Thacher, Moses. Letters addressed to a Brother in the Church on renouncing the Secret Principles of Free Masonry. 12mo. Boston. 1829.

-- Address to the Church under his care at North Wrentham, (Mass.] on his seceding from the Masonic Institution, May 24, 1829. 8vo. Boston. 1829.

Address at Boston at an Antimasonic Meeting, Sept. 8, 1829. 12mo. Boston. 1829.

Address before the Antimasonic Convention of Delegates at Halifax, (Mass.] Dec. 9, 18:29. 12mo. Boston. 1830.

Address delivered at Weymoutir, Worcester, and Reading, (Mass.] on Masonic Oaths. 8vo. Worcesier. 1830.

Report of the Committee of St. Albans Lodge, at Wrentham, appointed to investigate the Proceedings of Rev. Moses Thacher relative to the Masonic Institution. 8vo. Boston. 1830.

Address at Augusta, [Me.] before the Antimasonic State Convention, July 4, 1832. 8vo. Hallowell. 1832. Thacher, Peter, and John Webb. A Brief Declaration of, in behalf of themselves.

and the New North Church in Boston, relating to some of their late Ecclesiastical Proceedings. 16mo. Boston. 1720.

Massachusetts Election Sermon. 12mo. Boston. 1726.

Sermon at Boston, on the Death of Mrs. Sarah, wife of the Rev. Joshua Gee, who died July 17, 1730. Svo. Boston. 1730.

See Boston. 1720. Thacher, Peter. Oration at Watertown, (Mass.] March 5, 1776, to Commemorate the Boston Massacre. 4to. Watertown. 1776.

Sermon from 2d Samuel, 10: 12. MS. 4to. [1778.]
The Same. See Boston Orations.

Sermon at Boston, Sept. 13, 1778, on the Death of Rev. Andrew Eliot. 8vo. Boston. 1778.

Three Se ons at Malden, (Mass.] in Oct. 1782. 8vo. Salem. 1783.

Observations upon the present state of the Clergy of New England, with Strictures upon the power of dismissing them, usurped by some Churches. 8vo. Boston. 1783.

Strictures on his Pamphlet, entitled, Observations upon the State of the Clergy of New England. By J. S. A Layman. 8vo. Boston. 1784.

Reply to the Strictures of J. S. on the above Observations. 8vo. Boston.

Sermon at the Ordination of Elijah Kellogg, Oct. 1788, at Portland, (Me.] 8vo.

Sermon at Charlestown, (Mass.] Feb. 29, 1788, at the Interment of Rev. Joshua Paine, Jun, who died Feb. 26, 1788. 8vo. Boston. 1789.

Sermon at Exeter, N. H. at the Ordination of William Frederick Rowland, June 2, 1790. 8vo. Exeter. 1790.

Sermon at Boston, Nov. 14, 1790, on the Death of Hon. James Bowdoin. 8vo. Buston. 1791.

Massachusetts Artillery Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1793.

Sermon at Boston, Oct 20, 1793, on the Death of His Excellency John Hancock, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 8vo. Boston. 1793.

Sermon at Boston, Jan. 19, 1794, on the Death of Samuel Stillman, Jun. 8vo. Boston. 1794.

Sermon at Lynn, (Mass.] Aug. 13, 1794, at the Ordination of his son, Thomas Cushing Thacher. 8vo. Boston.

Massachusetts Convention Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1795.

Sermon at Boston, Feb. 12, 1795, in the audience of the Massa-chusetts Congregational Charitable Society. With an account of the Society.] 8vo. Boston. 1795.

Sermon at Charlestown, (Mass.] June, 19, 1796, on the Death of: Hon. Nathaniel Gorham. 4to. Boston. 1796.

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Thacher, Peter. The Contrast,or striking opposition between Christianity and the

Modern Religion, falsely called by that name. Containing short Notes on certain parts of Mr. Thacher's Sermon at Buston, April 17, 1796. 8vo. Portsmouth, N. H. 1796.

Masonic Sermon at Dorchester, [Mass.) June 24, 1797. 8vo. Boston. 1797.

Sermon at Boston, March 25, 1798, on the De of Madam Rebecca Gill, Consort of Lieut. Gov. Moses Gill, who died March 19, 1798. 8vo. Boston. 1798.

Sermon at Boston, April 6. 1798, on the Death of Rev. John Clarke, D. D. who died April 2, 1798. 8vo. Boston. 1798.

Sermon at the Interment of Increase Sumner, Governor of Massachusetts, who died June 7, 1799. 8vo. Boston. 1799.

Century Sermon at Boston, Dec. 29, 1799. Svo. Boston. 1800.

The Same. MS. 4to.

