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Bancroft, Aaron. Discourse at Worcester, April 28, 1824, before the Worcester Auxiliary Society for ameliorating the Condition of the Jews. 8vo. Worcester.

Sermon at Shrewsbury, Mass. Dec. 13, 1824, at the funeral of Rev. Dr. Joseph Sumner. 8vo. Worcester. 1825.

Sermon at Worcester, July 9, 1826, on the Death of John Adams, late President of the United States. 8vo. Worcester.

Sermon at Worcester, Aug. 20, 1829, at the Dedication of the new Meeting house. 8vo. Worcester.

Sermon delivered at the termination of fifty years of his Ministry. 8vo. Worcester. 1836.

See Goffe, Joseph ; Pond, Enoch. Bancroft, George. Oration at Northampton, July 4, 1826. 8vo. Northampton.

1826. Bancroft, Luther S. Address to the Prescott Guards, and to the Inhabitants of

Pepperell, June 17, 1830. 8vo. Groton, Mass. 1830.
Bangor, (Me.] Report on the Affairs of the Bank of. 8vo. Boston. 1822.

Survey of the Theological Seminary in. 12mo. Bangor. 1830. Bangor, Bishop of. Sermon before the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel

in Foreign Parts. 4to. London. 1763. Bangor, Bishop of. Sermon before the King, March 31, 1717. 13th ed. 8vo.

London. 1717. Bangs, Edward. Oration at Worcester, July 4, 1791. 4to. Worcester. 1791.

Oration at Worcester, July 4, 1800. 8vo. Worcester. Bangs, Edward Dillingham. Oration at Sutton, Mass. July 5, 1813. 8vo. Boston. 1813.

Oration at Springfield, Mass. July 4, 1823. 8vo. Springfield. Banister, William B. Oration at Newburyport, July 4, 1809. 8vo. Newbury

port. 1809. Bankrupt Law. Remarks on, by Civis, with the proposed Amendments of Messrs. Hopkinson and Webster. 8vo. New York. 1819.

Letter to William H. Crawford, Esq. on the establishment of an Uniform System of Bankruptcy. By a Citizen of Massachusetts. 8vo. Boston. 1821.

Letter to the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States, on the expediency of an Uniform System of Bankruptcy. 8vo. Boston.

1821. Banks. Examination of the Banking System of Massachusetts in reference to the Renewal of the Bank Charters. 8vo. Boston. 1831.

Reply to “ An Examination of the Banking System of Massachusetts." 8vo. Boston. 1831.

Reflections excited by the present state of Banking Operations in the United States. By a Virginian. 8vo. Washington. 1818.

Bank of Credit lately projected at Boston. Objections to, in a letter to John Burrill, Esq. Speaker of the House of Representatives of Massachusetts

Bay. 12mo. Boston. 1714. Banks, Henry. Vindication of John Banks, of Virginia, against foul calumnies published by Judge Johnson, of Charleston, S. C. and Dr. Charles Caldwell, of Lexington, Ky. Also the Vindication of Gen. Henry Lee, &c. 8vo. Frank

fort, Ky. 1826. Banneker, Benjamin. His Letter to the Secretary of State. 4to. Philadelphia.

1792. Baptism. Remarks upon a late Dissertation on the Instituted Form of Baptism.

8vo. London. 1726. Baptismal Piety. Two Brief Essays. 16mo. Boston. 1727. Baptists. General Convention of, being their second Triennial Meeting. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1820.

Sixth Triennial Meeting at Philadelphia. 8vo. Boston. 1829.

Seventh Triennial Meeting at New York. 8vo. Boston. 1832.



Baptists. Education Society, Northern. Eight Annual Reports of, from 1829 to 1836. 8vo. Boston.

Education Society, Northern. Act of Incorporation, Constitution and By-laws. Avo. Boston. 1830.

The Watery War; or a Poetical Description of the existing Controversy between the Pedo-Baptists and Baptists on the subjects and mode of Baptism. By John of Enon. 12mo. Boston. 1808.

Observations on. 8vo. Providence. 1793.

Doctrine of Baptism reduced from its ancient and modern corruptions and restored to its primitive soundness and integrity. 4to. London. 1652.

Minutes of different Baptist Associations and Conventions, bound in 3 volumes. 8vo.

Outline of a Plan for establishing a Baptist Literary and Theological Institution in a central situation in New England. By a Friend to an Able Ministry. 8vo. Worcester. 1819.

The Close Communion of the Baptists contrary to the Word of God. 12mo. Dedham, Mass. 1817.

Short Epistle, addressed to the people who are called Baptists. By James Bickerstaff. 12mo. 1810.

