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Sabbath. Remarks on the Observation of the Lord's Day, as a Moral, a Positive, and a Civil Duty. By a Tythingman. Evo. Cambridge, Mass. 1816.

The People's Rights Reclaimed; being an Exposition of the Unconstitutionality of the Law of the State of New York, compelling the Observance of a Religious Sabbath Day; and erroneously entitled “ An Act for Suppressing Immorality,” passed March 13, 1813. 8vo. New York. 1826.

The Address of the General Union for Proinoting the Observance of the Christian Sabbath, to the People of the United States, &c. Svo. New York. 1828.

Proceedings in Relation to the formation of an Auxiliary Union of the City of Boston, for Promoting the Observance of the Christian Sabbath, with the Address of the General Union to the People of the United States. Svo. Boston. 1828.

First Annual Report of the General Union for Promoting the Observance of the Christian Sabbath. 8vo. New York. 1829.

Sunday Mails, or_Inquiries into the Origin, Institution, and Proper Mode of Observance, of the First day of the Week, or Christian Sabbath. Svo. Philadelphia. 1830.

See Massachusetts. [1816.]

An Account of Memorials presented to Congress during the last Session, &c. praying that the Mails may not be transported, nor Post Offices kept open on the Sanbath. Sro. New York. 1829.

Review of the Report of the Committee, to whom was referred the Several Petitions on the Subject of Mails on the Sabbath, presented to the Senate of the United States, Jan. 16, 1829. By the Hon. Mr. Johnson, of Kentucky. 8vo. 1829.

Proceedings of the Middlesex, {Mass.] Convention for Suppressing Violations of the Lord's Day. 12mo. Andover. 1814.

An Account of the Proceedings of the Meeting at Aliburn, N. Y. Aug. 23, 1828, in Relation to the Measures taken to enforce the Observance of the Sabbath, and the attempt to establish a Christian Party in Politicks. Svo.

Auburn. 1828. Sabin, Elijah R. Discourse before the Massachusetts Legislature, Feb. 14, 1812,

Commemorative of the Calamitous Fire at Richmond, Va. 8vo. Boston.

1812. Sabine, James. Sermon in Commemoration of the Benevolence of the Citizens of

Boston, who, on occasion of the dreadful Fires on the 7th and 21st of Nov. 1817, in St. John's, Newfoundland, sent down gratuitous supplies, &c. preached at St. John's, Feb. 22, 1818. 8vo. St. John's. 1818.

Sermon before the Associated Congregational Ministers of Salem and Vicinity, at Malden, (Mass.) Sept 1818. 8vo. Boston. 1818.

The Fathers of New England. Sermon at Boston, Dec. 22, 1820, being the Second Centennial Celebration of the Landing of the Fathers at Plymouth. 8vo. Boston. 1821.

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Sabine, James. Sermon, Jan. 8, 1823, before the Foreign Mission Society of
Boston and Vicinity. 8vo. Boston. 1823.

Discourse at Methnen, (Mass.] May 10, 1826, at the Consecration and Installation of Grecian Lodge. 8vo. Andover. 1826.

Sermon delivered on Fast Day, April 6, 1826. Svo. Boston. 1826.

Sermon on the Dedication of the First Presbyterian Church in
Boston. Svo. Boston. 1828.
Sabandus, Raymundus de Theologia Naturali. 16mo. Francofurti. 1635.
Sacheverell, Henry A. Sharp Rebuke from one of the People called Quakers, to. London. 1755.
Sackville, Thomas. [Lord Buckhurst.] Poetical Works, with his Life. See

British Poets.
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Sadler, Anthonie. Mercy in a Miracle. J6mo. London. 1660.
Sadler, John. Rights of the Kingdom, or Custonis of our Ancestors. 4to. Lon-

don. 1682.
Saffo, Le Avventure di Poetessa di Mitilene Coll' Aggiunta Della Faoniade.

Tom. 3. 12mo. Firenze. 1809.
Saffron. An Account of the Manner of its Culture and Saring for Use, with

the Advantages it will be to this Kingdom. 810. Dublin. 17:32.
Sage, Alain Rene Le. The Devil upon two Sticks, in French and Englis.... 2

vols, 12no. New York. 1795. Sagittarius's Letters and Political Speculations, Extracted from the Public Ledger.

8vo. Boston. 1775.
Sagra, Ramon de la, Fablas Necrologicas del Colera Morbus en la ciudad de la
Habana y sus Arrabales. 4to. Habana. 1833.