Sermon before the Massachusetts Legislature, Feb. 22, 1800, on the Death of George Washington. 8vo. Boston. Memoirs of. Mass. Hist. Coll

. Vol. 8.] Thacher, Peter. Address before the Massachusetts Charitable Fire Society, May 31, 1805. Svo. Boston. 1805.

Oration at Boston, July 4, 1807. 2d ed. 8vo. Boston. 1807.

Oration at Boston, July 4, 1807. 2d ed. 8vo. Boston. 1807. Thacher, Peter Oxenbridge. Address before the Suffolk Bar. 8vo. Boston. 1831.

Charge to the Grand Jury of the County of Suffolk, at the opening of the Municipal Court, Dec. 1831. 8vo. Boston. "1832.

Charge to the Grand Jury of the County of Suffolk at the opening of the Municipal Court of the City of Boston, Dec. 1832. 8vo.

Boston. 1832. Thacher, Samuel. Oration at Concord, (Mass.] July 4, 1796. 8vo. Boston.

1796. Thacher, Samuel Cooper. Discourse at the Dedication of a New Meeting House on Church Green in Summer-st. Boston. 8vo. Boston. 1815.

Sermon delivered in America, Sept. 1815. Svo. Boston.

The Same. 2d ed. 8vo. Worcester, Mass. 1817.

An Apology for Rational and Evangelical Christianity. A Discourse at the Dedication of a New Church on Church Green, Summer-street, Boston. To which are added Notes and Illustrations. 8vo. Boston. 1815.

Catalogue of his Library. 8vo. Boston. 1818. 'Thacher, Stephen. Oration, July 4, 1803. Thacher, Thomas. Sermon at Dedham, (Mass.) Feb. 23, 1784. 8vo. Boston. 1784.

Thanksgiving Sermon at Dedham, (Mass.] Feb. 19, 1795. 8vo. Boston. 1795.

Sermon at Milton, on the Death of Rev. Nathaniel Robbins, who died May 19, 1795. 8vo. Boston. 1796.

Christmas Sermon at Dedham, Dec. 25, 1797. 8vo. Dedham. 1798.

Discourse before the Humane Society of Massachusetts, June 10, 1800. 4to. Boston. 1800.

Sermon at the Ordination of Elijah Dunbar, Oct. 23, 1799. 8vo. Amherst, N. H. 1800.

Sermon at the Ordination of Joseph Tuckerman at Chelsea, (Mass.] Nov. 4, 1801. 8vo. Boston.

Sermon at Dedham, Jan. 11, 1801. 8vo. Dedham. 1801.

Danger of Despising the Divine Counsel. Discourse at Dedham, (Mass.) Sept. 13, 1801, Lord's Day after the Execution of Jason Fairbanks. Svo. Dedham. 1802.

Tribute of Respect to the Memory of Gov. Samuel Adams, who died Oct. 2, 1803. 8vo. Dedham. 1804.

Thacher, Thomas. Dudleian Lecture in Harvard College. 8vo. Cambridge. 1805.

Fast Sermon at Dedham, April 7, 1808. 8vo. Dedham. 1808.

Sermon at Milton, Mass. Sept. 9, 1807, at the Dedication of an Academy. 8vo. Dedham. 1807.

Biographical Memoir of Rev. Dr. Samuel West. 8vo. Boston. 1808.

Two Discourses at Dedham, [Mass.) in the 3rd Parish, on leaving the Old Meeting House, Feb. 26, and at the Dedication of the New one, March 1, 1809. 8vo. Dedham. 1809.

Massachusetts Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1811. "Thacher, Thomas Cushing. Thanksgiving Sermon at Lynn, Nov. 20, 1794. Svo. Boston. 1794.

Sermon at Lynn, Dec. 11, 1795, at the Interment of Eight Seamen. Svo. Boston. 1795.

Eulogy on George Washington. 8vo. Boston. 1800.

Sermon at Lynn, (Mass.) Oct. 5, 1800, on the death of Mrs. Ann, wife of Burrill Carnes, Esq. 8vo. Boston. 1801.

Sermon at Lynn, (Mass.] July 17, 1803, on the death of Miles Shory and wife, who were instantly killed by Lightning. 8vo. Salem. 1803.

Masonic Sermon at Cambridge, (Mass.) June 24, 1806. 8vo. Cambridge. 1806. Thatcher. See Thacher. Thayer, Ebenezer. Practical Reflections on the first and last days of the year ; being two Sermons. 12mo. Boston. 1722.

Jerusalem Instructed and Warned. Massachusetts Election Sermon. 12mo, Boston. 1725. Thayer, Elihu. Funeral Discourse at the Interment of Hon. Josiah Bartlett, Esq.

late Governor of New Hampshire, who died May 19, 1795. 8vo. Exeter.

