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See Slavery.
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Defence of Direct Taxes, and Protective Duties, for the encouragement of Manufactures. Svo. Philadelphia. 1822.

The Crisis. By a Pennsylvanian. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1823.
Rights of Men and Things. 8vo. Wilmington, Del. 1823.

Warning Voice to Cotton and Tobacco Planters, Farmers and Merchants of the United States, on the pernicious consequences of the Existing Policy of the Country. By a Pennsylvanian. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1824.

Examination of a 'I'ract on the alteration of, written by Thomas Cooper, M. D. By a Pennsylvanian. Svo. Philadelphia. 1824.

Cursory Views of the Liberal and Restrictive Systems of Political Economy: with an Examination of Mr. Huskinson's System of Duties on Imports. By a Pennsylvanian. 2d ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1826.

Report of a Committee of the Citizens of Boston and Vicinity opposed to a further increase of Duties on Importations. Evo. Boston. 1827.

An Examination of the Report of a Committee of the Citizens of Boston and its Vicinity, opposed to a further increase of duties on importation. By a Pennsylvanian. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1828.

General Convention of Agriculturists, Manufacturers and others, friendly to the encouragernent and support of Domestic Industry, held at Harrisburgh, Penn. July, 1827. Svo.

Memorial of the Chamber of Commerce and of the Citizens of Charles. ton, (S. C.) against the Tariff on Woollen Goods, proposed at the 2 Session of the 19th Congress. Svo. Charleston. 1827.


Tariff. Memorial of the General Assembly of Georgia to the Anti-Tariff States on the subject of the late Tariff. 8vo. 1828.

The American System, or the Effects of High Duties on Imports, designed for the Encouragement of Domestic Industry: With Remarks on the late Treasury Report. 8vo. Boston. 1828.

Memorial to Congress against the Tariff Law of 1828. By the Citizens of Boston. 8vo. Boston. 1829.

Thirteen Essays on the Policy of Manufacturing in this country. [From the New York Herald.] 8vo. Philadelphia. 1830.

Several anonymous pamphlets relating to the subject of.

British Opinions on the Protecting System, being a Reply to Strictures on that System, which have appeared in Several Recent British Publications. 8vo. Boston. 1830.

Brief Sketch of Parties, the British and American, as connected with the American System: with an account of the extraordinary doings of the Maine Legislature for 1831. 8vo. Portland. 1831.

Proceedings of a Convention of Delegates appointed by Persons interested in the Growth and Manufacture of Wool, held at Clinton Hall, New York. 8vo. New York. 1831.

Journal of Proceedings of the Friends of Domestic Industry in the General Convention at New York, Oct. 26, 1831. By Hezekiah Niles. 8vo. Baltimore.

Address of the New York Convention (Oct. 26, 1831,) to the People of the United States, and the Reports of Committees. 8vo. Baltimore. 1831.

Memorial of the New York Convention (of Oct. 20, 1831,) to Congress. 8vo. Baltimore. 1832.

The Impost Duties Considered in relation to the Happiness of the People and Prosperity of the Union. By a Friend of the Administration. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1832.

The Crisis: or Nullification unmasked. 8vo. 1832.
Its true character illustrated. 8vo. Charleston, S. C. 1830.

Fifty-one Substantial Reasons against any modification whatever of the Existing Tariff. By a Pennsylvanian.

Reflections on the State of Affairs in the South. [From the National Intelligencer.] 8vo. (1833.] Tarnovius, Johannes. Exercitationes Biblicae. _4to. Rostochii.

Quaestionum et quae Foedera cum diversae religionis Hominibus et praecipue a Lutheranis cum Calvinianis Salvainiri possint conscientia. ed. 2da. 4to. Rostochii. 1646.

In Prophetam Hoseam Commentarius. 4to. Rostochii. 1646.

In Prophetam Joelem Commentarius. 4to. Rostochii. 1636.

In Prophetam Amos Commentarius. ed. 3tia. 4to. Rostochii. 1640.

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In Prophetam Jonam Commentarius. ed. 2da. 4to. Rostochii. 1646.

In Prophetam Micham Commentarius. 4to. Rostochii. 1636.

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In Prophetam Habacuc Commentarius. 4to. Rostochii. 1645.

In Prophetam Sophoniam Commentarius. 4to. Stralsundi. 1642.

In Prophetam Haggaeum Commentarius. 4to. Rostochi.

In Prophetam Zachariam Commentarius. 4to. Rostochi. 1647.

In Prophetam Malachium Commentarius. 4to Rostochi. 1644.

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