Historia Economico-politica y estadistica de la Isla de
Cuba. 4to. Habana. 1831.
St. Clair, Arthur. (Gen.] A Narrative of the manner in which the Campaign

against the Indians, in 1791, was conducted, under the command of Major Gene-
ral St. Clair. Together with his Observations on the Statement of the Secretary
of War and the Quartermaster General relative thereto, and the Reports of the
Committee appointed to inquire into the causes of the Failure thereof. Evo.

Philadelphia. 1812.
St. Clair and Randolph. Report of the Committee on the Inhabitants of the

Counties of, in the Territories North West of the River Ohio. In Congress,

May 12, 1796. 8vo. 1796.
St. David's, Bishop of. Vindication of the Miracles of our Lord, with an Esami-

nation of Mr. Woolson's Discourses. 12mo. London. 1729.
St. David's, Nicholas, Bishop of. Charity Sermon. With an Account of the

Origin and Design of the Society for Proinoting Christian Knowledge. 4to.

London. 1639.
Saint Domingo. Considerations Sur L'Etat Present de la Colonie Francaise de
Saint Dominguc. Par Mr. H. D—. 2 vols. 8vo. Paris. 1776-7.

Inquiry into the Causes of the Insurrection of the Negroes in the Island of. With the Observations of Mr. Garran Coulon on the Same Subject. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1792.

History of the Island of, from iis first Discovery by Columbus to the Present Periol. 8vo. New York. 1824. St. Fargel, Countesse de. La Belle Captive, ou Histoire du Naufrage et de la

Captivité de Mademoiselle Adeline, Countesse d: S. Færgel, agee de 16 ans

daus une des pirties du Royaume d'Alger, en 1782. 12mo. Paris. 1725. St. John, J. Hector. See Crevecoeur. St. Julien, Conte de. Memoirs of, or the Victim of Passion. 12mo. Dublin.

St. Jure, John Baptist. Holy Life of M. De Renty, tr. from the French. 12mo.

London. 1684.
St. Méry L. E. Moreau de. See Moreau de St. Méry.
St. Pierre, James Henry, Bernardin de. Voyages of Amasis, in French and

English. 12mo. Philadelphia. 1795.

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St. Real, Abbot de. Ilistory of the Conspiracy of the Spaniards against the Re

public of Venice in 1618, tr. from the French. 1200. Glasgow. 1767. Saireville, Count de. Catalogue of his Collection of Paintings. 12o. New

York. 1831. Salem, [Mans. Letter relating to the Divisions in the First Church of, dated Oct. 21, 1734. 1200. Boston.

Letter to a friend relating to the Differences in the First Church of. 12mo. Boston. 1733.

Remarks on the above. 12mo. Boston. 1733.

Mr. I rescot's Examination of Certain Remarks, &c. in a Letter to the Brethren of the Church of Christ in Salem, adhering to their Rev. Pastor. 12mo. Boston. 1735.

The Examiner Examined, or an Answer to Mr. Prescott's Examination of Certain Remarks. By the Author of the Remarks. 12mo. Boston. 1730.

Faithful Narrative of the Proceedings of the Ecclesiastical Council Convened at Salem in 1734. 12mo. Boston. 17:35.

Just and Impartial Narrative of the Controversy between the Rev. Samuel Fiske the Pastor, and a number of the Brethren of the First Church in. 1200. Boston. 1735.

Laws of the Marine Society at Salem, in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, as amended and Agreed upon July 29, 1784. 8vo. Salem. 1781.

Female Charitable Society, Instituted July 1, 1801. 12mo. Salen.

Rules of Work of the Housewrights in the Town of. 12mo. Salem, 1801.

Iron Factory Company. Act for Incorporation. With the Articles of Agreement, &c.] 12010. Salem. 1804.

Memorial of the Merchants and others in, to Congress. Svo. Salem. 1820.

Atheneuin. Catalogue of Books in, with the By-Laws and Regulations of. Svo. Salem. 1826.

Biographical Sketch of the Celebrated Salem Murderer. By a Citizen of Danvers. 8vo. Boston. 1830.

Catalogue of the Members, Journals and Articles in the Museum of the East India Marine Society. 8vo. Salem. 1832.

Correspondence between the First Church in Salem and Tabernacle Church. (By D. A. White and H. Devereux.] 8vo. Salem. 1832.