1795. Thayer, John. Controversy between Rev. John Thayer, Catholie Missionary at

Boston, and the Rev. George Lesslie, Pastor of a Church at Washington, N. H. 8vo. (1793.]

Fast Discourse at the Roman Catholic Church in Boston, May 9, 1798. 8vo. Boston. 1798. Thayer, Nathaniel. Masonic Discourse at Lancaster, (Mass.] June 24, 1797. 8vo. Leominster.

Massachusetts. Artillery Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1798.

Sermon at the Installation of Rev. William Emerson, at Boston, Oct. 16, 1799.

Character of St. Paul. A Sermon at Deerfield, (Mass.) Sept. 23, 1807, at the Ordination of Samuel Willard. 8vo. Greenfield. 1807.

Fast Sermon at Lancaster, Aug. 20, 1812. 8vo. Worcester. 1812.

Sermon at Leominster, (Mass.) June 6, 1814, at the Funeral of Rev. Francis Gardner. 8vo. Worcester. 1814.

Sermon at Lancaster, Dec. 29, 1816, on leaving the Old Meeting House. 8vo. Worcester. 1817.

Massachusetts Election Sermon. Svo. Boston. 1823.

Discourse at the Dedication of the New Meeting House at Stow. 8vo. Lancaster, Mass. 1828.

Discourse at Lancaster, (Mass.) at the Annual Thanksgiving, Nov. 27, 1828. 12mo. Lancaster. 1828.

Discourse delivered at Townsend, Mass. Feb. 10, 1828. 12mo. Lancaster, Mass. 1828. Thayer, Nelson, Israel and Isaac. Trial of, for the murder of John Love. 8vo.

Buffalo, N. Y. 1825. Theatre. A Poem. 8vo.

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Theatrical Entertainments. The Rights of the Drama, or An Inquiry into the

Origin, Principles and Consequences of. 8vo. Boston. 1792. Theatrical Amusements. Address to the Public on the Immorality of. 8vo. Theognis. Poemata Gnomica. Vide Hesiodus. Theodoretus, B. Opera. 2 vol. fol. Coloniae Agrippinae. 1573. Thesaurus, Emanuel. Patriarchae sive Christi Servatoris Genealogia. 16mo.

London. 1651. Thierry. Reply to Mr. Duponceau's Answer to his Memoir on the Batture: with

an Appendix containing a Refutation of Mr. Livingston's Address to the Peo

ple of United States. 8vo. New Orleans. 1809. Thing, Samuel. Letter to the Rev. Enoch Pond, containing an Exposition of the

Misrepresentations in a Letter from him to Rev. Dr. Bancroft. 8vo. Worces

ter, Mass. 1817. Thom, John H. Sermon at Liverpool, July 17, 1831, on the Death of William

Roscoe, Esq. 8vo. London. 1831. Thom, William. Sermon at the opening of the Synod of Glasgow and Ayr,

April 14, 1761. 8vo. Glasgow. 176). Thomas, A. C. Lecture on Capital Punishments, at Philadelphia, June 20, 1830.

12mo. Philadelphia. 1830. Thomas, Daniel. Oration, July 4, 1810, at Abington, Mass. 8vo. Boston. 1810.

Letter to Rev. Jacob Norton of Weymouth, Mass.) 8vo. Boston, 1815.

Sermon at East Bridgewater, (Mass.) at the Funeral of Jacob White Dawes, Oct. 1824. 8vo. Boston. 1825.

See Norton, Jacob. Thomas, David. Novelty of Novelties Exainined: Or, The New System of Re

ligion compared with Ancient Scriptures and found to be contrary to them all. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1782. Thomas, Isaiah. Masonic Oration at Lancaster, June 24, 1779. 4to. Worcester. 1781.

Specimen of his Printing Types. 4to. Worcester, Mass. 1785.

The History of Printing in America. With a Biography of Printers, and an Account of Newspapers, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. Worcester, Mass. 1810.

Address before the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. 8vo. Boston, 1811.

Catalogue of American Editions of Books. 8vo. Thomas, John. (Bp.] Sermon at Christ Church, London, May 8, 1740, before the

Charity Schools. To which is annexed, An Account of the Origin and Designs of the Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge. 4to. London. 1740.

Sermon before the Incorporated Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, Feb. 15, 1750. 4to. London. 175). Thomas, John Hanson. Oration at Alexandria, V. C. July 4, 1807, before the

Washington Society. 12mo. Alexandria. Thomas, Thomas. Virtues of Hazel; or Blessings of Government. 8vo. Lon

don. 1798. Thomas, William. The Regulating Law-suits. Assize Sermon. 16mo. Lon

don. 1657. Thomas, M. Essay on Women; tr. from the French and enlarged by Mr. Rus

sell. 2 vols. 12mo. Philadelphia. 1774. Thomassinus, Ludovicus. Glossarium Universale Hebraicum. fol. Parisiis.