Brief Narrative of the Baptist Missions in India, including an Account of Translations, &c. 12mo. Boston. 1811.

Brief View of the Baptist Missions and Translations. 8vo. Boston. 1815. Barbados, Relation de l'Isle Des. See Recueil des Divers Voyages faits en Af

rique et en L'Amérique. Barbarus, Hermolaus. "In Dioscoridem Corollariorum Quinque Libri. fol. Co

loniae. 1530. Barbarus, Daniel. Aurea in Quinquaginta Davidicos Psalmos Doctorum Graeco

rum Catena. fol. Venetiis. 1569. Barber, Daniel. History of My Own Times. Parts 1 and 2. 8vo. Washington.

1827-8. Barber, J. W. History and Antiquities of New Haven, Con. 12mo. New Ha

1831. Barbeyrac, Jean. Spirit of Ecclesiastics of all Sects and Ages as to the Doctrines of Morality. Tr. from the Frerch. 12mo. London. 1722.

See Puffendorf, Samuel. Barbour, P. P. Speech in Congress, March 26, 1834, on the Tariff Bill. 12mo.

Washington. 1834. Barbier, Jo. Twelve Centuries. 4to. London. 1620. Barclay, Robert. Examination of a Book, intituled, “ A Dialogue between a Qua

ker and a Stable Christian,” supposed to be written by William Mitchell. 4to. 1670.

Catechism and Confession of Faith of the Quakers. 12mo. New York. 1752.

Anarchy of the Ranters and other Libertines; Hierarchy of the Romanists and other pretended Churches equally refused and refuted in a two fold Apology for the Church and People of God called in derision Quakers. 8vo. Wilmington, Del. 1783.

An Apology for the True Christian Divinity. Tr. from the Lat. 8vo. New York. 1827.

Baptism and the Lord's Supper substantially asserted, being an Apology in behalf of the People called Quakers. 16mo. London. 1696. Barebone, Praise God. Good Things to Come. By P. G. B. 4to. London. 1675. Bargrave, Isaac. Sermon before King Charles, March 27, 1627. 4to. London.

Sermon before Parliament. 16mo. London. 1624. Bariacus, Gabriel. Introductio in Artem Jesuiticam. 12mo. Paris. 1599. Baring, Alexander. Inquiry into the causes and consequences of the Orders in

Council; and an Examination of the Conduct of Great Britain towards the

Neutral Commerce of America. 8vo. New York. 1808. Barker, Joseph. The Stability of Christ's Church. Century Sermon at Middle

boro', Mass. Jan. 6, 1795. 8vo. Boston. 1796.


Barker, Edmund. Sermon at the funeral of the Lady Elizabeth Capel, Dowager.

4to. London. 1661. Barker, Matthew. Natural Theology. 12mo. London. 1674. Barker, H. A. Description of the Panoramic View of the City and Battle of Paris,

painted by. 8vo. Boston. Barksdale, Clement. The Sacrifice: Sermon. 16mo. London. 1655. Barkstead, John. Speeches, Discourses and Prayers of Col. John Barkstead, Col.

John Okey, and Mr. Miles Corbet, (Regicides) upon the 19th of April, 1662, being the day of their suffering at Tyburn; together with an account of their

being taken in Holland. 4to. 1662. Barlow, Joel. Oration at Hartford, Con. July 4, 1787, before the Cincinnati. 4to. Hartford.

Letter to the National Convention of France, on the Defects of the Constitution of 1791; to which is added the Conspiracy of Kings: a Poem. 8vo. New York.

The Conspiracy of Kings; a Poem; Addressed to the Inhabitants of Europe. 8vo. Newburyport, Mass. 1794.

Letter to the People of Piedmont. Tr. from the French. 12mo. New York. 1795.

Letters to the Citizens of the United States. 12mo. Paris. 1799.

and Fulwar Skipwith. Second Letter to the Citizens of the United States. 8vo. 1799.

Advice to the Privileged Orders in the several States of Europe, resulting from the Necessity and Propriety of a General Revolution in the Principle of Government. Part II. 8vo. Paris. 1793.

The Same. 12mo. New York. 1794.

Letter to Henry Gregoire, in reply to his Letter on the Columbiad. 8vo. Washington. 1809.

Oration at Washington, July 4, 1809. 8vo. Washington. 1809.
The Hasty Pudding. A Poem. 12mo. Canandaigua, N. Y.

An Elegy on the late Hon. Titus Hosmer, one of the Counsellors of the State of Connecticut 12mo. Hartford. Barlow, Nathan. Vision seen by him in the County of Kennebeck, Me. Jan. 8, 1801. 12mo. Greenfield, Mass. 1802.

