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The Same.


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the Office of.

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Seven Sermons.

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don. 1644.

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The People's Rights Reclaimed; being an Exposition of the Unconstitutionality of the Law of the State of New York, compelling the Observance of a Religious Sabbath Day; and erroneously entitled "An Act for Suppressing Immorality," passed March 13, 1813. 8vo. New York. 1826.

The Address of the General Union for Promoting the Observance of the Christian Sabbath, to the People of the United States, &c. 8vo. New York. 1828.

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First Annual Report of the General Union for Promoting the Observance of the Christian Sabbath. 8vo. New York. 1829.


Sunday Mails, or Inquiries into the Origin, Institution, and Proper Mode of Observance, of the First day of the Week, or Christian Sabbath. Svo. Philadelphia. 1830.

See Massachusetts. [1816]

An Account of Memorials presented to Congress during the last Session, &c. praying that the Mails may not be transported, nor Post Offices kept open on the Sabbath. 8vo. New York. 1829.

Review of the Report of the Committee, to whom was referred the Several Petitions on the Subject of Mails on the Sabbath, presented to the Senate of the United States, Jan. 16, 1829. By the Hon. Mr. Johnson, of Kentucky. 8vo. 1829.

Proceedings of the Middlesex, [Mass.] Convention for Suppressing Violations of the Lord's Day. 12mo. Andover. 1814.

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