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See Dickinson, Jonathan.

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The same.


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Same. 2d ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1820.
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The same. 4th ed. 12mo. Philadelphia. 1824.
The same.

5th ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1827.
Canal Policy. 2d ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1825.

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Exhibit of the Shocking Oppression and Injustice suffered for 16 months by John Randall, Contractor for the Eastern Section of the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal. 3d ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1825.

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Last Appeal on the same Subject. 2d ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1825.

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Address to the Public on the same Subject. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1826.

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Internal Improvement. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1826.

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Universal Emancipation. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1827.

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Internal Improvement. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1829.
Protecting System. Evo. Philadelphia. 1829.
African Colonization. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1829.

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Miscellaneous Essays. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1830.

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Letter to the Editor of the New York Daily Sentinel, on Female Wages. 8vo. March, 1830.

Prospects on and beyond the Rubicon. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1830.

Review of the Evidence of the pretended General Conspiracy of the Roman Catholics of Ireland to Massacre all the Protestants that would not join them on the 230 Oct. 1641. 3d ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1830.

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Infant Schools. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1830.
Essays on the Protecting System. 8vo. Philadelphia 1830

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Brief View of the System of Internal Improvement of Pennsylvania. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1831.

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Essay on the Dissolution of the Union threatened by the Nullifiers of South Carolina. Second Part. 3d ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1832.

Address to the Liberal and Humane. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1832.
Dissolution of the Union. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1832.

Olive Branch, No. 3. Or an Enquiry whether an Arrangement is practicable between the Friends and Opposers of the Protecting System. Svo. Philadelphia. 1832.

The Crisis: An Appeal to the Good Sense of the Nation, against the Spirit of Resistance and Dissolution of the Union. 3d ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1832.

Defence of a Liberal Construction of the Powers of Congress as regards Internal Improvement. 2d ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1832.

Looking Glass for the Nullifiers. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1832
Signs of the Times: South Carolina Toasts. 8vo. 1832.

Letters on the Colonization Society and its Probable Results. 7th ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1832.

Same. 7th ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1833.
Prospects beyond the Rubicon. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1833.
Same subject continued. 2d series. 8vo. 1833.

Appeal to the Wealthy of the Land, Ladies as well as Gentlemen, on the Character, Conduct, Situation and Prospects of those, whose sole Dependence for Subsistence is on the Labour of their Hands. 2d ed. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1833.

Strictures on Mr. Lee's Exposition of Evidence on the Sugar Duty, in behalf of the Committee appointed by the Free Trade Convention.

8vo. Carleton, George. Life of Bernard Gilpin. 4to. London. 1629. Carli, J. R. [Le Comte.] Lettres Americaines, dans lesquelles on examine l'Ori

gine, l'Etat Civil, Politique, Militaire et Religieux, les Arts, l'Industrie, les Sciences, les Moeurs, les Usages, des anciens Habitans de l'Amérique ; les grandes Epocques de la Nature, l'ancienne Communication des deux Hémisphères et la dernière Revolution qui a fait disparoitre l'Atlantide; pour servir de suite aux

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shipfull, the Master, Wardens and Assistants of the Company of Carpenters in

London. 4to. London. 1623. Carpenter, George W. Annual Medical Advertiser for 1835. 8vo. Philadelphia.

1835. Carpenter, Henry. Assize Sermon. 4to. London. 1653. Carpenter, Peter. Aldi Manutii Pauli. Phrases Latinae Linguae tabulis deline

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Tour through Holland in 1806. 8vo. Philadelphia. 1807.

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Sauvages du Noveau Monde, pour les convertir, tirde de leurs propres manuscrits, trouvés ces jours passes en Albanie, proche de Nieu Yorke, Examinée, 4to. Boston. 1690; With a Preface by Cotton Mather.

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Carroll, Davis. Salutatory Address at a Public Exhibition, at Oxford, Mass. Feb.

14, 1811. 12mo. Sutton. Carter, James G. Masonic Oration at Groton, Mass. June 25, 1821. 8vo. Wor


Letters to the Hon. William Prescott, on the Free Schools of New England. With Remarks upon the Principles of Instruction. 8vo. Boston. 1824.

Essays upon Popular Education. Svo. Boston. 1826.

Remarks upon Mr. Carter's Outline of an Institution for the Education of Teachers. (From the U. S. Review.) 8vo. Boston. 1827.

Lecture on the Developement of the Intellectual Faculties as the proper purpose of Elementary Studies, and on Teaching Geography; delivered in the Representatives' Hall, Boston, Aug. 23, 1830, before the American Institute of Instruction. Svo. Boston. 1830.

and William H. Brooks. Geography of Massachusetts. 12mo. Boston. 1830.

Essay on Teaching Geography, being an Extract from his Lecture before the American Institute. 12mo. Boston. 1831. !

Copy of his Answer to the Vote of the Church of Christ in Lancaster, Mass. 8vo. 1832.

Letter to the Rev. Nathaniel Thayer, touching his Conduct in connexion with the recent proceedings of the Church in Lancaster under his pastoral care; and upon the Rights, Dignity and Tenure of the Office of Dea

con in a Congregational Church. 8vo. Boston. 1833. Carter, N. H. Letters from Europe. 2 vols. 8vo. New York. 1827. Carter, William. Sermon before the House of Commons, Aug. 31, 1642. 4to.

London. Carter, Thomas. Sermon before the House of Commons, June 28, 1643. 4to.

London. Carter, Horace. Brief Sketch of his Life. 8vo. Worcester. 1825. Carter, Susannah. The Frugal Housewife, or Complete Woman Cook. 16mo.

London. Cartwright, Thomas. Confutation of the Rhemists Translation, Glosses and Annotations upon the New Testament. fol. 1618.

Same. fol. Cartwright, Thomas. Sermon at the Funeral of Mr. John Drury. 4to. London.

1659. Cartwright, Thomas, [Bp.] Sermon at London, Sept. 28, 1662. 4to. London. Carver, Jonathan. Travels through the Interior Parts of North America in 1766–8. 12mo. Boston. 1797.

Same. 12mo. Charlestown, Mass. 1802. Carvil, G. and C. and H. Catalogue of an Extensive Collection of Rare and Val

uable Works, &c. 8vo. New York. 1830. Cary, Thomas. The Importance of Salvation considered. Being the Substance of several Sermons, at Newburyport, Mass. 8vo. Boston. 1773.

Two Sermons at Newburyport, Mass. 12mo. Boston. 1773.

Sermon at Salisbury, Mass. July 20, 1796, on the Death of Rev. Samuel Webster. 8vo. (Newburyport.]

Sermon at Charlestown, Mass. July 23, 1797. 8vo. Charlestown.

Sermon on leaving the Old Meeting House in Newburyport, Sept. 27, 1801. 8vo. Newburyport. 1801. Cary, Thomas, Jun. Masonic Oration at Newburyport, June 24, 1801.

4to. [Newburyport.]

The same. 2d ed. 4to. [Newburyport.] Cary, Samuel. Address before the Merrimack Humane Society, at Newburyport, Mass. Sept. 2, 1806. 8vo. Newburyport.

Sermon at Boston, Jan. 1, 1809, on the Sabbath of his Ordination. 8vo. Boston. 1809.

Fast Sermon at Boston, Sept. 9, 1813. 8vo. Boston. 1813.
Massachusetts Artillery Election Sermon. 8vo. Boston. 1814.
Sermon at the Boston Thursday Lecture. 8vo. Boston. 1814.

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