The Same 12mo. Boston. Barlow, Jo. Sermon at the funeral of Rev. Samuel Hieron. 4to. London. 1618.

A Christian's last day is his best day. 4to. London. 1618. Barlow, William. Sermon before Queen Elizabeth, in 1601. 4to. London.

1609. Barnard, Thomas. Sermon at the Ordination of Josiah Bayley, at Hampton Falls, N. H. Oct. 19, 1757. 4to. Portsmouth. 1757.

Dudleian Lecture, in Harvard College. 8vo. Salem. 1768.

Sermon at the Ordination of William Whitwell, at Marblehead, Mass. Aug. 25, 1762. 8vo. Boston. 1762.

Massachusetts Artillery Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1758.

Sermon at Boston, Sept. 20, 1758, before the Society for Encouraging Industry and Employing the Poor. 8vo. Boston. 1756.

Massachusetts Election Sermon. 12mo. Boston. 1763. Barnard, Thomas. Sermon at Worcester, Feb. 1, 1786, at the Ordination of Aaron Bancroft. 8vo. Worcester. 1786.

Massachusetts Artillery Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1789.

Discourse before the Massachusetts Humane Society. 8vo. Boston. 1794.

Massachusetts Convention Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1793.
Dudleian Lecture, in Harvard University. 8vo. Boston. 1795.
Fast Sermon, at Salem, March 31, 1796. 8vo. Salem.
Thanksgiving Sermon, at Salem, Feb. 19, 1795. 8vo. Salem.

Sermon at Salem, Dec. 29, 1799, the Lord's day after the news of the death of George Washington. 8vo. Salem.

Sermon before the Salem Female Charitable Society, July 6, 1803. 8vo. Salem. 1803.

Discourse before the Inninty for Propagating the Gospel

among the Indians and others in North America. 8vo. Charlestown, Mass. 1806.

Sermon before the Bible Society of Salem and Vicinity, April 20, 1814. With the 3d Report of the Society. Švo. Salem. 1814. Barnard, Hannah. See Quakers. Barnard, Thomas, [of Newbury.] Sermon at Haverhill, Mass. April 27, 1743, at

the Ordination of Edward Barnard. 8vo. Boston. 1743. Barnard, John. Massachusetts Election Sermon. 12mo. Boston. 1746.

The Worship of God forever to be accompanied with Judgment, Mercy and Faith, as the weighty matters of the Law. Boston Lecture, Sept. 18, 1729. 8vo. Boston. 1729.

Sermon at Marblehead, Mass. Dec. 25, 1729. 12mo. Boston. 1731.

Massachusetts Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1734.

Zeal for Good Works Excited and Directed: Boston Thursday Lecture, March 25, 1742. 12mo. Boston. 1742.

Sermons on several Subjects. 8vo. London. 1727.
See Pigot, G.

Two Sermons: The Christian's Behaviour under severe and repeated Bereavements, &c. 16mo. Boston. 1714.

The Peaceful End of the Perfect and Upright Man: Sermon on the death of John Atwood, who died Aug. 26, 1714. 16mo. Boston. 1714.

The Nature and Manner of Man's Blessing God. Sermon at Salem, on the Death of Rev. Geo. Curwin, who died Nov. 23, 1717. 12mo. Boston. 1717.

A Call to Parents and Children. Or the Great Concern of Parents and the Important Duty of Children. Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1737.

The Lord Jesus Christ the only Supream Head of the Church. Massachusetts Convention Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1738.

Janua Coelestis, or the Mystery of the Gospel in Salvation of a Sinner. 8vo. Boston. 1750.

The True Divinity of Jesus Christ. Discourse at the Boston Lecture, July 16, 1761. 8vo. Boston. 1761. Barnard, John. Present for an Apprentice. 2d ed. 12mo. London. 1742..

Same. 12mo. Boston. 1747. Barnard, John, (Andover.] Sermon at the Gathering of a Church and Ordination

of Timothy Walker, Nov. 18, 1730, at Penecook, (now Concord, N. H.] 8vo.

Boston. 1731.
Barnard, Edward. Massachusetts Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1766.

Sermon at the Ordination of Henry True, at Hamstead, N. H. June 24, 1752. 12mo. Boston.

Sermon at Newburyport, Mass. May 11, 1768, at the Ordination of Thomas Cary. 8vo. Boston. 1768.

Massachusetts Convention Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1773.

Sermon at the Ordination of Gyles Merrill, in Plastow, N. H. and the North Part of Haverhill, March 6, 1765. Svo. Boston. 1765. Barnard, Mr. See Mather, Richard. Barnard, Samuel. Polyglot Grammar of the Hebrew, Chaldee, Syriac, Greek,

Latin, English, French, Italian, Spanish and German Languages. 8vo. Phil

adelphia. 1825. Barnard, Richard. Sinners Safetie, if heere hee looke for Assurance. 16mo.

