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Statement of Facts relative to the Origin and Causes of the present attempt to Free the Schuylkill Bridge. 8vo. Philadelphia.

Memorial of the President Directors and Company for erecting a permanent Bridge over the Schuylkill, remonstrating against certain alterations prayed for by the West Philadelphia Canal Company in its Charter. 8vo.

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An Act published by the General Assembly of, being a Forme of Examination at the Special Desire of the Kirk, &c. 4to. Edinburgh. 1641.

The Government and order of the Church of. 4to. 1641.

The Readinesse of the Scots to advance into England. The Policie and Practice of the French Agent there to hinder it. Exprest in three Propositions, &c. &c. 4to. London. 1643.

Historie of the Reformation of Church of. fol. London. 1644.

Some Papers of the Commissioners of Scotland, given lately to the Houses of Parliament, Concerning the Propositions of Peace. 4to. London. 1646.

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An Answer to the Scotch Papers. Delivered in the House of Commons in Reply to the Votes of both Houses of Parliament of England, concerning the disposal of the King's Person, as it was spoken when the said Papers were read in the House. By Thomas Chaloner. 4to. London. 1646.

A Remonstrance of the Kirk of Scotland, and the Message from the States, with Divers Passages of their Proceedings concerning the King's Majestie, and the Estates Answer to the Kirk of Scotland. 4to. London. 1616.

The Answer of the Commissioners of the Kingdome of Scotland, to both Houses of Parliament, upon the New Propositions of Peace, with the Foure Bills to be sent to his Majestie. 4to. London. 1617.

See Marten, Henry.

Scotland. A Declaration of the Commissioners of the General Assembly, to the

whole Kirk and Kingdom of Scotland, concerning Present Dangers, and duties relating to the Covenant and Religion. 4to. Edinburgh. 1648.

Proceedings and Votes of the Parliament of, contained in an Address delivered to the King, Stated and Vindicated. 4to. Glasgow. 1689.

Principal Acts of the General Assembly of the Church of, held at Edinburgh, Oct. 16, 1690. fol. Edinburgh.

Presbyterian Persecution Examined. With an Essay on the Nature and Necessity of Toleration in 12mo. Edinburgh. 1707.

Collections and Observations Methodized, concerning the Worship, Discipline and Government of the Church of. {By Walter Steuart.] 4to. Edinburgh. 1709.

Memoirs concerning the affairs of Scotland, from the Queen's Accession to 1707. 8vo. London. 1714.

An Inquiry into the Method of Settling Parishes, Conforming to the Acts and Practice of the Church of. 16mo. Edinburgh. 1732.

The Representations of Ebenezer Erskine and others to the Commissioners of the late General Assembly of. 12mo. Edinburgh. 1733.

History of the Present Rebellion. 12mo. Boston. 1744.

History of the Rebellion, 1745 and 1746. 2d ed. 8vo. London. 1748.

Sermon before the Society for Propagating the Gospel in. 12mo.

Political and Satirical History of Scotch Prevalency in the years 1761-2 and 3. 12mo.

Minister of the Church of Scotland. Letter from. 12mo. Waulin. 1785.

Society of Antiquaries of. Transactions of. Vols. 1, 2, 3, and Parts 1 and 2 of Vol. 4. 4to. Edinburgh. 1792–1831.

Account of the Society of Antiquaries of. See Smellie, William. Scot Scourge. Being a Compleat Supplement to the British Antidote to Caledo

nian Poison. Vol. 1. 2mo. London. 1765. Scott, Job. Five Letters from, to his Relations and Friends. 12mo New Bedford, Mass. 1807.

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War inconsistent with the Doctrine and Example of Jesus Christ. New Bedford. 1812.

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War inconsistent with the Doctrine and Example of Jesus Christ. 8vo. London. 1828. Scott, Edward. See Tennessce. Scott, Jos. Nicol. Sermons in Defence of all Religion, whether Natural or Re

vealed. 2 vols. 8vo. London. 1743. Scott, Jonathan. Sermon at Hallowell, [Me.] June 15, 1808, before the Maine Missionary Society. 8vo. Hallowell. 1808.

The Conquest of the last Enemy; or Complete Victory over Death. Discourse, March 9, 1807, at the Funeral of the Rev. Samuel Fox

croft, at Gloucester, (Me.] 8vo. Charlestown, (Mass.) 1808. Scott, Jonathan M. The Sorceress, or Salem delivered. 12mo. New York, 1817.

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The Protector. Assize Sermon. 4to. London. 1623.
Aphorisms of State. tr. from the Latin. 4to. Utrech. 1624.
God and the King. Sermon. 4to.
Sermon. 4to.

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Scott, Thomas. The Force of Truth. An Authentic Narratiye. 12mo. Boston.

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Rokeby. A Poem. 12mo. Boston. 1813.
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Society. 8vo. Sandy Hill, N. Y. 1832. Scott, William. O Tempora! O Mores! or the Best New Year's Gift for a

Prime Minister. Svo. Philadelphia. 1774. Scottow, Joshua. A Narrative of the Planting of the Massachusetts Colony anno

1628. With the Lord's Signal Presence the First Thirty Years. Also a Caution from New England's Apostle, the Great Cotton, &c. 36mo. Boston. 1094.

Old Men's Tears for their own Declensions. Mixed with Fears of their and Posterities further falling off from New England's Primitive Constitution. 12wo. Boston. 1691.

Memoir of. (Mass. Ilist. Coll. Vol. 4. 2nd Series.]

See Brez, Guy de. Scriptores, Logarithmici, or a Collection of Several Curious Tracts on the Nature

and Constitution of Logarithms, mentioned in Dr. Hutton's Historical Introduction to his New Edition of Sherwin's Mathematical Tables. 3 cols. 4to.

London. 1791-6. Scriptural Inquiry concerning the Origin, Utility, and Lawfulress, of the Titles

and Authority assumed, in Antient and Modern Times, by those who were, or

pretended to be Teachers of the True Religion. Evo. 1802. Scripture Bishop, Vindicated. By Elutherius. 1200. Buston. 1733.

Or the Divine Right of Presbyterian Ordination and Government, Considered in a Dialogue between Prelaticus and Eleutherius. 1200. Boston. 1732.

The Same. Svo. 1733. Scripture, Fulfilling of. Containing some Account of the Clergy in Scotland.

2d ed. 16mo. 1671. Scripture Peace Tract. The Song of Angels at the Saviour's Birth, illustrated

by as many Texts of Scripture as the Letters it contains. 8vo. Boston.

1822. Scripture Prophecy. An Essay on. 4to. 1724. Scripture Truth Confirmed and Cleared. 16mo. London. 1678. Scriptures. Sober attention to the Scriptures of Truth, for a Satisfactory An

swer to the most Important Questions that ever Exercised the Minds of Men. 8vo. Boston. 1793.

Demonstration of the Divinity of Scriptures in the Fulfilment of the Prophecies. By a Layman. 8vo. Boston. 1811. Scrivener, Mr. See Non-Conformists. Scudder, Henry. Sermon before the House of Commons, Oct. 30, 1644. 4to.

London. 1644. Scudder, John. Letters from the East. 12mo. Boston. 1833. Scudery, George de. Curiae Politiae, or the Apology of Severall Princes. tr.

from the French. fol. London. 1654. Scull, John. Two Assize Sermons. 4to. London. 1624. Scultetus, Abrahamus. Idea Concionum in Isaiam Prophetam. 16mo. Genevae.

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