Directory for 1837. l?mo. Salem. 1837. Sales. Love of Christ. 16mo. 1622. Salgado, James. Symbiosis, or the Intimate Converse of Pope and Devil, attend

ed by a Cardinal and Buffoon, &c. 36mo. London. 1681. Salisbury, Bishop of. The White Crow, or an Enquiry into some New Doc

trines, broach'd by, in a pair of Sermons, ultered 5 and 7 Nov. 1710. 2d ed. 1710. Salle, M. de la. Account of his Last Expedition and Discoveries in North Amer

ica. (New York. Hist. Coll. Vol. 2.) Sallustius, Caius Crispus. Conjuratio Catalinae. 24mo. Genevae. 1626.

The Same. 12mo. London. 1745.
Salmon, Robert. Mechanical Analysis of the General Construction of Trusses.

Svo. London. 1807.
Salmon, Thomas. Modern Gazetteer. 5th ed. 12mo. London. 1758.

The Same. 3rd ed. London. 1756.
Salinon, William. Polygraphics : or the Arts of Drawing, Engraving, Etching,

Limning, Painting, Vernishing, Japanning, Gilding, &c. 2 vols. 8th ed. 8vo. London. 1701.

Polygrapbice. 16mo. Salmurium. Syntagmata Thesium Theologicarum in Academia Salmuriensi.

fol. Salmurii. 1664. Salomon Vide Solomon

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Salomon, Nicholas. The Expeditious Accountant. 8vo. London. 1774.
Salt. The Art of making Common Salt, particularly adapted to the use of the

American Colonies. [from the Pennsylvania Magazine.] 8vo. Philadelphia

1776. Saltern, Thomas. Dorcas. Sermon at the Funeral of Mrs. Mary Bab. 16mo.

London. 1022. Saltonstall, Lererett. Historical Sketch of llaverhill, Massachusetts. (Mass.

llisi. Coll. 20 Series. Vol. 4.] Saltmarsh, Nr. See Ley, John; Gataker, Thomas. Saltzburg. A Farther Account of the Sufferings of the Persecuted Protestants

in the Archbishoprick of. 16mo. London. 1733. Salt-Petre. Several Methods of Making, recommended to the Inhabitants of the United Colonies, by the Honorable Continental Congress.

Watertown. 1975. Salustius, du Bartas, William de. Divine Weeks. tr. by Joshua Sylvester. 4to. London. 1611.

The Ilistorie of Judith, tr. from the French. By Thomas Hudson. 4to. London. 1611.

The Triuinph of Faith, tr. from the French. By Joshua Sylvester. 4to. London. 2011. Salutations and Kissings in Ancient Times. A Modest Account concerning.

By Constant Rockman, M. A. 8vo. Boston. 1768. Salvation for All Men, Illustrated and Vindicated as a Scripture Doctrine. By one who wishes well to all Mankind. 8vo. Boston. 17.

See Mather, Sam; See Gordon, W'; See Divine Glory.
The Same. 2d ed. 8vo. Boston. 1782.

Sce Mather, S; Diume Glory.
Salwey, Arthur. Sermon before the House of Commons, Oct. 25, 1613. 4to.

London. 1644. Salzmann, C. G. Elements of Morality. tr. from the German. 2 vols. Philadelphia. 1756.

Gyınnastics for Youth. tr. from the German. Svo. Philadelphia. 1802. Sampson against the Philistines, or the Reformation of Lawsuits, and Justice

made cheap, speedy, and brought home to every Man's door. 2d ed. čvo.

Philadelphia. 1805. Sampson, Ezra. Sermon at Roxbury Camp. (Mass.] before Col. Cotton's Regiment, July 20, 1775. 8vo. Watertown, (Mass.] 1770.

Thanksgiving Discourse, Fels. 1:9, 17:45. Svo. Boston.
Beauties of the Bible. 12ino. Boston. 1802.

The Same. 12mo. Hudson, N. Y. 1815.
Sampson, William. Memoirs of. With a short Sketch of the History of Ireland,

a few Observations on the Manners, &c. in America. Evo. New York.

