 8vo. Worcester.
Sermon at Keene, N. H. Aug. 15, 1819. 8vo. Worcester.

Remarks on the Preliminary History of two Discourses of Dr. Bancroft, at Keene. By Z. S. Barstow. 8vo. Bellows Falls, Vt. 1821.

The Committees Vindicated. An Examination of Rev. Mr. Barstow's “Remarks on the Preliminary History of two Discourses. By Rev. A. Bancroft.” 8vo. Keene, N. H. 1822.

Family Prayers for young Householders. Svo. Worcester. 1832.

Massachusetts Convention Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1820.

Sermon at the Installation of Rev. Andrew Pigerne ord, Mass. July 9, 1823. 8vo. Boston.

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