London. 1609. Barnard, Daniel D. Address before the Adelphic Union Society in Williams

College, Sept. 6, 1831. 8vo. Williamstown, Mass. 1832. Barnes, Robert. Visitation Sermon. 4to. Oxford. 1626. Barnes, David. MSS. Sermons.

Discourse at Scituate, Mass. Feb. 22, 1800, on the Death of George Washington. 8vo. Boston.

Discourse on Education, at Hingham, Mass. April 5, 1796, before Derby Academy. 8vo. Boston. 1803.

Thoughts on the Love of Life and Fear of Death: In a Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1795.

Barnes, Thomas. Report of his Case against the Inhabitants of Falmouth, Me.

May Term, 1810. 8vo. Barnstable County, Mass. Description of. By a Member of the Massachusetts

Historical Society. 8vo. Boston. 1802. Barradius, Sebastianus. Commentaria in Concordiam et Historiam Evangelicam.

2 vols. fol. Antverpiae. 1622. Barrell, Robert. Sermon at Paul's Crosse, Nov. 16, 1623. 4to. London. 1624. Barrell, Charles, and others. See Joy, B. Barrell, John. See Gerrish, J. Barrett, Samuel. Sermon at Concord, N. H. Feb. 24, 1829, at the Ordination of Moses G. Thomas. 12mo. Boston. 1829.

Artillery Election Sermon, June 6, 1831. 8vo. Boston. 1831. Barrett, E. and E. Colman. Christian Harmony, Collection of Sacred Music. 4to.

Concord, N. H. 1833. Barrick, Richard. Life and Dying Confessions. 12mo. Worcester. 1784. Barrington, Daines. Possibility of approaching the North Pole asserted. 8vo.

New York. 1818. Barrington, George. Memoirs of, with his Speeches. 8vo. London. Barrington, Sir Jonah. Personal Sketches of his own Times. 2 vols. 8vo.

Philadelphia. 1827. Barron, James. Correspondence between him and Stephen Decatur. 8vo.

Washington. 1820. Barrow, Isaac. Euclid's Elements. 12mo. London. 1705. Barruel, l'Abbe. History of the Clergy during the French Revolution. 12mo.

Burlington, Vt. 1794. Barry, William T. Letter to the House of Representatives of the United States,

reviewing the Report of the Select Committee on the Post Office Department.

8vo. Washington. 1835. Barry, Edward. Sermon before the Royal Humane Society, Nov. 13, 1803. 8vo.

London. 1804. Barstow, Zedekiah S. Remarks on the Preliminary History of two Discourses by the Rev. Dr. Aaron Bancroft. 8vo. Bellows Falls, Vt. 1821.

Examination of the above “Remarks.” 8vo. Keene, N. H. 1822. Bartas, Du. See Saluste, William. Bartelonaeus, Paul. De Ratione Quantitatis Syllabariae Liber. 16mo. Lugduni.

1578. Bartholinus, Erasmus. De Figura Nivis Dissertatio. 16mo. Haffniae. 1661. Bartholinus, Caspar. Enchiridion Metaphysicum ex philosophorum Coryphaei

Aristotelis. 16mo. London. 1618.
Bartholinus, Thomas. De Luce Animalium. 16mo. Lug. Bat. 1647.

De Nivis usu Medico Observationes variae. 16mo. Haffniae. 1661.

Historiarum Anatomicarum et Med. Rariorum Centuria I & II. 16mo. Amst. 1654.

Historiarum et Medicarum Rariorum Centuria V. et VII. etc. 16mo. Haffniae. 1661.

Cista Medica Haffniensis et Domus Anatomica Haffniensis. 16mo. Haffniae. 1662.

Acta Medica et Philosophica Haffniensia. 1671, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. 4 vols. 4to. Haffniae. 1671-7.

De Lacteis Thoracicis. 16mo. London. 1652. Bartholomew, William. Strong Man Ejected: Sermon on the Restoration of

Charles II. 16mo. London. 1660. Bartlett, William. Sermon at Exon before the United Ministers of Devon and Cornwall

, May 9, 1716. 12mo. London. Bartlett, J.' The Gentleman Farrier's Repository. 3d ed. 12mo. Philadelphia.

1775. Bartlett, Josiah. Oration at Charlestown, June 17, 1794. 8vo. Boston. 1795.

Historical Sketch of the Progress of Medical Science in Massachusetts, being the substance of a Discourse before the Medical Society, June 10, 1310. 8vo. Boston. 1810. (Mass. Hist. Coll. vol. 1, 2d series.)

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