1697. Thomson, Adam. Discourse on the Preparation of the Body for the Sınall Pox,

and the manner of receiving the Infection. 4to. Philadelphia. 1750. Thomson, Ignatius. Oration at Pomfiet, July 4, 1809. 8vo.' Windsor. 1809. Thomson, James. The Seasons. With his Life, by S. Johnson. 12mo. Philadelphia. 1788.

Castle of Indolence. 12mo. L'ublin. 1748.

The Seasons. With his Life by R. Heron. 18mo. New York. 1803.

Thomson, James. The Seasons. 12mo. Newburyport, Mass.
Thomson, John. New and Correct Tables. J6mo. Edinburgh. 1761.
Thomson, John Lewis. Historical Sketches of the War between the United

States and Great Britain. 5th ed. 12mo. Philadelphia. 1818. Thompson, George. Reception of, in Great Britain. 12mo. Boston. 1836.

Lectures on Slavery. With a History of his connection with the Anti-Slavery Cause in England, by Wm. L. Garrison. 12mo. Bos.

ton. 1836. Thompson, James. Complete Treatise on the Mensuration of Timber. 12mo.

Troy. 1805. Thompson, B. See Rumford. Thompson, James W. Masonic Address at Leicester, Mass. June 24, 1831. 8vo, Cambridge. 1831.

Christ the Image of God. A Sermon. 12mo. Boston. 1834. Thompson, Otis. Oration before Providence College, R. I. Sept. 5, 1798. 8vo. Providence. 1798. Fast Sermon at Rehoboth, (Mass.) Aug. 20, 1812.

8vo. Providence, R. I. 1812. Thompson, Samuel. See Norton, Jacob. Thompson, Thomas. A Diet for a Drunkard: in Two Sermons, in 1608. 4to. London. 1612.

A Friendly Farewell Sermon, April 6, 1612. 4to. London. 1616.

The Quakers' Quibbles Set forth in an Epistle to William Penn. in Three Parts. 16mo. London. 1674-5. Thorn. Faithful and Exact Narrative of the Horrid Tragedy ; lately acted at

Thorn, in Prussia, by the Contrivances and Instigation of the Jesuits. 12mo. London.

Speech of the Rev. Father, the Advocate for the Jesuits of Thorn. On Occasion of the Tunjult in that City, Oct. 31, 1724. 12mo. London. 1725. Thornton, Henry. Inquiry into the Nature and Effects of the Paper Credit of

Great Britain. Svo. Philadelphia. 1807. Thornton, W. Direction to Applicants for Patents from the United States.

24mo. 1811. Thorowgood, Thomas. Jewes in America, or, Probabilities That the Americans

are of that Race. With the Removall of some contrary reasonings, and earnest desires for effectual endeavours to make them Christian. 4to. London. 1650.

Sermon before the House of Commons, Dec. 25, 1644. 4to. London. 1645. Thorpe, Edward. New Birth. Four Sermons. 4to. London. 1655. Thoughts on Religion. 12mo. Thoughts on Christianity and the Conversion of Jonathan the Jew. 12mo. Throckmorton, Raphael. Sermon at the Rolls, Oct. 9, 1659. 4to. London. Throop, William. Sermon at the Funeral of Brinley Sylvester, Esq. of Shelter

Island, who died Dec. 24, 1752. 4to. Boston. 1753. Thrush, Thomas. Letter addressed to the King, on resigning his Commission as

a Captain in the Royal Navy, on the Ground of the Unlawfulness of War. Svo. Cambridge, Mass. 1825. Thurston, Benjamin. Sermon at Kittery, [Me.) at a Meeting of the Association

of Ministers, Oct. 7, 1795. 8vo. Dover. 1795. Thyraeus, Petrus. De Daemoniacis. 4to. Coloniae Agrippinae. 1594. Tibbets, George. Memoir on the Expediency and Practicability of improving or

creating Home Markets._3rd ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1827. Ticknor, Elisha. English Exercises. 2d ed. 12mo. Boston. 1793. Ticknor, George. Remarks on the Changes lately proposed or adopted in Har

vard University. 8vo. Boston. 1825. Tilenus, Daniel.' Syntagmata. 16mo. 1607.

Disputationes._16mo. Sedani. 1617.
Disputationes Theologicae. 16mo.

Exegesis de Antichristo. ed 2da. 16mo. Amstelodami.

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