1807. Sampson, Zabdiel. American Independence. Oration at New Bedford (Mass.] July 4, 1806. 8vo. Boston. 1806.

Oration, July 4, 1803, at Plymouth, [Mass.] 8vo. Boston. 1808. Sampson, Joseph A. A. Remains of. 18mo. Rochester, N. Y. 1827. Sanborn, Peter. Sermon before the Massachusetts Missionary Society, May 30,

1815. Svo. Boston. 1815. Sancerre, Adelaide de. Letters of, to Count De Nance. 12mo. Newbern, V.C.

1801. Sancroft, William. Consecration Sermon. 4to. London. 1660. Sanctius, Gaspar. In Canticum Canticorum Coininentarii. fol. Lugduni. 1616.

In Quatuor Libros Regum et duos Paralipomenon, Commentarii. fol. Lugduni. 1623.

In Duodecim Prophetas Minores et Baruch Commentarii cum Paraphrasi. fol. Lugduni. 1621.

In Libras Ruth, Esdrae, Nehemiae, Tobiae, Judith, Esther, Machabaeorum Commentarii. fol. Lugduni. 1628.

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Sanctius, Gaspar. In Jeremiam Prophetam Commentarii cum paraphrasi Accessit Explicatio Psalmi CXXXVI, etc. fol. Lugduni. 1628.

Commentarii in Isajain. fol. Lugduni. 1625.

In Librum fol Commentarii cum Paraphrasi. fol. Lugduni. 1625.

In Ezechielem et Danielem Prophetas Commentarii cum Paraphrasi. 2 vol. fol. Lugduni. 1619.

Commentarii in Acta Apostolorum. 4to. Lugduni. 1616. Sandel. Eulogium on the lately deceased Emanuel Swedenborg, at Stockholm,

Oct. 7, 1772. tr. from the French. 8vo. London. 1784. Sandeman, Robert. Some Thoughts on Christianity, in a Letter to a Friend. 12mo. Boston. 1764.

Letter to him. By a Minister in Boston. 12mo. Boston. 1766.

The Honour of Marriage cpposed to all Impurities. An Essay. 8vo. London. 1777. Sanders, Charlotte. The Little Family. 2 vols. 12mo. Haverhill, Mass.

1799. Sanders, H. Thanksgiving Sermon at the Accession of George I, to the Throne,

Jan. 29, 1714-15. 12mo. London. 1715. Sanders, Prince. Haytian Papers. A Collection of the very interesting Procla

mations and other Official Documents, together with some Account of the Rise, Progress, and Present State of the Kingdom of Hayti. 12mo. Boston. 1818.

Memoir presented to the American Convention for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery and Improving the Condition of the African race, Dec.

11, 1818. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1818. Sanders, Daniel Clarke. Masonic Discourse at Burlington, Vt. June 24, 1811. 8vo. Burlington. 1811.

Masonic Sermon at Roxbury, (Mass.] June 24, 1817. 8vo. Dedham. 1817.

Massachusetts Artillery Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston.

Sermon at the Interment of Rev. George Morey. 8vo. Boston. 1829. Sanders, John. Biography of the Signers of the Declaration of Independence.

9 vols. Svo. Philadelphia. 182:3-7. Sandwich Islands. Narrative of Five Youths from the Sandwich Islands, now

receiving an Education in this Country. Svo. New York. 1816. Sanford, Ezekie). IIistory of the United States before the Revolution. With

some Account of the Aborigines. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1819. Sanford, David. Two Dissertations. First. The Nature and Constitution of the

Law, which was given to Adam in Paradise, &c. Second. The Scene of Christ

in the Garden of Gethsemane, &c. 8vo. Boston. 1810. Sanger, Zedekiah. Discourse at the Ordination of James Wilson, at Providence, R. I. Oct. 17, 1793. 8vo. Providence. 1793.

Sermon at Boylston, (Mass.) March 12, 1794, at the Ordination of Hezekiah Ilooper. 8vo. Worcester. 1795. Sannazarius, Jacobus. Opera Omnia. 24mo. Sans souci, alias I'ree and Easy, or an Evening's Peep into a Polite Circle.

Farce. 2d ed. 8vo. Boston. 1785. Santvoort, Petrus. Disputatio Theologica. 4to. Lug. Bat. 1699. Sapho. See Saffo. Sargent, Lucius Manlius. The Culex of Virgil. With a translation into English Verse. 8vo. Boston. 1807.

Hubert and Ellen. With other Poems. Svo. Boston. 1831.

Address before the Massachusetts Society for th Suppression of Intemperance, May 27, 1833. 2d ed. ovo. Boston.

Address before the Worcester Temperance Society at Worcester. 8vo. Boston. 1833.

Vide Symposius, Caelius.

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